Cquote1 I don't care what you've done. You West Feroxi will pay for your crimes! Cquote2

The darkness controls all... Schwarz, full name Kuro Takeda, is a Feroxi anthropomorphic Black Dragon Mobian Iberian Lynx hybrid, hailing from the kingdom of Ferox and is the titular protagonist of the Dark Destroyer series. He is the son of the original Dark Destroyer and hopes to continue his father's legacy. His experience using his signature weapon and his Umbrakinesis (Darkness Manipulation) makes him a formidable foe. Using the Brand also grants him the power to use Electro-Pyrokinesis, a rare type of hybrid kinesis otherwise known as Electric-Fire.

He can transform into full dragon form using the power of his inner darkness to transform. Schwarz is also the prince of ???, and was rightly taken off the throne by West Feroxi a month after he was elected as king. This further sparked his anger and caused war between the three nations and make him into the person he is today.

General Info


Schwarz currently lives in a place near the middle state of Ferox's border. He is known to live out in the country-side in Estaia, and is about fifty miles from the capital and is (roughly) ten miles from a nearby village. Schwarz used to live in the capital of Ferox until it was attacked by West-Feroxi. He lives with some of his soldiers, most notably his commander of the Ferox military, Ryou.

Current Status

Schwarz currently wonders around, trying to figure out a way to get his country back and prevent further war. Aside from that, he is known to keep trying to hone his skills and powers in order to make him stronger to face stronger adversaries. He is known to be alive and well.


Schwarz seems to be top shape despite his inner darkness. He seems to fairly muscular, toned, and is in overall top health. Schwarz's wounds seem to heal faster, and his aging has stopped, rendering him semi-immortal. He is known to be quite fit, due to the amount of walking he has to get to places, due to the lack of driving skills.

Background Story


Kuro was born in the capital of Ferox, born as the prince of the capital, if he ever had to take over after his parents died. He was born without any problems.

His father was known to be an anthropomorphic Black Dragon who was a Dark Destroyer, a group of people who wanted to destroy the darkness in the world. His father was known to carry the brand which allowed to use electricity by will and was known to have darkness powers. His mother was known to be a Mobian Iberian Lynx, who was known to carry the power to control fire at will.

Kuro was known to carry down some traits from his parents, his darkness powers and the brand, which contained his ability to control electric-fire, the hybrid of fire and electricity from his parents.

Early Life and Teenage Years

Growing up wasn't so bad for Kuro. He was fairly educated by his parents and the school he went to. He had a fair amount of friends due to the fact he was popular because he was the prince of the capital.

At a young age, he met his commander of the Liberation Force, Ryou. Ryou, the Mobian Blaster was of a tall build, and had a strong personality, often protecting the young prince when trouble happened.It was then a few years later, after they both enrolled in combat school after both reaching the minimum chronological age of eighteen.

The young prince, Kuro seemed to take a liking to using axes and firearms, while the young Ryou took a liking to using melee like weaponry. They graduated a top of their class, becoming two of the best soldiers in the capital.

A few years later, Kuro asks Ryou to become his guardian and commander of the army. Ryou agrees as he swears to protect the Prince's life, no matter what happens. A few months later in the Summer months at nighttime, his parents, which were the king and queen on the nation, were assassinated in an attack created by The Dragons, an army from another nation with no clear motive.

Kuro quickly tries to stop them, but ends up failing as they disappear before the Lynx hybrid has the chance. Left alone, he is confused why he was spared. He quickly finds Ryou and explains the situation to him. Now wanting revenge, asks Ryou to help him catch the murderers that killed his parents to extract his revenge on those who wronged him.

What awaits the young prince, might cost his own sanity..

The Corruption

Ryou agrees, saying that his life is his to command, due to fact that their was no soldiers left after the attack that night on the castle. The two rush off, trying to find the group who attacked Kuro's parents and left them for dead. They find little clues, but end up stumbling across their hideout, to the east of the capital.

Drawing their swords, Kuro charges into the base, but is slashed across the chest by one of their members, leaving a II scar on his chest. The leaders approaches, holding out what seems to be an axe, glaring at the two invaders. They introduces them-self as "The Lightning Berserker", and tries to fight the invaders off. Kuro and Ryou jump out of the way, rolling to the side.

Ryou glares over to the side, noticing what seems to a black rock that emits darkness. Kuro quickly notices and reacts to his instincts grabbing it, before the effects of the item taking place, turning him into what seems to be a black dragon. Kuro, now transformed into this dragon form, goes out of control and fights the members off using his powers. Most of the members run away after being defeated by this dragon, who was Kuro, ends up defeating the leader before going in for the kill.

Kuro transforms back into his normal form, his fur had vastly changed color, and his right arm was now made out of pure darkness, as well as his chest fur, and eyes. Ryou jumps in, and stops him, telling Kuro it's not worth it. Kuro backs off, claiming he doesn't know what's got into him and why he's doing this. He claims it wasn't him and runs off, trying to escape from what he has become, a monster.

Ryou tells this "Lightning Bandit" to leave and quickly runs after Kuro. He catches up with the young prince, remarking that ended up like his father, and that was his father was hiding from him, which was that rock that can transform anybody into the person they wouldn't like to be depending on their hatred and anger.

Kuro remarked that he could never go back and rule over the kingdom with this massive amount of darkness inside of him as it could corrupt him and make him kill everybody. Ryou stops him, and tells him he will get help to fix it.

Kuro accepts and tells Ryou that he needs a new name to fit what he's like now. Ryou responds with "Schwarz" because it means black. Kuro, now Schwarz, responds with thinking with it's cool, and goes back to his kingdom, hoping to rule over it.

Rise to Power!

The War

Rise of the Dark Destroyer!



Before Corruption

Before the corruption took place, Kuro used to be the height of five foot four (5"4) and weighed about ninty kilograms (90kg). Kuro's fur was a golden color and he sported no scars across his whole body. His fur was a golden color, with various black markings. He had two straight small dragon like horns on his forehead, and were colored a white color. Kuro has gold hair on his forehead, that is spiked up, and has three tufts of fur over his eyes. One of his tufts of hair is highlighted an electric blue color.

His ears are short and are tufted as well have the markings on them. Kuro also sported his signature dragon marking named the brand on his left arm and has a long tail with his usual markings on his body that reaches down to his feet. His muzzle is white colored and has three tufts of fur at each side, along with his eyes being an electric blue color. His white chest fur is shaped in a V-shape and reaches down to his stomach.

After Corruption

Kuro, now named Schwarz, stands at the height of five foot six (5"6) and weighs about ninety kilograms (90kg). He seems to be fairly muscular as well, for his real age of being one hundred and ten. His fur is a nearly black color with pitch black spots, seen in various shapes and sizes all over his body. He has a crimson red scar over his muzzle and one in the same color over his eye over his right eye. His eyes are a piercing dark blue color with pitch black scalera. Schwarz's muzzle is white and has three tufts of fur at each side and has two short Lynx ears on his forehead.

He has a dark blue dragon like marking which is called the brand, below on his left arm and sports two scars on his chest in an "II" shape diagonally from a previous wound. His right arm seems to have completely disappeared and turned into darkness, his hands taking the shape of a claw. His other hand is also clawed as well. Schwarz also sports two straight dark gray horns on his forehead, that are fairly small and sharp, along with a crimson red mane around his neck that is known to reach down his chest fur. His chest fur is shaped in a V-shape and reaches down to his stomach. He sports a long tail with the same markings on it that reaches down to his feet.

Schwarz has white hair on his forehead as the result of corruption, that is spiked up, and has three tufts of fur over his eyes. One of his tufts of hair is highlighted an crimson red color.


Before Corruption

Kuro wears a grey trenchcoat that reaches down to his feet and is short sleeved, along with a grey cape. He also wears a pair of grey boots with blue markings on the side, and a pair of grey pants that go over his sneakers slightly. He also wears a grey strap over his chest that holds his weapon on his back.

After Corruption

Schwarz still wears his trenchcoat, that has darkened as the result of his corruption, as well as becoming tattered and worn out looking. He also still retains his grey pants, which have become tattered and darkened along with his cape. His sneakers seem to be the only thing kept intact, the only thing that changed is the markings on the side.

He wears a armored gauntlet on his right arm, covering and reaching down to his clawed hands. It is known to be pitch black in color, matching his overall fur color. He also wears shoulder plate armor on his left arm, which is a pitch black color and covers his trenchcoat slightly. He wears sports tape around his left hand and upto his elbows, as well as over his chest and knees on his pants. He also wears a grey strap over his chest that holds his weapon on his back.


Before Corruption

After Corruption


Master Umbrakinesis (Darkness Manipulation)

Schwarz has the master kinesis over the power to control darkness and shadows at will. Offensely, he can use his darkness as an energy technique to fire at foes, or cloak himself to make him foes think he's invisible. He can sink in the shadows, dodging his opponents techniques or disappearing from sight. He can form bolts of darkness, and energy blades, as well as other weapons.

Schwarz's darkness powers allows him to corrupt anyone slightly by getting hit by it. The corruption will slowly take over the person that is hit by it, making them angrier and unable to control themselves. This is known Schwarz's way of making people conform to his way of thinking, as it completely bends their will to his.

His own inner darkness caused by caused by the fact he has darkness manipulation, grants him the power the transform into a stronger form, resembling a dragon named Fafnir.

Master Electro-Pyrokinesis (Electric-Fire Manipulation)

Schwarz has the natural ability to control electric-fire by utilizing the power of his brand, a mark on his left arm. By controlling the flames of fire and controlling electricity together, grants him a new element, the power of electric-fire. This unique kinesis was granted by his father's natural ability to control electricity, and the brand, and his mother's natural ability to control fire.

He can create shields for defense, make energy blades and weapons to defend himself. He can also fire off bolts and other techniques offensively. The mark of the brand, allows him to use a special technique known as Electric Burst, which is known to be capable of destroying nearby electronics in the area, and sparking a huge fire.

By utilizing the electric-fire in conjunction with his darkness powers, he can become even stronger than before, allowing him to power up his regeneration or speed or anything else such as his strength, defense and reflexes in fights.

The electric-fire carries the traits of it's two parents elements, the heat of the fire and offense power as well as the sheer power of the electricity and the ability to turn off anything electrical. These four traits together, make the element powerful, as it carries the weaknesses of both elements, such as earth, as well as it has it's advantages.


Advanced Regenerative Healing Factor

Schwarz's primary ability is his regnerative healing factor, that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far better abilities than the average human or mobian. He can regenerate wounds and tissue within ten minutes or more. The full extent of this isn't known.

Dragon Transformation

Using the power of his inner darkness caused by his umbrakinesis, he has power to transform into a dragon. This is triggered by his intense emotions and anger. The full strength of this form isn't known yet.

Decelerated Aging

In addition to his powers, Schwarz has decelerated aging. This provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing down the effects of the aging process. This was also caused by his Dragon blood. It was also caused by the fact he has an advanced healing factor, which slows down his aging.


Expert Axemanship

A skill Schwarz has is experience in using axes. He has training in using any type of axes. Aside from mundane purposes like chopping down trees or hooking onto walls or rock, he can also use the axe of his weapon as a backup weapon in emergencies when his assault rifle can't be used for whatever reason.

His training with the axe is different in comparison to his rifle - instead of focusing on strong, slow attacks using the bullets, his axe skills go for speedy, weak strikes so as to chip away at his foe's defenses. A tedious tactic, but it proves effective.

Expert Markmanship

Another major skill Schwarz has is his ability is using his markmanship. Schwarz has been used to using firearms and the like from a young age, as well as he used to be a incredibly sharpshooter, being able to shoot accurately while using a scope or without. Ever since using his signature axe-rifle, he has been incredibly skilled in using any firearm with a scope, as he's extremely good at doing it.

Skilled Leader



Axe-Rifle Techniques

Darkness Techniques

Electric-Fire Techniques



  • Ferox Liberation Army - Schwarz's personal band of soldiers to fight off the invaders of West-Ferox and East-Ferox.
    • Ryou The Ninja - The second-in-command in the Liberation Army. He's known to be a brother like relationship with person in question.


  • Metal The ??? - He's heard of Metal, but considers him a minor threat.


Triva/Fun Facts

  • Schwarz is partly based off of the Avatar from Fire Emblem If.
    • He even has similarities:
      • The character design as in the appearance such as his attire was based off of the avatar from the new game too.
      • He can even transform into a dragon.
      • Their both royals.
  • He's also based off of Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • He has the brand like Chrom does.
    • He fights for revenge against those who started wars, Plegia in Chrom's case and West-Ferox in Schwarz's case.
    • They're both of Royalty.
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