Cquote1 I'll finish it off with a special attack!! FUSION SHARD, let's burn this battle down to ashes! INFERNO... HELL... X FLAME, unleashed! Cquote2
Scarlett, using her special attack.

Scarlett The Hedgefox (スカーレット・ザ・ヘッジフォックス / Sukāretto za hejjifokkusu), is an anthropomorphic red hedgefox that is sometimes known as the apprentice of Fiona Fox, because of her color and similarities. She joins both sides, good and evil, since she's a member of the Nocturne Forest Freedom Fighters, and as well as a member of the Destructix. She won't do any harm to both groups, as she is aware that one can be more powerful then the other. I think that this agile and sneaky hedgefox would have an interesting future ahead of her.

~ This character is owned by Celestia879.


She stands at 97cm, and weighs around 38kg, Scarlett's just your normal, red mobian hedgefox that has five major quills, but like a fox, has no minor quills on her back. Scarlett's hairstyle is shown to be flipped towards her right, and is colored in a darker shade of red. On her arms and between her eyes, are a flame shaped marking that's shaded in yet another type of red. Her fox tail seems to also be in a same color as those flame shaped markings. She also has a pair of golden eyes.

Overall, she has a fox's tail, the muzzle shape of a hedgehog, the muzzle color of a fox, the eye sockets that are shaped similar to a fox's, hedgehog ears, nose and major spikes.

- Normal Attire:

Scarlett wears a light grey jacket that has a purple zipper on it. Like Fiona Fox, Scarlett has the typical overlapped black belt style Fiona uses. She also wears a sandy brown skirt with black leggings underneath. For her pair of brown gloves, they don't cover up all of her fingers, but stop around where our nails are supposed to be. Scarlett also uses a pair of grey spiked bracelets to keep her gloves from falling off to the front. On her head, is a lime green cap that's tilted to her left, and for her footwear, Scarlett uses a pair of neat combat boots.


This young hedgefox has a love for doing dare-devilish stuff, often getting her friends worried on what could happen to her. Sure, Scarlett may get injured after doing this, but if things go to plan, then what she's doing should cause her no harm. The only reason why she does this, was because she never had enough attention from her parents in the past, they were always busy with their work, often leaving her alone at home. And so, it also caused Scarlett to not only be able to do stunts, but she became a responsible one. Her mother usually left her some food in the fridge, so she also had to either cook it, or ask some of her neighbors to help her. Well, the young one was never good at the advanced cooking, but good at making simple recipes.

She's also the strategic type, since she's more to the brains than to the brawns. Scarlett believes that with a good tactic, comes a good combo move. So every time she attacks, she likes to plan it out first, before the battle. Unless if it's an unexpected one, then she'll be fighting her way to win. Scarlett's not afraid of telling her friends on what her plan of attack is, nor isn't afraid of suggesting, she'll just spill the beans on what you need to know, and discuss it with someone.

The thing she hates the most is when someone underestimates her because she looks harmless, or because she looks puny, etc. This will fuel up her hate a little, but when others do that over and over again, hooo boy, she'll get mad, and show you her true power. Uh, not so good eh? So just don't try to mess with her. Besides, you can't judge a book by its cover.


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Infernokinesis: This power is the ability to control and manipulate inferno, or known as hell-fire. Scarlett got this ability by an accident that happened to her in her past, when she was still a baby. It happened when her mom and her dad was on a vacation, and brought her along to a tour towards a volcano that's supposedly asleep. It was fine for a few days, before suddenly, an earthquake came along, and caused it to erupt, causing chaos to the scene.

All escaped, and no one was harmed, but little did Scarlett's parent's knew, that baby Scarlett had inhaled smoke, and some burning ash, mixed with a few dirt or so, causing her to have her lungs slightly burnt. Scarlett's skin was burnt too, and some ash also got absorbed inside. She took medication a lot, in which almost healed her.

As she grew up, Scarlett had always this burning sensation inside her lungs. But one day, as she was walking in the woods, she sneezed, and out came puffs of smoke from her nose. Then suddenly, that burning sensation trailed to her hands, creating at first fire, before becoming hell-fire. And after getting her Fusion Shard, her power got a nice boost, and she was capable of controlling it.

Pyrokinesis: This was her basic power, before infernokinesis. She usually would train and practice in secret, often meditating at her home, and then practicing to control it. It came to use when once there was a forest fire, and Scarlett had to help the people put out the fire. But she, instead of using water and stuff like everyon else, the youngster stayed calm. Until she was at peace with herself, Scarlett lifted her hands towards the forest fire, and raised it gently, before making a ball shape with her hands, absorbing the fire slowly by slowly. Soon, she did it, and she casted the fire ball into the air, so it would go far away from the forest. The hedgefox was exhausted, since it took a lot of concentration for her to do it. By doing that, Scarlett proved that she could master pyrokinesis.


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