Puppy/dog. Looks to be mix of Chow Chow and Labrador.
Fur: Pale-creamy yellow

Hair: chocolate brown

Eyes: light blue
Sapphire blue dress

plain white bloomers/undergarments with small leggings

sapphire blue sandles with ankle straps

sapphire blue doubled bracelets with light blue gem in center

Stats/personal information

Saydie lives with her mother Saffron near a small beach on a stree titled "Daffodil Lane". Her best friends are twin rabbit girls named Salt and Pepper, who work at their parents Bakery in town.

Saydie is currently single, being very young and at the phase where she thinks males have "cooties". Also due to being at such a young age, Saydie isn't into fighting and is of the passive nature. Due to this she is perfect kidnap bait. Unforutantly...

It's been revealed however that as she ages, she will join the Hero side about the time she becomes 10 or 12.


Saydie is generally a polite little girl. Not as polite as someone like Cream however. Saydie will shout when unhappy or upset, and even burst into tears. But she isn't exactly childish in terms of behavior. She's very friendly and playful, much like a puppy itself. She also really loves flowers and will lecture those who mistreat them.

Sometimes she still has a child like way of talking, which is common with lttle kids. Saying things like, "Can I pway wif you?" or, "Can I see thwat?" she also has a habit of ending statements by saying "Wan".

As she is still little, older characters she has met often bring her with them or often help her trying to learn things such as her numbers or letters. She also enjoys spending time with other children and having tea parties.


  • Candy (especially the big lolipops!)
  • Flowers
  • Coloring
  • playing with balls
  • head rubs


  • Dirty things
  • Jerks
  • People destroying flowers
  • Violence
  • Scary things like ghost or the dark.


As stated, Saydie looks to be the mix of a golden Lab and a Chow. Her skin, which is only her muzzle, is white. While everything else is a soft yellow. Her ears and tail flop foward cutely with pink coloring inside her ears. She has a small brown button nose. Her hair is chocolate brown colored with two neat bangs to the left and small strands of hair framing her face. Her hair is shoulder length and spiked outward. When swimming or taking a bath she puts it into a bun. Her eyes are light blue.

Her outfit is a simple sapphire blue dress with blue strap on sandle like clogs and blue doubled wrist pieces. Much like those found on Gloves. Under her dress are white puffy "Bloomer" like shorts.


She met Cream the Rabbit one day in a flower field when the two girls had suddenly been attacked. Sonic rushed in to save them and since then, Saydie has been going out more and often gives Sonic or those who resemble him flowers. Just as a polite gesture of course. She also likes to hang out with those who are older to learn new things and is often doing this.



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