Scavare the Wolf

Biographical Information
AliasEarth Clan's Night Guard
Romantic InterestsSabbia the Foxlacine
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, w/ dark brown skin.
  • Hair: Onyx-black, long and down to the middle of his back
  • Eyes: White
  • Dark gray Beanie
  • Blue-gray long-sleeved shirt
  • Deep blue vest
  • Black pants
  • Gunmetal gray gauntlets (see Weaponry)
  • Dark brown leather sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Earth Clan of Temblor (soldier)
Weaponry Bladed Gauntlets
  • Advanced Combat - Hand to Hand
  • Skilled w/ Geomancy
  • Dakentaijutsu practitioner
  • Superspeed
  • Soul Energy Manipulation
  • Brilliant night vision
  • Skilled at climbing
  • Basic battlefield medicine
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Scavare the Wolf is a soldier that serves the Earth Clan of Temblor.

Physical Description

Scavare is a reasonably tall and thin wolf, who often receives racist insults by those who don't like him due to his dark skin and fur. He also gets insulted on his eyes, being called "blind man" for his white eyes. He rarely ventures into daylight, in order to avoid the insults. His long black hair reaches halfway down his back, while his tail is long enough to reach his shoulders or to drag along the ground if fully extended.


Scavare wears a dark gray beanie, a blue-gray shirt, deep blue vest, black pants and dark brown sandals. He also wears a pair of large gunmetal gray gauntlets, each with at least three knife blades hidden within.


Scavare grew up as a member of a rich and powerful family near the Oil Ocean Zone, where the entire family often came under attack for the color of their fur and skin. His father and mother were greatly protective of their son, and almost banned him from leaving completely after he almost got thrown into the Oil Ocean and then set alight, something he managed to avoid by unconsciously activating his own Geomance powers and fighting back. After that point, he had a tutor in the art of manipulating earth, who also managed to get him to form and unleash a disk made purely of a milky-white Soul energy. Quickly, he formed a plan, so not too long after his eighteenth birthday, he used his tutor's gift of a pair of armored gauntlets with blades hidden within and escaped at night. Nobody noticed him at night, and eventually he made it to a stone camp, where he simply fell asleep on a bed, not caring what was around. The next morning, he woke to a variety of things - a pair of fists, a variety of different melee weapons and a few large blocks of earth, as well as the cute girl of a similar age to him, whom he had pretty much fallen asleep atop. Apologizing profusely, he explained his case, although there were a number of eyebrows raised about how he got into the house and fallen asleep on the girl in the first place, but accepted what happened. The girl was kind to him, which he regarded as surprising, and offered him a place in her house as long as he didn't bother her while she slept. He volunteered to take over the night watch from some of the other soldiers, who quickly realized how smart it would be to have a near-invisible and silent guard, and so he became the night guard, sleeping during the day when he could, only really waking to help Sabbia or fight in a battle, and then patrolling the village for intruders, who he would silently bind and imprison for the leaders to deal with the following day.


Scavare's greatest abilities are his superspeed and skill in hand-to-hand combat. He is a fully-trained Dakentaijutsu practitioner, where he practices different stances and physical strikes to make an eclectic and unpredictable fighting style, which is made all the more lethal by his bladed gauntlets. By varying between stances and attacks of Eastern and Western martial arts, using the blades in his gauntlets and his superspeed (and occasionally close-range Mance/Soul abilities), he is a silent and deadly fighter. For range, he normally uses his Soul attacks and his Geomancy to create attacks to strike at a distance. He has very good night vision, and is able to scale seemingly-impossible to climb walls in the thick of night, meaning his gauntlets help him climb. He also has some rudimentary skill at battlefield medicine taught to him by Sabbia.

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Soul Abilities


Scavare has a very insular and protective personality, being more willing to protect his new home and his girlfriend with all he has, although he rarely talks to anyone but Sabbia. He's very aggressive to anyone with a racist attitude due to his colors, and can quite often beat them to a pulp before anyone can stop him (not that Sabbia would be in a hurry to). While he was at home, he was more aloof and up himself due to his families power.

Friends and Foes




  • Spencer the Cat - A feline figure from his past, Spencer made it clear he wished to face Scavare in combat when both were ready, as the two had competed frequently for similar roles.



  • His name is Italian for "dig".
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