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Scarlett is a female pumpkin seedrian with the smell of pumpkin spice and autumn wherever she goes. She stands at 3 feet 5 inches and weighs 66 pounds. Scarlett’s skin in rather pale, usually because she’s only out at night. Her hair is golden orange, and reaches down to the bottom of her back, and her eyes are golden brown.


Scarlett an orange pumpkin dress with a Smokey Quartz gem on her chest, green leafs extending out of the sides. She was a brown vine around her neck, which is connected to her dress in the back. In her hair, Scarlett has two large, orange flowers with several leaves connected to them on each side of her head. Her bracelets are completely made out of leafs as well. Finally, Scarlett wears green and orange shoes with small grey heels on them.


Scarlett is somewhat quiet, and doesn’t draw much attention to herself. She is an absolute candy lover, and almost can help but to eat candy whenever she has the opportunity. Sometimes, she can be sneaky and steal candy from others. Scarlett doesn’t live sharing, keeping all of the goodies to herself. Sometimes, when she eats to much candy, she can become a bit creepy or uncontrollably crazy.

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