Scarley (Scar-lee) is a 13 year old wildcat who is also the 4th Knight of Darkness in the Mythika series. She is the most agile and very sleek moving.


Scarley grew up as Scarlett and only to be called Scarley by her older sister, Esmeralda. She was always trying to run away, and on one of these occasions, she saw Rowan. She creeped up on him and found he was reciting a poem. She listened to it and found out he was in love with her sister, Esmeralda! However, she realised she had fallen in love with him and tried to keep it a secret.

Sadly, Esmeralda died of a heart attack in the middle of one night and died. Rowan gieved for her, and even though Scarley tried to confort him he ignored her. She was then chosen to become a Knight, which she found out Rowan was in charage of and imediantly joined.

When Scarley was patrolling a forest, she met Mythika. She wanted to fight her, but Mythika explained a way that Rowan could fall in love with her. Mythika explained that he didn't want to see her die so he ignored her and told her the plan: When they were fighting Scarley would almost fall of a ledge and into a rocky chasm below. If all went well he would see how much he loved her.

This planed worked on the great Battle day, and Scarley is then seen with Rowan after the Battle dancing with him.

25 years later

Scarley is seen as a wife of Rowan and a mother of two children: A son called Aron (Aaron) the Bobcat and Riley the Wildcat. She is a loyal wife and fills the empty space of Esmeralda for Rowan.


Scarley has bright dark orange fur with blue eyes. She is seen wearing a dark green sleeveless top with a even darker skirt. She also has green boots with mossy green tips. She also wears a rich, blood colored scarf with white gloves that have gold cufflets.


Charles the Wildcat (father)

Falina the Wildcat (mother)

Esmeralda the Wildcat (older sister)

Rowan the Bobcat (future husband)

Aron the Bobcat (future son)

Riley the Wildcat (Future daughter)


Scarley is a nickname for Scarlett which is middle english for "Scarlett"

Scarley was given another nickname; Bloody flag (for her blood red scarf)

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