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Physical Appearance

Schism appears to be a semi-light red color, topped off with other reds. His hair is a Sangria (red) color, along with a shade of Light Purple and Dark Purple. He has various markings on his arms, legs, and ears. His most noticable feature is his large, sharp claws. His eyes are a Midnight Green color.


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Abilities and Weaknesses

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Name: Schism the Wolfidnapine

Nickname(s): Schiz, Angsty Porcupine

Species: Wolfidnapine; 50% Echidna, 30% Porcupine, 20% Wolf

Gender: Male

Height: 3ft 10in.

Weight: unknown

Age: 18

Fur: Light Alizarin, Crimson

Hair: Sangria, Amethyst, Violet (RYB)

Eyes: Midnight Green

Skin: White

Alignment: Good

Likes: being quiet, relaxation, spying, singing (doesnt show his interest for it, though), being an exotic crossbreed, the darkness, Sonic and co., adventures

Dislikes: violence (mostly), Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna (they are rivals, in a way), annoyances, being diesturbed, being forgotten

Skills: slashing/scratching, biting, most of Sonic's Physical Attacks, biting, good senses, having a bad temper (similar to Amy's)

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