Scarlet June, the ergokinetic gunslinger of Team Mask is here to compete! Bringing a gun to a fist fight, Scarlet works best in long-range situations, but she isn’t all that bad in close combat. A special feature of Scarlet is her Rage Break mechanic - she can transform into this state for twenty seconds, and during this period of time she undergoes a huge strength, speed and defense boost. In this period of time, she’s more aggressive, doing well in close-combat. All of her ranged moves become weaker, too.

However, after the time limit, all of her stats stay up by a little, making her a pretty good character. Scarlet is mostly a ranged character, and when she’s up-close, she’s more of “get-away” character. She does decent in close combat, but again, she’s mainly geared on putting the opponent away.

Scarlet has a high-moderate amount of health, and although her defense is subpar she has a few counters in her moveset. Scarlet’s long-range attacks are much stronger than her close combat ones, so it might be best to use projectiles as follow-ups after launching the opponent.


Sun Shot - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK Exchange button
  • Scarlet fires an orange-yellow beam forward that only hits once, like Trunks' ki blast in DBFZ. In the air, she shoots it downwards, and press down to shoot it upwards.
Ergo Copy - AS QCF + Exchange button
  • Scarlet jumps back, leaving a red ergokinetic clone of herself in her place. It stays for three seconds, and if the opponent nears it, it explodes.
Heartbreaker - AS QCF + Attack button
  • Light Version: Scarlet boosts herself forward before putting two fingers to the opponent's chest and fires a laser through them, dropping them.
  • Medium Version: When Scarlet drops them, it causes a sliding knockdown.
  • Heavy Version: When Scarlet releases them, they're sent to the edge of the screen and they bounce, allowing Scarlet to jump and start a combo chain.
Spinning Laser - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS QCF + Attack button
  • Scarlet spins in the air and shoots a laser, going in a full circle and covering all of the screen. Scarlet is able to attack immediately afterwards.
Summer Seal - AS QCB + Attack button
  • Light Version: Scarlet gets into a defensive stance for one and a half seconds for a counter. If she is hit during this period, she will get behind the opponent, kick them to the edge of the screen and fire a poisonous bullet at them, resulting in them being poisoned for fifteen seconds. You can press the Light button to cancel the move after the kick, allowing you to combo them after the wall bounce.
  • Medium Version: Scarlet gets into a defensive stance for half a second for yet another counter. If she is attacked in this state, she grabs the opponent, throws them back, and fires an explosive bullet called a Bullet Bomber at them, burning them and not allowing them to use Specials or supers for ten seconds. You can press the Medium button to cancel the move after the throw, allowing you to combo them after the wall bounce.
  • Heavy Version: Scarlet Spin Dashes into the opponent for a multi-hit combo before kicking them away and following up with an electric bullet that paralyzes the opponent for five seconds if it lands. You can press the Heavy button to cancel it after the kick, allowing you to combo them after the wall bounce.
Jumpstarter - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Scarlet fires a laser forward that has a 1/5 chance to stun the opponent.
Temper Velocity - AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium
  • A Mana Burst where Scarlet fires a large orange beam of energy at the opponent. This move can be angled upwards, and by holding the button, Scarlet can move around for three seconds.
> This Girl is On Fire! - Attack button
  • For one more bar, Scarlet will run through her own beam, charge a fist of energy, and punch downwards, causing an explosion and doing about as much damage as a Level 3 (this is best used as a finisher, however, because after using the attack, Scarlet will be burned for six seconds).
Flashy Brute - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button
  • Another Mana Burst where Scarlet gets into a defensive stance. If she's hit, then she punches the opponent in the chest, blasting energy through them before she grabs their face. Finally, she fires a large beam upwards.
Rage Breaker - AS QCB + Attack hExchange button
  • Scarlet’s Mana Burst install where her irises and whites of her eyes become a pinkish-red and she loses her pupils. It causes a twenty-second 1.6x boost in all stats (though ranged attacks get weaker), but afterwards, she gets a 1.1x boost in all of her stats for the rest of match.
Maroon Mashup - AS QCB + Attack lightAttack medium
  • In this Mana Break, Scarlet performs a flying kick, knocking the opponent up. She then fires a laser behind her to boost her to the wall and wall-jumps off the edge of the screen for another kick, sending the opponent upwards again. She keeps doing it three more times before letting the opponent fall to the ground. Then, there's a cutscene of Scarlet falling before she lands on them, making a crater, and backflips off.


Daydream Crush (assist)
  • Scarlet does a spike that hits overhead, a good move for shield pressure. If she misses, she fires an orange flare of energy forwards.
Scarlet Cycle (assist)
  • Scarlet rides forward on her red and white aircycle, hitting the opponent multiple times or once depending on where she hits them.
Stun Punish - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Scarlet dashes across the screen in fury. Next, she punches them, sending energy through them. Then, she throws them around the screen while using physical attacks to knock them around. After that, she sends them headfirst into the ground, and teleports above them. Finally, she sends a beam of energy downwards.
Bloodred Burst - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK (Focus Frenzy Button)
  • When Scarlet has her Focus Frenzy activated, she gets this Mana Burst in which she surrounds herself with red energy and punches forward, dragging the opponent to the edge of the screen until she hits it, causing an explosion.

FF and Dialogue

Focus Frenzy: Scarlet’s Rage Breaker is permanent, and she gains a new Mana Burst called Bloodred Burst. It also changes depending on teammates:

  • Mac: Rage Breaker gets an extra 20% boost in all stats.
  • Kennedy: By pressing down on the joystick and the Focus Frenzy button, Kennedy will teleport Scarlet to a random side of the screen.
  • Shirley: Scarlet will heal 1.4x more health than usual from Shirley's assist.

Introduction: Scarlet runs onto the screen before sliding, skidding to a stop. Then, she takes her gun out and reloads it.

Introduction 2: Scarlet points finger guns forward before firing a red laser and doing a backflip. Then, she says her line.

“Locked and loaded. Let’s go!”

“I have a reputation to uphold. I’m not holding back.”

“If you start shaking and crying, I’m not sorry.”

Ending: Scarlet twirls her gun around before blowing it and pointing it directly at the camera.

Ending 2: Scarlet smiles and turns around before a rock hits the back of her head. A red anime-esque “annoyed” mark shows on the back of her head, and she then turns around again, fire replacing her pupils.

“Don’t tell me you’re looking for an apology.”

“Well, at least you tried.”

“NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA MY FACE!” (If second outro animation is used)

"Now you've made me mad!" "Triple-dog-dare you to survive this!" "DON'T TOUCH THE HAIR!" -during Maroon Mashup





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