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Scorch, the Goddess of Fire
Hedgehog Deity
Lava Reef Zone
Fighting, spending time in volcanic areas, working alongside Robotnik, and cooking.
Those who make fun of her age, rainy or windy weather, and being sealed up.
Theme Song

"I don't know who you think you are, but whatever problem it is that you have with Dr. Robotnik, you're going to have to take it up with me now!"
Legend of the Elemental Gems Part 3

Scorch, the Goddess of Fire is a character from Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, an episodic fanfic series written by SolarBlaze. She is one of eight supernatural beings called "Elemental Goddesses", which each have power and control over a specific element. She is the oldest of her siblings, with Splash being the middle triplet, and Slush being the youngest (not counting Dr. Robotnik's "EG Experiments").


Having the title of "Goddess", Scorch happens to think quite highly of herself, and has been shown to be quite smug, egotistical, and arrogant. Due to her conceit, she often underestimates her opponents, assuming right off the bat that they wouldn't stand a chance against her "awesome power". In addition to taking great pride in her fighting abilities, Scorch has also proven herself to be extremely vain and hot-headed, as she's often seen rambling on about how "young and beautiful" she considers herself to be, and is quick to blow a fuse whenever someone brings up her age, referring to her as an "old lady", or something else to that effect.

Despite her frequent displays of vanity and arrogance, Scorch happens to have a strong sense of honor and determination, as shown by her undying loyalty to Dr. Robotnik, who she feels indebted to for releasing her from a thousand plus years of captivity. She also has somewhat of an emotional side, as shown in Legend of the Elemental Gems Parts 2, 10, and 20, and cares very deeply about all of her sisters; even Slush, who she apparently had a sibling rivalry with in the past.


Powers and Abilities

Scorch has many abilities, being able to withstand temperatures that go up to a hundred degrees or higher. She has many fire-related abilities, such as launching fire blasts from the palm of her hand, turning herself into a fireball to launch at enemies, controlling lava, and others.


Fire Wave- From the palm of her hand, Scorch launches a fire blast at her opponent(s) in a ki-like fashion. Additionally, she can also fire these rapidly, as well as using a charged version of the ability.

Flaming Fist- Self-explanatory. Scorch surrounds her fist(s) with fire to deal additional damage on her opponent(s) or to break rock-hard surfaces.

Fire Spin- As shown in The Goddess of Destruction Part 3, Scorch spins around in the form of a fiery twister, launching fireballs in many different directions.

Nova Strike- Scorch literally morphs into a fireball, and shoots herself towards her opponent at the speed of a comet.

Nova Star- A power-boosting technique, which temporarily strengthens the above abilities, dealing an incredible amount of damage in the process.


As with her sisters, she has environmental weaknesses. Her weaknesses consist of water, wind, and dirt/sand. According to herself, getting splashed with water has the effect of sapping her strength almost entirely, causing her to feel extreme tiredness and fatigue.



Scorch is one of the original three Elemental Goddesses, and the oldest of the pair of triplets. It was explicitly stated that thousands of years ago, Scorch and her sisters were the "outcasts" of their society, due to the fact that many people saw them as a potential threat, because of the unusual powers they possessed. Due to the general public's intolerance of those who are different from themselves, Scorch, Splash, and Slush were constantly belittled and bullied by those around them.

One fateful day, the three Goddesses came across a mysterious fortune teller. They desperately wanted to know what the future had in store for them, and if peoples' mistreatment of them would ever stop. The fortune teller responded that someday, there would come a time where people would finally accept them for who they are, but before then, a tragedy was bound to befall the girls. Scorch, Splash, and Slush were then told that they were going to be hunted down, and imprisoned, due to everyone seeing them as a threat.

Although they were disheartened about this unexpected turn of events, Scorch declared that if this was going to happen, then she wasn't going out without a fight. Unfortunately for the people who've bullied them up until then, they ended up picking the wrong time provoke the Fire Goddess that time around. Filled with sadness and rage over everything that she and her sisters had been put through (in addition to what the fortune teller told them), Scorch finally snapped that day, and ended up attacking them, either leaving some of them dead or severely injured.

Still fueled with rage, Scorch ended up going on a spree of destruction in an effort to get even with all those who've wronged her. Somewhere along the way, she ended up coming across Tikal, who at first attempted to talk Scorch out of what she was doing. However, since Scorch was so consumed with rage at the time, Tikal's words ended up falling on deaf ears, which eventually resulted in the two of them getting into a fight.

The two of them fought a fierce battle, with Tikal eventually (but narrowly) emerging victorious. After the battle was over, she ended up using the power of the Fire Element Gem against Scorch, and had her sealed within it, thus proving that the fortune teller's vision about the Goddesses' fate ended up becoming true.

Thousands of years later, Dr. Ivo Robotnik learned about the Elemental Goddesses through all the data that he had at his fingertips. Figuring that their powers would be of use to him and his schemes for world domination, Robotnik, along with Orbot and Cubot, decided to venture to the Lava Reef Zone to find the Fire Element Gem. After it was found, Robotnik wasted little time, and decided to release Scorch from her prison. After introducing themselves, Scorch thanked Robotnik for releasing her, stating that she was forever in his debt, and would do anything to repay the favor he's done for her.

Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems

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Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

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Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Christmas Special #2



Slush, the Goddess of Ice

"You didn't hear this from me, Bark, but… I really miss her. I never thought I would be saying this, considering the fact that we didn't get along so well in the past. I'm really worried about her… I'm so worried, that I could barely sleep at night… What if something truly HAS happened…? If so, then I… I don't think I'd ever be able to live with myself…"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 10

In Legend of the Elemental Gems, it was stated that Scorch and Slush had a sibling rivalry in the past. The two of them competed against each other a lot, and frequently got into arguments, which Splash would usually have to break up. Although they've had their share of disagreements, the two sisters still care deeply for one another, as they've proven throughout the course of the story, particularly when Scorch came to Slush's rescue after she was captured by Dr. Nega (who was impersonating Robotnik at the time) as well as in Elemental Chaos, when Slush lent Scorch a hand when Squash came to kill her (after having been tricked by Mephiles). During the events of The Goddess of Destruction, Scorch was seen shedding tears over Slush's "disappearance" (as the above quote demonstrated), but because of her pride, she quickly denied it after realizing that Slush had been listening the entire time.

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

"Thank you for releasing me, Dr. Robotnik. I am forever in your debt. There aren't enough words to describe my gratitude. I will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to repay the favor you've done for me. Just name it..."
Legend of the Elemental Gems Part 1

As stated above, Scorch has pledged eternal loyalty to Robotnik after he released her from thousands of years of imprisonment, and she would do pretty much anything for him if it meant returning the favor. According to herself, Scorch was constantly bullied in the past because of her fire powers, being labeled as a "freak" and generally being treated as an outcast, and Dr. Robotnik was the first person (other than her sisters) to treat her with respect.

Whenever someone mentions to Scorch that Robotnik is only using her for his world domination schemes, she usually scoffs at the idea, stating that she and Robotnik have an "unbreakable bond". Because of her undying loyalty to the doctor, as well as the fact that she gets defensive whenever the former idea is mentioned, many people suspect that Scorch has developed feelings for him. Whether she has or not is yet to be determined, but she usually denies it whenever it's brought up.

Despite the fact that the two of them are normally on good terms with one another, this began to change during the events of Dimensional Chaos, when Robotnik was informed by Egg-Robo that Scorch betrayed him by siding with Dr. Nega, attacking his base, and stealing the blueprints to the EG Experiments, not knowing that the person in question was actually Volcana. Due to this misunderstanding, a "heated" argument ended up breaking out between them, which resulted in Scorch getting thrown out of the base.

Later on, when Robotnik was asked to apologize to Scorch, he claimed that he didn't have anything to apologize for, prompting her to angrily storm off again, but not before punching him in the stomach. Despite these recent events, Scorch has begun to have mixed feelings on whether or not she'd ever return to his base. She says that one part of her is still angry at the doctor for everything that went on, but at the same time, she still feels indebted to him for releasing her from thousands of years of imprisonment, and being the first to treat her with the kindness that no one had ever shown her before.

Tikal the Echidna

"So, Tikal, you've come. I'm glad, because now we could finally settle our score!"
Part 1

At the start of the series, Tikal was Scorch's single, most hated enemy due to aforementioned conflict that they've had in the past. Ever since Scorch lost that battle to her and ended up imprisoned, she's dreamt of nothing but revenge for the past thousand plus years. Eventually, particularly during the events of Elemental Chaos, Tikal revealed that she never truly held a grudge against Scorch and even began to show concern for her on some occasions. Throughout the course of the story, Scorch couldn't get that off her mind, and her (one-sided) grudge against Tikal eventually began to diminish (although, she wouldn't dare to admit that, since she feels that it could destroy her reputation), especially during the events of The Goddess of Destruction, where Tikal (as well as Mighty) saved her life after falling into the water at the Hydrocity Zone.

Knuckles the Echidna

"You're definitely a worthy adversary. I look forward to fighting with you again."
Part 3

Along with Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles is one of the first people that Scorch met upon being released. Naturally, Knuckles was already supposed to have been her enemy by default (since she's loyal to Robotnik), but Scorch has taken an immediate disliking to him after he started poking fun at her age, which is a subject that she's highly sensitive about. Shortly afterwards, a fight broke out between them, which eventually ended in a draw. From that point on, the two of them have developed somewhat of a rivalry with one another, but the two of them can get along and work together if the situation truly calls for it, such as facing a mutual enemy.

Doctor Nega

"Look, I happen to hate Nega as much as you do, but what Splash is trying to tell you is that this isn't him!"
Dimensional Chaos Part 15e

Scorch's feud with Dr. Nega began in Legend of the Elemental Gems, when he used his camera on Robotnik and had him captured and imprisoned within a dimensional card. Afterwards, Nega cleverly disguised himself as his ancestor and began impersonating him. During his charade, he planned to use the Master Emerald to power the Death Egg III, so that he could use its laser cannon to destroy Angel Island and kill everyone on it, including Scorch. Thinking that he was Robotnik at the time, Scorch was hurt by the fact that the one person she had considered as a friend ended up betraying her in the end (as many people had warned her about).

After defeating Dr. Nega in battle (who was still impersonating Robotnik), Metal Sonic Version 3.0 ended up coming to his rescue, which caused everyone to suspect that the "Robotnik" that they've been dealing with was a fake. Their suspicions, of course, turned out to be correct, and Scorch was furious at Nega for playing her for a fool and causing her to lose her trust within the real Robotnik, as well as what he did to Slush prior to that moment (trapping her in a room with the temperature set to a hundred degrees). Since Nega's goal was to destroy the world, that conflicted with Robotnik's goal to take over it and build the Robotnik Empire, so Scorch made it her sole mission to stop him at all costs. Because of this incident, Dr. Nega was the first to bump Tikal from the top of Scorch's enemies list, followed by Mephiles.

When Nega returned in Elemental Chaos and showed up to Robotnik's base, seemingly to apologize and call a truce, his apology completely fell on deaf ears with Scorch, as she still felt that he could not be trusted. Her suspicions later on turned out to be correct, and as soon as Robotnik informed her about Nega's betrayal, Scorch wasted no time and hurried to the Doomsday Zone as fast as she could in order to settle her score with him.

Mephiles the Dark

"Mephiles has been put in his place again, but somehow, I’m still not all that satisfied. Maybe if I had arrived on the battlefield much sooner, then I could have done a lot more. I could have given that spineless coward what he truly deserved for spreading all those lies to have me killed!"
Elemental Chaos Part 19a

Ever since Scorch took part in foiling his plans during the events of Legend of the Elemental Gems, she has found herself a spot on Mephiles' "enemies" list. Additionally, she was also responsible for sealing Iblis, which made her an automatic target when Mephiles returned in Elemental Chaos. After acquiring the knowledge that Iblis was sealed within the Fire Element Gem, Mephiles made it his sole mission to have Scorch killed in order to get ahold of it. During his "alliance" with her younger sister, Squash, he began using and manipulating her into doing his evil bidding for him, filling her head with lies about Scorch leaving the world in ruins sometime in the future, and Squash ended up getting persecuted for it. In light of all these things, Mephiles has taken Tikal's (as well as Dr. Nega's) place as Scorch's single, most hated enemy.

Metal Sonic Version 3.0

"I don't know why I'm doing this, especially since I despise Dr. Nega, but I'll help you out anyway."
Elemental Chaos Ending Part 2

Despite being a creation of Dr. Nega's (whom Scorch has made plainly clear that she despises), she apparently does not hold a grudge against Metal Sonic 3.0, since she went out of her way to help him after he was dropped off at Dr. Robotnik's base (by Metal Sonic), while he was in critical condition.

Likewise, even though Metal Sonic 3.0 is on bad terms with most of the other Elemental Goddesses (namely Slush and Seedra), he does not have anything against Scorch, but at the same time, she isn't someone that he considers as a friend, and only thinks of her as an ally, preferring to keep their relationship professional (due to his belief that friendship is a "delusion for the weak").

Although the two of them get along for the most part, Scorch does, at times, tend to get irritated with 3.0's arrogance. This was shown in Dimensional Chaos Part 13, where she was seen scolding him for the insulting remarks that he made towards her sisters and their friends in the prior chapter.

Volcana, the Goddess of Flames

"Shut up! Don't you call me that! You are NOT my sister, you impostor!"
Dimensional Chaos Part 5

Scorch and Volcana's feud/rivalry began during the events of Dimensional Chaos, after the latter invaded Dr. Robotnik's base (alongside Dr. Nega and Metal Blaze), attacked it, and stole the blueprints to the EG Experiments. After Scorch was mistaken for Volcana and thrown out of the base due to her supposed "treachery", she was infuriated, and made it her sole mission to get back at her for that.

Due to the aforementioned incident, as well as later on using one of Dr. Nega's shapeshifting devices to impersonate her, Scorch has taken an immediate disliking to Volcana, and wanted nothing more than to rip her to shreds. However, the hatred does not seem to be mutual, since Volcana does not bear a grudge against her counterpart. She merely did the things that she did as a favor for Dr. Nega. Regardless, Volcana still jumped at the opportunity to face Scorch in battle.

Amy Rose

Scorch and Amy have worked alongside each other on a few occasions during the events of the Legend of the Elemental Gems and Christmas Special #1, but it wasn't until the fourth episode that they actually started to become friends. Their friendship began when Amy invited Scorch to her home and allowed her to stay after the latter was thrown out of Dr. Robotnik's base due to allegations of "treason". More to add later.

Elemental Goddess and Number Line Similarities


Scorch and Denomi standing back-to-back, by Azuroru.

Coincidentally, the Elemental Goddesses and the Number Line happen to have several similarities with one another. Scorch is by no means an exception, having much in common with Denomi.

  • The two of them are both part of a group that consists of at least eight siblings.
  • Both characters have power over the fire element.
  • Each of them have jewels on their foreheads.
  • Scorch and Denomi are loyal to Dr. Robotnik.
    • They are, in fact, the only one of their respective group of siblings to remain loyal to him.
  • Both of them have a feud and/or don't get along with one of Dr. Robotnik's creations, which are both mechanical clones (Metal Sonic and Mecha Amy respectively).
  • The both of them have or had a rivalry with at least one of their younger siblings.
  • Scorch and Denomi have both undergone a form of character development, and have since let go of the hatred they've previously had for one of their rivals (Tikal and Quattuor respectively).
  • Each character has a look-alike/counterpart that's affiliated with Dr. Nega in some way (Volcana and Negative Five respectively).


  • Scorch was the first Sonic the Hedgehog character SolarBlaze came up with that wasn't a clone or related to an established character in any way.
  • Originally, the name of "Scorch" was going to be applied to a completely different character, which was a Super Sonic edit/recolor with power over the fire element, whose name ended up becoming "FlameHead Sonic".
    • On a somewhat related note, "Scorch" was originally a username of SolarBlaze's before applying it to an actual character.
  • The fact that Scorch is the oldest of the Elemental Goddesses stems from the fact that she's the first that SolarBlaze ever came up with, dating all the way back to October 2003. The other seven (Splash through Silvra, as well as Volcana and Oceana), he came up with in 2005 (Frostina, on the other hand, he came up with in early 2006).
  • The dresses that Scorch, her sisters, and the Parallel Goddesses wear were inspired by and are modifications of Wilma Flintstone's dress.
  • Despite her loyalty to Robotnik, Scorch has never once gotten into a fight with Sonic.
    • On a related note, Sonic once expressed an interest in racing Scorch after seeing how fast she was, but Shock ended up becoming his racing buddy instead.
  • The name of "Lady Amber" was chosen for Scorch's medieval incarnation (shown in the gallery below), due to its similarity to the word "ember".




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