This is an article about Scoops the Rabbit, a character created by Minergirl778 on 11/2/2015.

Scoops is an orange rabbit with a bubbly personality! She lives in a burrow in the woods with her mom and her dad and her 1,000 siblings.


Scoops is an orange rabbit with medium length brown hair. She has an orange t-shirt with a star on it, and a plain orange ruffle skirt. She has brown hair which is slightly curly at the tips. She wears white bobby socks and orange sneakers. She has brown eyes and an orange headband. She's sixteen years old.
Scoops the rabbit

Scoops in her normal outfit


Scoops is a bubbly, peppy go-getter with lots of Moxie and an optimistic attitude. She can get overeager sometimes, and this causes her to quickly jump to conclusions without actual base in them. She tries her hardest not to be an annoyance, but she sometimes is by accident. She loves to cheer on her friends, and she likes to think she's a social butterfly.She likes Ice cream, playing tag, and reading books to her siblings.


Scoops was born as the oldest of her 1,000 siblings. Because of this, she was often left to babysit her younger siblings when both mom and dad were busy. As a result. she became very good at taking care of her younger siblings, and made up lots of games to play with them. Her dad is a stay at home dad. He isn't always the best with kids, so having Scoops around was a big help. Her mom is a manager at an ice cream shop called 'Peachy Cream's Frosty Delights' and she often brings home tubs of ice cream for the family to taste test.


Scoops doesn't really have any supernatural powers.


Being a rabbit, Scoops has very good hearing. She's also amazing at cleaning and often helps her mom clean up after work. 


She's extremely good at discerning flavors from ice cream as a result of years as a taste tester. She's also very fast from running after her siblings while playing tag. She's really good with kids from helping take care of her 1,000 siblings and an amazing storyteller from reading countless books.


She has fears of spiders, heights, and Bees.

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