Scarlet Pandress is a seventeen year old red panda native to the planet Caradosia. She grew up in Camelot during the reign of King Arthur, but was evacuated to Avalon when Arthur became the Dark King. Scarlet was then raised in Avalon until she returned to the Great Kingdom in order to defeat the Dark King.

Early Life

Scarlet was born in Camelot to a rich red panda family. Scarlet had no friends and kept herself to herself. But at a young age, she was evacuated because the ruler of the Great Kingdom, King Arthur, became corrupt and evil. Scarlet was taken to the Misty Lake by her parents who were being chased by some of the Dark King’s (King Arthur’s) men. Her parents asked the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, to take Scarlet to Avalon where she would be safe. Nimue did so, but Mr and Mrs Pandress were killed by the Dark King’s knights. Scarlet was then raised by Elaine Avalmam in Avalon.

Return to the Great Kingdom

To get revenge on the Dark King and to save the people of the Great Kingdom, Scarlet returned to the mainland where she searched for the King. She located him and narrowly saved a wizard named Merlint from him, but Merlint stopped Scarlet before she could engage in battle with the King. The wizard told Scarlet that the King had become corrupted by the power of Excalibur’s scabbard, which had also made him invincible. But he also said that the King might be able to be stopped by the power of one of the Great Swords, so Scarlet began to search for the famed ‘Caladburn.’ Merlint then gave her a small piece of crystal that enabled him to communicate with her at any time.


Scarlet soon found the Great Sword Caladburn stuck in a stone near the Misty Lake. Scarlet managed to pull out the sword in one tug and placed Merlint’s crystal into the hilt of Caladburn. She then took Caladburn to a blacksmith named ‘Frederick Shrew’ who sharpened, polished and de-rusted the sword. Frederick insisted he should come with Scarlet to defeat the King, but she declined, saying it was her job. She then journeyed to Camelot where she found the King attacking two villagers who hadn’t paid their taxes; Nolava and Gateaux Foxtress. Scarlet managed to save the villagers, but could not wound the King. The King soon left to hunt Merlint, but not before calling one of the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot Du, to attack Scarlet. Scarlet narrowly managed to defeat Lancelot and Merlint then told Scarlet that Lancelot’s sword, Arondight, was another Great Sword and that she was lucky she defeated him. Merlint also said that she should visit Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, as she might know how to defeat the King. Scarlet did so and travelled to the Misty Lake where Nimue resided. The Lady of the Lake told Scarlet that the only way to remove the King from the throne was to use the six Great Swords. Nimue then transformed Caladburn into its true form: Excalibur. She then travelled the Great Kingdom, finding the Knights of the Round Table and getting them on her side. After she won the allegiance of Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Dame Carados and Sir Lamorak, Scarlet returned to Frederick Shrew, who had the sixth sword. The six of them then travelled to the Dark Hallows, where they fought the King. The King was greatly wounded, but escaped. Scarlet was then made Queen of the Grand Kingdom, but she refused and made Merlint the King instead. Scarlet then chased after the King, followed by Frederick.

Transportation to Mobius

After a rip in time and space occured, Scarlet and many Caradosians were transported to the planet Mobius. Scarlet appeared outside Eggman's base and was found by Shadow the Hedgehog who was on a mission there. Scarlet then traveled Mobius with Shadow, searching for the Great Swords that had the power to send her back to Caradosia. When she managed to find them all, despite the interventions of Dr Eggman and Dr Eggman Elite, Scarlet used the swords instead to turn into Escalibur Scarlet in order to save Shadow who had been captured by the Eggmen. After Shadow was saved, Scarlet realised she didn't want to leave Mobius, and stayed instead.

Sonic Games

Although they are not noticed, Scarlet played some important roles in some of the Sonic Games.

<right>Biographical information Age 17 Relatives Kay Pandress (father) Redra Pandress (mother) Alias Dame Scarlet Knight of Flames Species Caradosian/Red Panda Physical description Gender Female Description Height: 80 marks

                               Weight: 7.2 stone 
                               Fur: Red 
                               Eyes: Purple 
                               Attire	Golden tiara 
                                       Purple dress
                                       Golden sandals 
            Abilities	Exceptional speed
                       Hand to hand combat