Cquote1 Now, you listen here: Don't let anyone see that you're scared. They'll use it against you. Y'hear? Cquote2
Talking to Max, On the Run

Scorch the Incineroar is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a large, oddly-colored Incineroar living in Light Mobius as a loner, but he befriends Maxwell Veschell when the young boy flees there and is separated from those accompanying him. He can be considered Max's bodyguard, given Incineroar's penchant for being aggressive and violent. Unlike Rory, Scorch is not a villainous Incineroar.


Like Redd and Rose, Scorch has a completely different look than his kind usually has. This is because he, like the aforementioned Greninja, has the color of a Smash alt, since Incineroar is now a fighter in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Scorch has mostly black fur, but the usually red stripes are an ash gray. His upper torso is also black, the stripes on his chest and the pad in the middle of each of his palms are red, his eyes are green with yellow sclera, and his firebelt maintains its color.


Unlike Rory, who is truly violent and aggressive, Scorch is more passive. He loves to fight, but only if his opponent is willing to fight him as well, or he is defending a friend. Scorch has admitted to feeling lonely, because he lives on his own, and quickly takes to Max, bonding with the young Malinois and protecting him from Starline.


Scorch's past is unknown, but he lived in Light Mobius until meeting Max. When Max was separated from Cody, Riza, and Mr. Tinker, he is pursued by Rough and Tumble, and encounters a gray Incineroar, who threatens the skunks and soundly beats them both at the same time. He then accompanies Max, comforting him when he's terrified and when he has nightmares, and becomes the boy's unofficial bodyguard and Pokemon Partner.


Though he has yet to debut, Scorch's moveset is confirmed to be Darkest Lariat, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, and Low Sweep.


Scorch's Ability is Blaze, which powers up Fire-Type moves when he is low on health. However, this makes him more reckless, and increases his risk-taking.


Like all Incineroar, Scorch is skilled in combat, commonly using wrestling-like moves. Scorch is also seen to be able to handle two opponents at once, even those skilled in combat themselves, like Rough and Tumble.


Being a Fire-Dark Type Pokemon, Scorch is weak to Water, Ground, Rock, and Fighting-Type Pokemon. He is also hydrophobic because of his weakness to water.


Scorch is the third Pokemon to be colored differently from a Pokemon's default coloring that isn't Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic, and instead have an alt color from the Super Smash Bros series.

  • The first is Redd, who has Greninja's red alt from 4 onward.
  • The second is Rose, who has Greninja's pink alt from 4 onward.

Previous concepts for Scorch had him be a professional wrestler named Burn who idolized the warriors and was a little too eager to fight.

He has a voice similar to American actor John Goodman, who is most well-known for being the voice of James "Sully" P. Sullivan in the 2001 computer animated film Monsters, Inc. This is possibly because Scorch is more of a big softie than previous Incineroar character Rory, who is a villain.

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