A series of large, close-together islands located to the west of the continent of Soumerca, the Sawtooth Isles are the home and base of operations for the Fleet of the Black Abyss.



The Sawtooth Isles are actually a cluster of 6 large islands, almost completely surrounded by a tall, natural wall of jagged limestone rocks. The only opening in the wall has a massive wood and iron gate fitted into its gap. A maze of underwater caves and tunnels, with most of them leading to the islands, can be found at the bottom of the wall, and can only be accessed by those who can breathe underwater, as the shortest tunnel takes roughly 15 minutes to traverse.

Some large, underwater caves are located under the Isles as well; however, none of these are accessible from the openings in the limestone wall. They can only be reached via tunnels in the two largest islands in the cluster. These caves are still a part of the Fleet's property, and are where much of their valuables are kept, due to them being well-guarded.


Being roughly 250 miles from the west coast of Soumerca, and somewhat close to the Flicky Isles, the Sawtooth Isles are fairly warm all-year around, with the temperatures in winter dropping down to an average of 60 degrees. In summer, temperatures become quite warm, often reaching a little over 110 degrees. The weather allows plants to flourish readily.

The natural wall of rock serves as protection from storms, and the gate that protects the only opening is sturdy enough to resist nearly anything thrown at it.

Flora and Fauna


Fleet of the Black Abyss

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