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A nearly serene field lay undisturbed by society, until today. Four portals formed themselves in a flash of light like a second sun, and four mobians stepped through. "Oh, hey we're doing this again!" The smallest shouted. A city was in view, these four were looking for help; and they hoped to find it there.

Some distance away, another portal forms as a young blonde male human stepped out of it, wearing golden plated armor, he looks around of his surroundings before grunting.

"what a distasteful area." However, the human then notice the city. "A city, I may as well head there to see if there's anyone I could join in this endeavor." The human then set his destination for the city.

(No idea if the city is in the sky like previously or its on land.)

Fairly close to where the four Mobians had appeared, another portal appeared, and a fifth Mobian shot through a portal, falling flat on her face. Suddenly, everyone was back where they were two seconds prior to this unfortunate incident, and the Mobian skidded to a halt as she came out of the portal, just barely not falling over this time. "Close call," she said. "Wait, where am I now? HEY OTHER PEOPLE!" she yelled in the direction of the four Mobians. "Anyone have any idea what's up with these portals?"

The entire group turned, the oldest spoke up. "yes?......." she was a rather athletic looking fox hybrid with black markings and two tails. "It's a tiny bit of a long story?..."

"Well, as long as there's nothing more important to do, let's hear it!" said the fifth Mobian. She was a blue-haired leopard, somewhat taller than average, with a slowly revolving tail and a torso that almost came to a point in the middle. "Before we start, though, what's your name...names...what're your names? Mine's Sandy."

The smallest was the first to speak, she was a gray furred fox with glowing color bands on her eyes. "Hi! I'm Amber! And this is Lee!" She grabbed hold of a orange hybrid with bandages wrapped around the tips of his ears, pulling him close. The one who talked before did so again. "I'm Cassandra, but everyone calls me Cassie." The last one introduced himself somewhat begrudgingly. "Link." He was a brown furred hedgehog with black markings.

Sandy beamed at them. "Nice to meet you, Amber, Lee, Cassie, Link..." Sandy apparently then realized that she was still at an uncomfortable range from everyone else, as she started towards them. However, she tripped on something, went flying through the air, knocking over Link...and then suddenly none of this had ever happened, and Sandy was back at her medium distance from everyone else. "Maybe I should stay at this distance," she said, looking uncomfortable.

Cassie shrugged her shoulders, unsure of what had happened. "So, continuing..... There was a armor called the DT-1, It could jump dimensions; until... Someone blew it up. Now it's tearing the universes apart, so we're all trying to gather it's pieces, so we can fix everything. OK maybe not such a long story." Lee looked at the ground, muttering something along the lines of "I didn't know it could do this....."

"Great story!" said Sandy. "By the way, if you're wondering what happened back there with the...mistakes not having happened, it's just because of my chronokinesis, which lets me rewind time by about two seconds. However, everyone still remembers everything that happened before I rewound it. Like this," she said, picking up a rock and tossing it a small distance. Without warning, the rock was back where it started. "See?" said Sandy.

Unheard to anyone but Lee, Onyx spoke. "Oh, so that's why I felt something weird." Lee snarled and muttered angrily.

Belatedly, a seventh portal formed, this time at an oblique angle to the ground. With the distorted sound of an explosion, a two-foot-tall anthropomorphic mouse tumbled through, accompanied by a puff of smoke and debris. In a high-pitched voice, he called, "It works, Sho!" as he fell. The mouse, who appeared to be wearing a three-piece suit and a rapier, landed in an undignified heap on the grass, and lay there, looking dazed.

"Here we go again!" Amber shouted, looking at the sky oddly.

"Half the time I have no clue what's coming out of your mouth." Was Link's reply.

Sandy, noticing the mouse's landing, rushed over to help. "Can I help you up, sir?" she said, pulling on him in a mostly futile attempt to stand him upright. "Can somebody help here?" she shouted, falling over backwards before rewinding time to move herself back into a mostly upright position.

Amber went to help Sandy help this stranger up.

"Thank you, fair ladies, and well met!" the mouse said, clambering to his feet with their assistance. He fastidiously brushed the dirt and soot from his suit, straightened his red bow tie, and gave an elegant bow. "I am Landstorm, a Mouse. By any chance, can you tell me where I am?" Under his breath, he added, "If this isn't an alternate dimension, I shall be very... put out."

"Er. Where are we?" said Sandy, turning to the others. Before anyone could respond, she turned back to the mouse, saying, "By the way, nice to meet you, Landstorm! I have a few questions for you, like where I've heard your name before and who's Sho, but first we should probably learn where we are. I'm just as clueless as you are. Hey, anyone here know where we are? Oh right, and my name's Sandy. I'm going to stop asking questions so someone can answer where we are..." Sandy closed her eyes and made a somewhat pained expression, evidently trying to restrain herself from asking more questions.

as the human walked, he stop to take notice of the Mobians that were standing about. "Mobians? Time to see if they know anything.." The human then started to head towards them, all the while trying to figure out what is happening.

A odd yellow wisp appeared out of a much smaller portal than what any of the mobians had come through. It floated towards Amber who pointed out a black ring on one of it's tentacles, Lee answered "It's a dimensional tether, it keeps Jadeite tied to you." He turned slightly, addressing Sandy and Landstorm and raising his DTA up."This is zone 42338027, It says this world is fairly new." A alert signaled on it, Lee looked down to the city. "Oh, no."

"Okay, great to know where we are!" said Sandy. "Wait, what's wrong?" she said, following Lee's gaze.

His voice raised slightly, he sounded as if he was talking to himself instead of Sandy "OK, when the DT-1 exploded, it blasted holes in everything -- not real holes in the material, but holes in the space the material inhabits-- through these holes came chaos, destruction and terror. It was unleashed on our home city, our parents managed to pull some old friends together and hold down the fort; while we went after the pieces in an attempt to finish it all. The holes always generate a special kind of energy... And i just picked up the energy.. down there." He said while pointing at the city.

Sandy took a moment to process all this. After a pause, she said, "So...there's...bad stuff in the city over there?"

Landstorm was staring at Lee with admiration written across his face. "You blew holes in the space-time continuum?" he asked. "Space-time surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds all possible universes together. I mean, wow! Can I be your friend?"

"Yes, there's several bad things down there." Lee replied to Sandy. He touched the black backpack he was wearing; a sword handle popped out, landing in his hand. Lee turned to Landstorm "I didn't mean to do it, dimensional travel is delicate. You can't just go traipsing abo--" Amber interrupted him "It's a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff!" Lee just sort of blinked at her. "What? Amber, this is not 'timey-wimey stuff' this isn't time travel."

"Maybe it is time travel," said Sandy, "from a non-subjective, non-linear viewpoint."

Lee stuck one of his fingers in his mouth, gnawing on it to help "forward his thought process". "That's.... a good thought." He said, complimenting Sandy. Cassie looked around frantically, as if she were panicking "Guys? Where's Link?!"

"Space-time do surrounds us, but it may also lead some figures to come into existence when such figures shouldn't even be alive." A blond male in plated golden armor appeared behind Lee. "Also, it is possible dimensional travel can have the applications of time travel as well. And my manners, I am Gilgmesh." Gilgamesh introduced himself.

", hi, Gilgamesh!" said Sandy. "Isn't there an epic of you?"

Amber and Lee stared at Gilgamesh in surprise (They don't have overlanders where they're from) while Cassie continued searching for Link.

"Oh right, Link!" said Sandy, noticing Cassie's search. "Isn't he a brown hedgehog, about this big, has some kind of...right, him! Is it possible that he's really fast and went zipping off somewhere because there's some problem somewhere that we didn't notice?" Sandy said this earnestly, with no trace of sarcasm in her voice.

"Listen, you'll probably want to get as far away as possible, trouble just kind of finds us. We're gonna go find our brother, come'n guys." Cassie said, grabbing Lee and Amber.

"No wait!" protested Sandy. "I have to come along and help you too! If one of you gets fatally injured or something, I need to be right there to help out! Besides, I've never been on an adventure before and it looks so exCITING!"

"Go away?" Landstorm seconded. "I am ready to take arms against a sea of troubles! I am born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upwards! Whatever trouble is coming to find you will have to go through me first." Drawing his rapier, Landstorm brandished it with a flourish that made him look truly ferocious -- or at least, it probably would have, if he hadn't been just two feet tall.

At that moment, a noise similar to that of thunder echoed out from the city in the distance- and if one were looking close enough, they may very briefly see the sky flash a shade of red.

A long series of explosions and echoing stomps came from the city, startling Cassie. "OK, whatever, come along if you want to. But whatever's causing those stomps is mine." The handle Lee was holding burst forth with a glowing dark blue blade, a cyan blade appeared out of Amber's right wrist and Cassie glowed a sky blue before doubling in size. The trio took off towards the city.

"Um...okay, sure," said Sandy, somewhat nervously. "You guys can take whatever explosions and stompy things are over there. I'll just be in the background somewhere as an emergency time-rewinder and possible assistant in randomly throwing useless punches."

While this was happening, Link was doing his best against the five villains he had run into. He backed against a wall when a massive shadow fell over him, the distraction caused him to not notice a orange blur knocking him an entire block. 'Wha...What?" Savage the Tiger stood in front of him "Don't bother getting up, do the smart thing. Stay down." Was his warning.

A Nocturne echidna standing in the shadows took notice of Landstorm, a sword appeared in his right hand as he strode towards him...

When Cassie saw Savage beating the daylights out of Link, she ran forward and attempted to kick him; it half-worked, Savage braced himself against a building and ran down the side, grabbing Link and dashing off again. The same massive shadow that her brother saw now came over Cassie. She looked up to see a much larger Titan.

Once again the sky briefly turned red, before quickly returning to its normal color. Though, the duration of the change seemed to be slightly longer than last time.

Landstorm was about to sheath his rapier and follow his new friends when he espied the echidna heading in his direction. Tossing his sword into the air and catching it with his left hand as it came down, he smiled to himself and moved to meet the stranger. As he went, he called back to Gilgamesh, "Watch! There is no rival who can raise his weapon against me and win!"

Cassie tumbled out of Titan's stomping range. "I can take this guy, just need to change the locale." She thought to herself. She led him several blocks away, then began growing again, this time much, much larger. She now stood at even height to Titan.

Lee watched the events unfold, but something forced it's way into his head that caused him to recoil. It felt like a knife, but one of words, and it repeated one in particular "Prey."

Villusion seemed to blink out of reality for a second before reappearing in front of Landstorm and swinging his sword down hard.

Landstorm brought his rapier up to catch Villusion's blow, but the force made him stagger back a few steps. He spun his blade and darted toward Villusion, stabbing towards the echidna's legs.

Villusion jumped backwards, some of his grab sliced by the diminutive swordplayer's attacks.

Amber and Koloras were, had it not been a fight, would have seemed to be some musical number; constantly performing back-flips, spinning kicks and punches. The razor-fox's wrist lit up and her energy blade shot out, slashing at Koloras and barely missing.

Lee and Onyx managed to force whatever was in their combined mind out, when Salvos began firing upon him.

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