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Cquote1 I protect the lives of millions, not with superpowers, though. I protect everyone behind a television screen. Cquote2
Scooter the Hedgehog

Scooter the Hedgehog
Chief Meteorologist

Credits to Gamergirl304!

Vital Information
Age 14
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Residence Hunter County, F.R.E. (Parkview zipcode)
Attire Red hat
White gloves
White shirt w/ black sleeves
Orange shorts
Red & white boots.
Relatives Unnamed mom/dad
Natalie the Hedgehog (sister)
Nicknames Chair Scooter the Hedgehog (UOWL Concept)
Romantic Interests No real interests...but who knows, Sylvia Prower could be a slight exception.
Political Alignment & Abilities
Affiliations PBC
Mobian Weather Service
Alignment Good
Abilities Chaos Control (with an emerald,)
Quick speed
Advanced knowledge of weather
Able to mainpulate Relik Energy
Forms Relik Scooter

Scooter The Hedgehog is a Mobian hedgehog and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's best friends in the Emerald Hill universe. He does have his driver's license and is a Chair in the Universal Office of Wikian Literature (concept), even though he is 14 years old.


Early life

Not much is known about him early on, but at one point he got interested in weather after seeing a tornado not too far to the south of Parkview. Later, he met Sonic and Shadow at Evans Point Elementary School.

With Sonic and Tails

Sonic and Tails have been good friends with Scooter for many years now, but as it comes to Shadow the Hedgehog, they have been best friends since Scooter was 5.

When Sonic came to hate Sissy Prower, Scooter began to hate her, too. It all began when Sissy secretly stole all of his weather equipment, making him mad. Scooter started to scour the neighborhood, looking for his equipment. Eventually he found Sissy messing with his barometer, so he talked with Sissy. Eventually Sissy's mom came and demanded that Sissy give all the stolen equipment back. After that, Sissy's mom apologized for all of the trouble Sissy put him through, and then she declared that Sissy would be grounded for 1 week. This made Scooter happy.

As a Meteorologist

When Scooter was 4, he received a degree in Meteorology from Emerald Coast Community College's Saturday School course, becoming the youngest to get such an honor. He signed up for an internship with the Mobian Weather Service (Wolfington office) 3 years later, and he was accepted. Today he is a trained weather spotter, and once brought Sonic along inside a tornado. This cleared the way for him to be on TV, and today he is a meteorologist on WTTN-TV.

PBC Scootania

Scooter actually helped to found PBC Scootania, a Scootanian feed of PBC Mobius. With Tails' agreement, PBC Scootania was founded in order to give Scootanian viewers something to watch OTHER than Scootania Television.


Scooter and his sister, Natalie, are on pretty good terms with each other, even though they fight a lot (They're siblings!). Scooter is also an active member on the Prower Broadcasting Board of Commons.

He also owns & vacations on Loka Toka Island, an island that is similar to Hawaii in appearance, except on a map it only has 1 island. When his friends come to visit, Sonic, Tails and Amy stay at Scooter's vacation home.

He used to live in Scootsylvania (or Scootania), a country on the other side of the sea. He still goes there, but lives with his friends in the Parkview area. Because the F.R.E. allows teenagers (14 and above) to have driver's licenses, Scooter has one as well as a PVT luxury car. The closest he has come to getting a ticket was accidentally brushing a curb with his luxury car. Even after Carlford began operating PBC Parkview (now PBCP,) in 2010, he still has his job.


On the job at the UOWL

Nuvola apps important This is a concept. Nothing will be set in stone until everyone approves it.


Stamina 9
Attack 10
Defense 9
Speed 7
Reflexes 10
Magic 10
Psyche 0
Intellect 10
Total 65/80
  • Scooter has a degree in Meteorology.
  • In non-combat, Scooter can work a master control area, much to the surprise of most engineers and technicians.
  • He can also invoke Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald (but has no other Chaos abilities,) and has some degree of intelligence.
  • He can run fast, but not too quick.
  • He also has a limited knowledge of basic hand-to-hand combat.
  • Scooter cannot use ANY form of telepathy, but this helps him block out telepathy and "unwanted" thoughts.
  • Scooter has excellent reflexes.
  • Scooter is usually happy, and does not always fight, but if he gets mad, then it's almost a deathwish.

Remote Control

Inside his backpack, there is a black and silver remote control. It is universal, so he can use it on anything. However, the remote is special because it enables him to take over almost any technology (except for highly advanced forms,) so he can use it to his advantage.

He decided to name it "Tecc," because it can control technology.

Relik Energy

Scooter is the only user with direct access to Relik Magic. The gene for direct access is passed down via heredity. Other users can only access Relik Magic via an object, such as a Relik Stone (only 5 exist). He is already very potent with his powers, but whenever Scooter uses his power with a Relik Stone, his power is amplified.

Scale of Power

  • No Relik Stones - No visible destruction, just maybe a few scars on the opponent following a Relik Blast.
  • 1 Stone - Maybe some internal injuries.
  • 2 Stones - Severe damage to the opponent.
  • 3 Stones - Destruction, but evidence still left behind.
  • 4 Stones - Near disintegration.
  • 5 Stones and NO Relik Scooter - Disintegration.
  • Relik Scooter - See below.

Relik Scooter

Scooter's powered up form. When he has ALL 5 Relik Stones in his possession, he turns into a new form. He still looks the same, but has a golden outline. His strength is amplified, and all Relik abilities he has can contain destructive power, which can cut through objects as strong as diamond. As opposed to his regular form, he can use Teleport in this form to travel across dimensions, but it takes a lot of energy. This form is deactivated at will, as Relik Stones have infinite energy.


  • Scooter hates fighting, which leaves him somewhat vulnerable. Also, some of his Relik moves take up too much energy, which can place Scooter in a coma if left untreated. Thoughts of Sylvia can also leave him vulnerable.
  • He also overreacts on occasion, which can cause things to go wrong.



  • Sonic and friends
  • Sylvia Prower (secret crush)
  • Sissy Prower (at times)
  • J the Hedgehog (Scooter once saved the Desert Hawk from freezing in the Blizzard of August 2009)
  • Lillian the Echidna
  • Tyler the Wolf
  • Cameron the Wolf


  • Shahooter the Owl (Rebellion)


  • Tax collectors
  • Staff at rival station WPLS-TV
  • Alter-egos of his friends
  • Mecha Spike


Pictures are at right. (Special thanks to Gamergirl304 for the recolors.)


  • (after winning a video game) HA!! I win, you lose, i'm going to go watch the news!
  • (A Rank on Mission in SU4:P) Yea! I'm the best!
  • (B Rank) Hmm...good, but a snack would make me feel better.
  • (C Rank) Average?! JUST AVERAGE?!
  • (D Rank) A 'D' is failing to me. What is goin on?
  • (E Rank) I have better things to do right now.

Background Information

  • Scooter has a driver's license.
  • It is implied that Scooter may have a crush on Sylvia.
  • Scooter is one of Schoolbus13's Mascot Characters.
  • Scooter is currently SB13's only character that can use magic (other than Chaos Powers), and is SB's most powerful character.
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