Scarz Couteau is a grey furred hegdehog hailing from the Great Plains of the United Federation. He has experience as a farmer, crafter, and hunter, and makes his living carving wood carvings. His public name is a nickname given to him as a result of a large scar that stretches over his left eye. He is currently in possession of a pair of daggers infused with Elemental Light.


Scarz is normally a very calm and focused person. He has a habit of carving a sculpture of things when he is bored or has inspiration. He is almost always respectful to women. He enjoys nature quite a bit, spending a good amount of his free time with his friends, or in the middle of a forest.

Despite is general calm, he is usually shaken by odd sights, such as his friend Rosland's desire to eat things (usually his other friend, Evan). He also dislikes gluttony, shown to be entirely disgusted by it. He will almost always call someone out on pointless gluttony. 

According to him, he believes in Aliens (claiming they tend to be a common sight where he lived) and his favorite carving are of himself, Rosland, Evan, and Locusts. 



Scarz appears as a average sized mobian hedgehog. He has light gray fur, which gets darker around his face. His eyes are usually parially closed, giving a relaxed expression. A large scar that reveals pink skin runs from his forehead, over his eyelid, to his muzzle.


Scarz wears a red jacket, which he usally keeps open, but sometimes closes. He has a white shirt underneath that has a woody hue due to his carvings. Scarz wears a pair of light brown pants underneath. He has a brown backpack he usally sports, containing many blocks of wood, carvings, knives, and other supplies. He wears a snakeskin belt with several knives on it. 



Scarz was in a small sustenence farm villiage on the Great Plains. He was born to a rather large family of farmers, and artists. He was born with no complications. 

Early Life

Scarz's early life consisted of him learning to farm. In his little spare time, he played with the many knives that were used for tools on his farm. It was at this time he and his family discovered Scarz's innate gift; He possessed a true Photographic memory. 

Scarz was able to tell which knife was used for what just by memory, while the others on the farm needed to carefully examine each knife to tell the difference between the similar ones.

Later Childhood

Scarz took whatever time he could to learn about knives. Whenever he could, he found something that he could use to carve with the knives he owned, whether it was the soap he had, or the walls of the Barnhouse. He slowly got more and more skilled, over time.

Scarz become even more skilled when he was able to buy blocks of wood to practice on. Within a year or so, he became very skilled in carving, able to craft a complex, lifelife locust at the age of 12. 

Teenage Years

During his Teenage Years, Scarz's ability to craft wood came to a peak. He started selling his sculptures for money, and using the excess money to but more materials. As he did this, he further neglected his farmwork, the familt tradition, creating a rift between him and his father.

Eventually, he and his father got into an argument about what he should end up doing. Scarz defended his hobby, pointing out it made the farm more money than he himself could by farming alone. His father argued that he was wrong to go against tradition. Before it could turn violent, Scarz's mother intervened and stopped the argument. After several more arguments of this caliber, Scarz decided it would be best if he left, not wanting to rip his family apart. He gathered his belonging,s and managed to hitchhike to a nearby city, where he attempted to craft a living out with his carvings.

Gang Fight

Life did not start easy for Scarz. He barely managed to get a consistant place to sleep at night. But, he slowly managed to get noticed, and eventually tookup residence with a lone man. Unknown to him, the man was in deep trouble with the local gangs of the town.

One night, Scarz found himself in the middle of a murder attempt by several gang members. While he didn't fully understand what was going on, he used the skills he had with knives to easily combat the gang members. 

Scarz was wounded in the exchange, and taken to the hospital. He now had a large scar where he was slashed; over the eye. From that time on, people had a tendency to call him Scarz, due to the injury, and the skills he possessed with a knife. 

Relations with Others


  • Rosland the Komodo Dragon: Rosland is Scarz's closest and most trusted friend. While the two are vastly different in both personality and physiology, they still manage to find friendship in their love for nature, art, and adventure. 
  • Evan the Jaguarundi: Evan is a small Jaguarundi that Scarz met during a camping trip with Rosland. He takes care of the small kitten from time to time, and also helps protect him from Jeanie's tendency to go overboard with her childish crush for him.


Scarz has absolutely no special powers of his own, being born entirely human. He still has a few abilities that Hedgehogs tend to have, such as rolling into a ball, but not much more.

  • Ball Form: Scarz can, like most hedgehogs, curl into the shape of a ball. However, he cannot roll in the form, just stand still.
  • Knife Skills: Scarz is an expert on knives, knowing how they work, how well they cut, and how to weild one with incredibly deadly efficiency. He can tell almost anything about a normal knife just by glancing at it. 


  • "Couteau" is French for knife. 
  • Scarz is one of the few characters owned by his author who possesses no powers whatsoever.
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