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The Scarlet Oasis is a medium-sized region located in the southwestern area of the Efrika Plains.


First and Only Settlement

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The Scarlet Oasis primarily resembles a desert, and it gets its name from its pinkish-red sand. A large lake, known as the Shining Springs, sits roughly at the center of the oasis, and there is a small village located near the lake. The land is very flat, and irrigation is heavily employed by the Oasis' single settlement in order to grow crops, and to survive in general.

The sand itself has very small granules, and its texture is said to be quite silken.

Flora and Fauna

The largest plants are found directly around the Shining Springs, and primarily consist of large Glintleaf Palms, as well as small bushes and other plants. Glintleaf Palms are able to flourish here due to the constant exposure to the sun, which they rely on heavily to grow, even more than water; their wide leaves also provide shade for the smaller plants.

However, many small, underground rivers of water run from the Shining Springs and all throughout the oasis, and the water leaks into the substrata, where it eventually percolates to the surface in places. This allows smaller plants to grow further away from the lake.

Earth Imps and some subspecies of Sylphs are known to make their homes near the Shining Springs, but only Earth Imps can be found in the drier areas of the Scarlet Oasis; the few Sylph subspecies that live in the Scarlet Oasis need the fruit from the Glintleaf Palms and the easily accessible water to survive, whereas Earth Imps are known for being able to go months without water, and can tolerate dry, hot weather quite well.

Domesticated Plains Catoblepi can be found in Sunstone Village, where they are used as beasts of burden.

Places of Interest

Sunstone Village

A small village located next to the Shining Springs, the residents rely heavily on the large source of water to survive here. Thanks to smart usage of the water, however, the small village is flourishing well today.

The village trades frequently with the town of Brightdune, as well as the United Federation city-state of Mazuri.

Shining Springs

The only source of water in the Scarlet Oasis, it is a large, somewhat crescent-shaped lake. Sunstone Village is located next to it, nestled in the inwardly curved area. A strange structure sits roughly in the middle of the lake; the structure glows mysteriously whenever the sun hits its highest point.

The residents of Sunstone Village seem to revere the structure, believing it to be left behind by some ancient civilization.

Notable Residents

Sunstone Village

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