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Ancient History

  • 2015 BC - The Warrior Stones are created.
  • 1952 BC - The Warrior Stones are hidden on Mobius from all known life after the race that created them were completely wiped out by them.

Bellan Era

  • 16th June 1249 - Princess Bella of Spagonia is born.
  • 21st July 1262 - Bella of Spagonia begins her reign of Queen at just 13 years old.
  • December 1263 - The First Invasion of Spagonia begins.
  • 20th January 1264 - Kappa the Cave Lion is born. His parents are also killed on the same day.
  • 22nd January 1264 - Kappa is found by a group of wizards.
  • March 1264 - The First Invasion of Spagonia ends.
  • 20th January 1267 - Kappa begins training with the wizards.
  • 1275 - Kappa finds out that the wizards were in fact the six Saviours of Mobius.
  • 20th January 1284 - Kappa joins the Royal Army of Queen Bella
  • December 1285 - Kappa gains command of an entire legion. The Second Invasion of Spagonia begins.
  • 18th March 1286 - An entity known as Mordenaar is discovered to be taking control of Mazuran people.
  • 31st March 1286 - Moordenaar is sealed away by Kappa, thus ending the Second Invasion of Spagonia.
  • 15th March 1287 - Kappa becomes the Seventh Saviour of Mobius
  • 12th September 1288 - Kappa marries his love, Alizée.
  • 30th June 1289 - Kappa's only daughter, Eloisa, is born.
  • 14th August 1305 - The War of Mobius begins.
  • 12th June 1307 - Kappa is fatally injured during the war and dies, aged 43
  • 22nd April 1311 - The War of Mobius ends.
  • 12th June 1317 - A monument is built in Kappa's home town to commemorate him. Kappa's daughter joins the Royal Army at age 28 in his honour.
  • May 19th 1327 - Queen Bella dies, age 78, ending the Bellan era.

Current Era

  • August 9th 1989 - Jacob Lawson is born.
  • August 17th 1990 - Prowler Armaments is founded by Adrian Prowler.
  • September 6th 1990 - Katherine Treske is born.
  • January 16th 1992 - Dustin Amund is born.
  • January 30th 1992 - Blake Noble is born.
  • September 12th 1993 - Amelia Alessia is born.
  • July 11th 1996 - Nicola Watts is born.
  • June 4th 1997 - Arin Ducan is born.
  • December 6th 1997 - Astrid Alessia is born.
  • March 16th 1998 - Joseph Watts is born.
  • August 13th 1998 - Charlotte Prowler is born.
  • January 1st 2000 - Mobius celebrates the new millennium.
  • July 1st 2000 - Dustin Amund begins his swordsman training in Armonia.
  • June 17th 2004 - Jacob Lawson's mother is declared 'Killed in Action'.
  • November 6th 2004 - Jacob Lawson enlists in G.U.N's military.
  • December 9th 2004 - The Guardian Units of Nations' Science and Intelligence Division is founded by Jacob Lawson's father.
  • February 27th 2009 - Lance Corporal Jacob Lawson discovers his mother being held captive by terrorists and rescues her with the help of his squad.
  • March 7th 2009 - Jacob Lawson is officially promoted to Sergeant.
  • March 10th 2009 - Sergeant Jacob Lawson is transferred to the G.U.N Science and Intelligence Division and is enlisted into 'Project: Lionhead'.
  • March 4th 2010 - Amelia Alessia is critically wounded in bank robbery and dies, age 16.
  • September 29th 2010 - Jacob Lawson undergoes operations to enhance his natural capabilities.
  • November 19th 2010 - Due to mental and physical stress and constant operations, Jacob Lawson goes into a comatose state.
  • January 4th 2011 - Jacob Lawson awakes from his coma.
  • November 18th 2011 - Astrid's uncle dies, leaving her orphaned.
  • November 20th 2011 - Astrid is taken in by a group known as 'The Clan'. (Birth of the Assassin)
  • March 22nd 2012 - Astrid wipes out The Clan after discovering their true intent and frees two prisoners known as Joseph and Nicola. (Birth of the Assassin)
  • November 24th 2012 - Agent Jacob Lawson of G.U.N's Science and Intelligence Division is sent on a lone wolf mission to safely and successfully retrieve a Warrior Stone in Nerevar. (Lone Wolf)
  • November 25th 2012 - Agent Lawson is debriefed. (Lone Wolf)
  • November 2nd 2013 - Astrid spots an unknown man buying the locations of the Warrior Stones off of someone and later gathers a team and sets out to Soleanna to stop the stone hunter. (The Firestorm Gem)
  • November 3rd 2013 - Agent Lawson is sent on a mission to take down a wanted criminal. Beforehand, he is sent to recruit an assassin in Soleanna and is introduced to his new trainee. (Broker's Lair)
  • March 5th 2014 - Mordenaar breaks free of the spell cast upon him by Kappa many years ago.
  • March 9th 2014 - Random 'terrorist' attacks begin occurring.
  • March 10th 2014 - Astrid Alessia and Charlotte Prowler are taken by G.U.N agents to a secret facility in the Anglian Islands to be briefed on a dangerous upcoming mission. (The Return: Prologue)
  • March 24th 2014 - The world is plunged into devastation as Moordenaar attacks the world with force. Jacob Lawson, along with whomever he should choose, has been tasked with removing the threat. (The Return)
  • April 19th 2015 - A full year after the destruction of Mobius, Astrid and Charlotte are asked to return to G.U.N to ask them for assistance in recovering a captured agent. (Defying the Odds)
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