Schnee Ainekas the Hedgehog, the cop-in-training and tinkering ally of Team Mask, is also here to battle! Schnee uses tech in her battles, which also causes her to use multiple assist items and traps around the stage. Without them, she isn’t helpless, however - she has her bo staff, which has its gun mode, staff mode, and sword mode. With all of this, Schnee is able to make useful attacks.

Schnee’s attacks are slightly slow when in close-combat, but they deal heavy damage. However, her tech and projectiles are extremely fast, but are lacking in power. Along with her above-average defense but fairly low health, these all make Schnee a character you must have some skill with to wield.


Clear! - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK Exchange button
  • Schnee jabs her staff forward while emitting electricity from it, and if she hits the opponent they may be paralyzed for three seconds. In the air, Schnee jabs it downwards, and it hits overhead.
Stay Down! - Arcade-Stick-Down + Exchange button
  • Using her staff in its gun mode in this Command Normal, Schnee fires at the ground, similar to Blake and Noel’s special in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. If Schnee is close to the opponent, they will take damage and trip. This move can even hit opponents on a sliding/hard knockdown!
Elemento Burst - AS QCF + Exchange button
  • Schnee takes out a heavy shotgun and fires it, and though it has short range, it is very useful because it will either fire a burst of electricity, paralyzing the opponent for three seconds, or a burst of cryokinetic bullets, freezing them for five seconds. After every three uses, however, it will overheat and explode, doing damage to Schnee and the opponent if they are near. However, after it explodes, it can still be used.
That's Mine! - AS QCF + Attack button
  • Light Version: Schnee throws a mine into the air that, after it hits the ground, will explode when an opponent nears it.
  • Medium Version: The mines arm themselves while they are still in the air.
  • Heavy Version: Schnee throws two mines.
Spinning Top - AS QCB + Attack light
  • Schnee spins around rapidly with her staff, hitting anyone who is near. Schnee is able to move during this period of time, but jumping will cancel the move.
Whacka Whacka - AS QCB + Attack medium
  • Schnee breaks her staff into halves and runs forward quickly, rapidly slamming the opponent's head with them. This move hits overhead.
Bit Much? - AS QCB + Attack h
  • Schnee takes out a machine gun and fires many plasma bullets at the enemy before putting back in apparent hammerspace and shooting a pump shotgun at the opponent and knocking them away, causing a sliding knockdown. This is a good combo ender.
Jumpstarter - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Schnee fires a burst of fire from the back of her staff, boosting her forward.
Jabbing Staff - AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium
  • Schnee jabs her staff forward. If she hits the opponent, then she will turn the staff into sword mode and stab the opponent with it rapidly before turning it into its gun mode and blasting the enemy away.
Disappear! - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button
  • Schnee jabs an incredibly large minigun forward, knocking her opponent into the air if she hits them with it. Whether the opening attack hits or not, Schnee rapidly fires bullets at them, doing quite a lot of damage. If you did hit the initial attack, Schnee takes out a rocket launcher and fires it at them, finishing the move.
Up Top! - AS QCB + Attack lightAttack medium / Attack hExchange button
  • Schnee starts Spin Dashing across the screen. If she hits the opponent, they are sent vertically into the air and there’s a cut-in where she rolls onto her back below them. Then, from her staff-gun, Schnee fires multiple pasma bullets upwards at the opponent. When she’s done, she rolls backwards, and the opponent falls on the ground.


Javelin Hurl (assist)
  • Schnee jumps onto the screen, turns her staff into blade mode and throws it forward. This move does very little damage, but it is amazingly fast and is a good move to use when you need to distract the opponent.
Witness Me! (assist)
  • Schnee comes falling from the air with her staff in blade mode and slashes downwards, knocking her opponent back when she hits them.
Stun Punish - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Schnee kicks her opponent in their stomach before leaping backwards off the screen. Then, Schnee rides in on her motorcycle and rams it in the opponent before jumping off, her motorcycle exploding when it hits the edge of the screen.

FF and Dialogue

Focus Frenzy: Schnee presses a button on her silver gauntlet, and her body is surrounded by Iron-Man-esque armor. She can now fires blue orbs and beams, along with flying around the stage (though she can't attack while flying). Other alterations dependent on teammates include:

  • White and Tina: Schnee’s tech-related attacks get a 15% buff, and when health is below 50%, she gets a 7% attack boost.
  • Terra: she gets a 1.1x speed and attack boost.
  • Alexia: she gets automatic healing, and her Mana Bursts/Breaks now freeze the opponent for five seconds.

Introduction: Schnee is riding on her motorcycle before backflipping off it, causing it to crash off-screen and explode. Schnee lowers her shades, says her line, and takes her bracelet off, turning it into a staff. Then, she twirls it.

“The Ainekas daughter is about to take a W! Watch out!”

“Let’s see if your fists can keep up with my wit!”

“I wonder just how powerful you are...”

Ending: Schnee twirls her staff, turns it into a bracelet, says her line, and rides away on another motorcycle.

“You’re not half-bad. I’m just whole-good.”

“Hold that L, dude.”

“Pshaw, even Terra could take care of you!”

“You’re gonna get lasered!” “You better ready up!” “Hasta la vista, baby!” -during Up Top!


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