Scent Conduct is a mid-tier genetic ability, based around the communication of information and messages through scent.


Beings with this ability are naturally in-tune with their own natural pheromones, and similar to a user of Sweet Scent, can control the bursts of scent that they release to alter the perceptions of others. However, unlike Sweet Scent, this ability allows them to choose and transmit more advanced concepts through scent alone, rather than just basic emotions and desires. For example, the user could generate a scent that transmits a tactical plan to his allies, or a pungent odor designed to force someone else's mind to literally crash with a sensory overload.

However, the downside is simple. The scent message is understood by all who smell it, and as such, it is limited for tactical use, and equally an issue if used as a weapon - if an ally smells it, they too can suffer the intended effects.




Technique Rank

The technique is pending evaluation, but it is known to be mid-tier.

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