Scarlet is a jade green giant snake with a white underbelly. She has red reptilian eyes and a forked tongue. Her head resembles that of Lord Hood.


Scarlet is very seductive and loves to manipulate Mobians, whether making them force themselves down her throat or making them beg to join her harem. Scarlet sees Mobians as playthings and considers herself at the top of the food chain. Scarlet loves the jungle and preys on the poor souls that get lost in it.


Her eyes are imbued with an ancient power. They can be used for:

-Light Hypnotism

-Disorienting opponents

Her body can also secrete a hormone that is very attractive to Mobians.


Scarlet being a snake can see in infrared vision

Scarlet can freakishly dislocate her jaw to swallow a average sized Mobian.


Scarlet knows how to manipulate people with language.

Scarlet knows how to swim.




-Slicing Weapons

-Anything that can hide thermal signatures

Combat Strategy: Do not look into her eyes and do not listen to anything she says. Block her out and focus on fighting. She is not very adept in fighting but will try to stun you and swallow you whole. If you anger her she will get sloppy with her fighting style.

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