Cquote1 Becoming me takes skill, while defeating me takes good tactics. Cquote2
Scarlett The Hedgefox

Scarlett/Rosica The Hedgefox (スカーレット/は、ヘッジホッグフォックスローズ / Sukāretto/ rōzu za hejjihoggufokkusu) is a doppelganger of both Sakora The Wolf, and Avira The Angel Hedgehog. She currently is on the move from one forest to another, and usually can be seen in the same places on different occasions. Although very young, Scarlett could still pack a punch on enemies that cross her path. Oddly enough, she's yet to have any enemies, but in the future, she'll accompany Fiona Fox, and her main enemies will be Sakora and Avira.


She has scarlet fur and a darker shade of red for her hair. Her hair is until at least the shoulder, she has a white muzzle, Scarlett's tail is a fox's tail, while her ears are a hedgehog's. She has the wings of Avira, but it's attached to her arms, to glide. Having the tail ending color golden, like Sakora's, and Avira's blue fur color on her wings, she has a lot of similar colors between the three of them.


- Normal:

Scarlett wears a black jacket with a grey shirt inside, and for the bottom, she'll usually have a faded orange skirt with some white stains on it. For her shoes, she wears a pair of sports shoes in which it's grey, white and orange.

~ Olympics:

For the normal Olympics, Scarlett wears a grey top and her normal sports shoes, but this time, she wears short pants in which is also faded orange.

In the Winter Olympics, Scarlett wears the same as in what she'll normally wear in Moebius, except, her skirt is replaced with leggings.


Being a young, bad-ass hedgefox, Scarlett has some serious language in her mouth. She's good at retorting and debating, but still, inside she still has a good attitude. She used to be hyper, cheerful, and joyful, but as she grew older, well, moods always change right?

(Now, she's a daredevil that has extreme level of naughtiness, a full tactician brain, and some powerful blows to her enemies.)


She has been through tough times, and note that she wasn't actually born in Moebius, but she insisted that her birth place was in Moebius. The reason why? Well, I'll explain that later.

- Childhood Life:

Born in a small house near Knothole Village, Scarlett was born in October 15, 2006, with Pyrokinesis. It was the age of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, in which was Sonic, Amy, Sally, Tails and the rest. She was a young, happy and hyped up hedgefox at that time. Until the tables turned when her mom died because of a mysterious illness, and her father was unable to keep up his business. So now, little Scarlett just had to wish, pray and hope that they could survive. She started this when she was around 5, and was still doing this technique until she was 7. After that, she gave up hope and everything, then moved on in life, by doing the alternative way, stealing. Now stealing wasn't the best way, but it was the only option for Scarlett without thinking twice.

- Change In Attitude:

As soon as she became all alone, with her father dead because of malnutrition, Scarlett was forced to find another place to go to. But she fell into a portal during her journey, and found this 'opposite world' in which she knew now as Moebius. After the fall, she completely changed. Her attitude was really rude, and she even had gliding wings! And plus, she now has her own Fusion Shard, in which had a skull sign carved on it. Lastly, she got Infernokinesis as a bonus in coming here.

- Living In Moebius

She constantly moves around from one forest to another one. But her favorite was the Moebius Main Forest, in which it was rarely visited by Mobians, because it was kind of hard to find the location, and others might get lost in trying to locate where it is.

Life there was peaceful, but Scarlett will later on get hurled into a new adventure in Mobius, when she'll find a portal when she gets older. For now, she could just relax, and discover what ability she has. And she already knows how to warp with her Fusion Shard.


Infernokinesis: The ability to control hell fire was what she got as a bonus when she fell through the portal. With this and her powerful blows, she'll be a big rival in Infernokinesis to Cynthia.

Pyrokinesis: Being used and comfortable because she was born with it, Scarlett had the advantage in using Pyrokinesis, rather than using Infernokinesis, in which she just got.


Inferno Beam: The user blasts a powerful beam at the target, and can hit multiple targets in a line. (Limited Range Attack)

Pyro Rampage: When the user surrounds his / herself with total charged fire, they'll then charges at the target at full speed, and force. It's up to the user if they want to have it unlimited or not, but, the flame will disappear when hit by an all-out attack, or it can't take anymore damage.

Hell-fire: Scarlett uses Infernokinesis to make clones of a hell-flame hellhound. Then she'll commands them to attack as a pack.

Incubus Ball: Scarlett makes a flame ball that has a face of an incubus, then shoots it at the opponent, making them burnt.

Fusion Hit: She combines Pyro, and Infernokinesis together, then shoots a couple of wisps containing the mixture, at the target. If it hits, it'll do a great amount of damage.


She has amazing skill in doing calculations, making tactics and tricks, even using her weapons! Having skills in dodging, attacking, and making use of her power, makes Scarlett a formidable opponent.


- Normal (From the scale of one to ten.)

Attack: 10

Defense: 8

Speed: 5

Power: 10

Tech: 5

Agility: 9

Acceleration: 9

- Olympics:

- Power Type:

Max. Speed: 5

Skill: 7

Power: 10

Stamina: 6

Acceleration: 6


- Her Pyrokinesis and Infernokinesis are both weak to water.

- She gets distracted and confused when the opponent is just too fast.

- If you tell her about her memories, she'll freeze for a while, then lose control of herself.

Theme Song:

Nightcore - Just Like Fire

Nightcore - Just Like Fire

This character's fourstat code is 9575

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