Scorch, also known as Scorch Release, is an advanced element of Fire. Scorch attacks focus on the effects of pure heat, rather than the burning destructive power of fire.


Scorch attacks are mainly close-range attacks. The effects of Scorch attacks could be considered "passive-aggressive"; rather than outright sear the opponent to nothing or focus on raw destructive power, Scorch focuses on another side of Fire; raw heat. Scorch attacks use heat to completely remove the moisture from whatever it strikes, dehydrating anything struck to a mere husk. This makes Scorch just as lethal and dangerous as its original element.

Scorch, due to its properties, maintains Fire's strength against Nature, but also gains a unique strength against Water and Ice. However, Scorch techniques can be nullified by Wind, and due to having little in terms of actual melting capacity, it does little against Earth and its advanced nature Metal. The deadly heat makes it unable to stand close to a scorch wielder for too long without suffering first degree or worst burns.


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