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“Scorch, I-I… I thought you were dead. I was so scared.” - Katy Feline

"Don't cry, just smile." - Scorch the Hedeghog, TSS Book 1

Scorch the Hedeghog (ヘッジホッグをスコーチ Hejjihoggu o Sukōchi) is a 33 year old anthropomorphic hedgehog (as of The Scorch Stories: Book 3).


Scorch is 33 year old anthropomorphic hedgehog with ginger coloured fur and peach skin. His are topaz yellow. He tends to wear a pair of orange pair of gloves, each with one gold stripe down the middle of them. On them he also wears a pair of brown leather cuffs with orange stitchings. He also tends to wear gold coloured socks and a pair of orange shoes. His spikes are also shorter than that of a normal hedgehog. The reason for this is unknown.


At first, when he abandoned Dr. Cristina Thorne, he was extremely shy, cautious and very reluctant to give out any personal information, including his own name. After he'd met Jules and Bernie Hedgehog though, they had showed him that he needed to be more trusting of others. This was first shown when he'd literally bumped into Katherine "Katy" the Cat. After this, he was known to be cocky but extremely defensive over friends and loved ones.


At the age of 4, Scorch was abducted from his parents by Doctor Cristina Thorne as a part of an ongoing set of experiments. Scorch was put through various different test from simple things like reading, writing and mathematics, all the way to the difficult challenges like Advanced Physical Education. On his 16th birthday, Thorne to him to a new part of the lab he hadn't seen before. He was sat down and a laser was shot straight at his heart. It wasn't powerful enough to kill him but it did give him a power not many people had; the ability to create, destroy, and control fire at will. After 6 months of training to use this ability, Scorch had escaped from the lab, thus beginning a new life.


Scorch has the ability to create, destroy and control fire at will. One example of this is when he feels threatened or feels that others are he can light up his body in a cloak of flames.

Another power he has is the ability to go in to a dark, fiery, rage. When an evil person or being threatens someone to the point of willing to kill them, he creates his fire cloak, but instead the flames are darker and has enough adrenaline to obtain the ability to fly. Also, when utilizing a Chaos Emerald, he can use a power known as Chaos Enhance, which enhances his power to create fire to great lengths.


"Don't cry, just smile." - To Katy after waking up from a coma

"In space, no one can hear you scream." - To Thorne before her death

“How? How could things possibly get better with that power hungry b****** ruining everyone’s lives?” - To Katy after the Fall of Blue Sea Island

Theme Song

Heart Of Courage

Heart Of Courage



  • Originally, Scorch was going to be an adopted relative of Blaze, but then it was decided that it would of been unoriginal and difficult to create a storyline for it.
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