This is an article about Scarlet Uriana Lynx, a character created by ScarletLynx.


Light brown fur, Chocolate brown hair, Black marks on face, Turqouise top, Blue jeans, Gold necklace, gray gloves, Black boots with a orange-ish/red  flame running down the middle to the tip of her boot


Scarlet is fun out going and loves to spend time with her older brother and her best friend Amber The Wolf. She can be harsh on missions when she frustrated, but she is a loyal friend to her friends and will never let them down.


When Scarlet was born her mother died shortly after. Her father, King of Euphoria, raised her, Kiva, oldest brother, and Star, Oldest sister. Star was assasinated by a mysterious source of evil and her whole family was devastated. Kiva and her father then became very protective of Scarlet so she wouldn't die. One night that same mysterious evil that killed Star sneaked into Scarlet's room when she was sleeping and put demon blood in her. Scarlet's appearence changed and she then started to get more agressive and mean. Her Brother died that same day by the evil. Scarlet thought it was her fault her brother had died, but her father explained to her that it was the evil that killed her brother and gave her demon blood. Scarlet vowed she would seek vengence on that evil. On Scarlet's 15th birthday she received a golden necklace, from her father, with a rare Euphorian jewel that is said to bring her good luck on her adventures. Her father also gave her a Vulpix amd Suicune as a present that would help her with train. A month later, Scarlet was exploring the forest behing her Kingdom walls with her two pokemon when she smelled smoke. Scarlet rushed to her home on her Suicune and saw that the kingdom was set on fire! She quickly put out the fire with the help of her pokemon. Scarlet thought it was all over when she heard a scream come from inside the palace. Scarlet was in panic and rushed inside to see a Hedge-wolf figure stab her father and threw him to the ground. Outraged, Scarlet pulled out her Soul Blade and started attacking the murderer. The murderer just threw Scarlet to the ground and kicked her in the stomach. She looked up and saw that he was escaping with her Suicune knocked out. She tried to get up and run to save him, but it was too late... Suicune was gone... and so was the murderer. Scarlet crawled over to her father's lifeless body and started to cry. Scarlet's dad weakly put his hand covered in blood and caressed her cheek, he told her "Don't cry... we will all be watching you from the heavens above... w-we love you dearly... Sc-Scarlet..". He then went limp and was dead. Scarlet was fulll of rage and she then changed her appearence completely, but the golden necklace kept her rage under control and she returned to her noraml self. She sat in the palace by her father's dead body with her vulpix at her side mourning. Scarlet did not want to stay in Euphoria anymore she told herself "I-I can't stay here... it's too painful to know th-that my family has been murdered by that hedge-wolf...". Scarlet then packed all her things and left the Knigdom with her best friend, Spirit, in charge of her home. She now travels with Sonic and his friends and her best friend Amber The Wolf.


Scarlet has the ability to transform back and forth from her demon form and her normal form without any problems


Scarlet has two blades called Soul Blades that she can handle easily and is a professional martial arts fighter


Scarlet doesn't have many weaknesses. Her main weakness is being reminded of her past with her family and how they all got murdered and her other weakness is water. Since she is a Lynx she hates water and when it rains she tries to avoid it and stays inside where it's nice and warm.

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