A note from the creator before we begin: I, as a neurodivergent person, do not accept the thought of all mentally ill people being evil or destined to become a dangerous person. Scarre murdered his parents by impulse and became a serial killer by choice. Any kind of act like this is wrong and I will not approve of anything similar to it, joke or not.

Scarre is a serial killer wolf from Mobius Prime.


Not much is known about Scarre, aside from the fact that in his childhood he suffered a lot of physical and emotional abuse from his parents. Because of that he ended up growing cold-hearted, which led him to murdering his parents.

Scarre was invited by a Choirko friend of his named Chrysalis to join her in her species' war agains't the corrupted government, which he agreed on joining. After years of battle, the rebellion ended up losing, which caused Scarre to go into a violent episode and threaten Chrysalis that he would end her life, forcing her to run into the woods and never coming back. Afterwards, Scarre went back to Mobius and became isolated from society once again.

There's not much known of what happened after those events, however he did end up meeting the Suppression Squad a few years later and fell in love with Patch.


General stats

Attack: 10/10

Defense: 8/10

Evasiveness: 7/10

Speed: 7/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Magic: 0/10

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