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Arc 1: Beginnings

Prologue: Legend

Featured Character: Kappa the Cave Lion

Miracle Child

Date: 20th - 22nd January 1264

Spagonia is in dark times as the country of Armonia unlawfully invades its territory through the mountains that border both countries. While the Armonians fail to enter the inner areas of the country, the outlying villages are almost forced to defend themselves. With forces defending the inner territories and key locations to ensure victory, one of many villages to the west of the capital is left to fend for themselves.

Almost a month after the Armonians set foot in Spagonia, they reach this village. On this same day, a child is born to two very scared parents. Doing all they can to protect the new-born, they hide him and try to stop the invaders from getting to him. During this, the child's parents, and many others, are executed and the village is abandoned, by the Armonians and survivors alike.

Two days later, six people send themselves to the western villages to assess what the Armonians are capable of. Two of them arrive in the child's village and see burned buildings and dead bodies, among many other horrific sights. The two entered a house with a door that had been forcibly opened. Inside, they hear faint whimpers. Following the sounds, they find the very young, and now very frail, child in a wardrobe in the house's bedroom. Immediately, they leave with the child and head back to the nearest safe town.


Date: 20th January 1267 - 17th July 1275

The strangers that saved the child eventually ended up adopting him as they believed him to be a part of a prophecy. The prophecy foretold that "a new-born from a destroyed home will one day save the world from the darkest of evils". They named him "Kappa" and three years after rescuing him, the strange six people revealed themselves as wizards and began teaching him how to use magical powers as they believed he would have a lot of untapped potential in this art..

As they suspected, the young Kappa did have a lot of potential, having learnt how to create fire from nothing by the age of 4. A year later, he discovered how to create ice and eventually began creating some very amateur works of art with this power. When Kappa was 11 he read up on the history of his magical abilities and he discovered that a group known as the "Saviours of Mobius" used magical powers to save Spagonia roughly 25 years before his birth. He asked one of the wizards about the Saviours of Mobius and if she knew them. The wizard responded with "My dear Kappa, we are one and the same. We hope to make you one of us and continue our legacy when we pass to the heavens." Kappa, enthused at the fact that he was being trained by the best, continued his training until his early adulthood.

Royal Army

Date: 20th January 1284 - 1st December 1285

On his 20th birthday, with the support of the Saviours, Kappa enlisted in the Royal Army of Queen Bella. By this point, Kappa had fully mastered how to create, manipulate and destroy fire and ice, as well as how to call upon a spectral sword and shield in order to prepare himself for the battles to come as a Royal Soldier. As a parting gift, the Saviours, now in the elder years, gave him one final spell: the spectral horse, Destiny. As he left the Saviour's temple one last time, he thanked them dearly for caring for him when he had no parents and for saving him twenty years prior.

Then, he set of for Spagonia's capital, where he'd train very intensively for six months. He learned how to use his spectral sword and shield, discovered how to properly weaponise his fire and ice magics and learned how to enchant his weapons with the elements.

In July 1284, he was sent on his first mission with the rest of battalion. They rode south towards territory that was unlawfully robbed of Spagonia by the Armonians in the invasion that took away Kappa's parents, though the young cave lion did not call upon Destiny, instead using a traditional steed. Four days later, they arrive on the outskirts of Montare la Giustizia. They set up camp and by late evening, had begun their attack. Not expecting the defense of the city to be as good as it was, the battalion encountered heavy losses. After retreating in the early hours of the next morning, they'd discovered that the battalion commander was amongst the three-hundred who were already dead.

With a new de-facto leader having been appointed, they created a new plan. Kappa, decided to enter the commander's tent and suggest something. Considering that a frontal assault had failed, he suggested a pincer movement, sending one half of the battalion to attack from the west and the other half from the east. Liking the plan, the "Acting Commander", as he called himself, commended the young soldier and said that the attack would happen on the next day.

It was now 1st August 1284 and the Acting Commander had launched the pincer attack. The unexpected movement caught the Armonian defenders off-guard entirely and sustained many losses, almost double what the Spagonians had the day before. Once the outer city was secure, the Acting Commander requested that Kappa join him for an assault on the command post in the centre of the city. When they got there, it was a bloodbath. Many of Kappa's team was killed. Eventually, it was just him, the Acting Commander and five other soldiers. Together, they stormed through the commander post, with Kappa using his magics to defend the team as they fought through. Eventually, the found the enemy commander and took him as a prisoner of war.

This was declared a victory for the Spagonians and a few weeks later, the country officially claimed back their territory, but not before publicly executing the Armonian commander for his crimes. When they arrived back in Spagonia's capital, Lorenza, the victory was heavily celebrated. The Acting Commander was officially promoted to Commander and Kappa, for his impressive thinking and bravery, was commended and promoted by Queen Bella herself. After this, Kappa gained command of a small platoon and kept on rising through the ranks at a quick pace. He also began using Destiny, his spectral steed, who eventually became his closest companion. By December 1285, Kappa had obtained command of an entire legion, which the entire country would be in dire need of very soon.

The Second Invasion of Spagonia

Date: 25th December 1285 - 18th March 1286

On Christmas Day, 1285, the country of Mazuri, launched an attack on Spagonia from the east, much like the one conducted by Armonia 21 years prior. The invasion was unlawful and, unlike the first invasion, unfounded. The Mazurans were much, much greater in numbers and attacked with brute force. Within the first month, more than a third of Spagonian territory was taken and tens of thousands of innocents were killed. It was time to take it back.

Leading his new legion, Kappa launched an attack to take back his Queen's land. With the assistance of other legions, half of the land taken was returned to Spagonia by mid-February. The Mazurans put up an incredible defense but, despite the Royal Army suffering many losses, were defeated time and time again. Kappa's planning and co-ordination were near perfect.

By the beginning of March, however, the Mazuran army began attacking much, much more aggressively, which is when Kappa and many other soldiers began to realise that the enemy looked feral, as if they were possessed by some other worldly force. Kappa sent a messenger back to Lorenza to request that Queen Bella allow his legion to attempt to enter Mazuran territory in an attempt to stop their leader and permanently stop the attack. On 12th March 1286, this messenger returned with a letter that granted him the ability to conduct this attack and he ordered his legion to depart immediately.

The Darkness

Date: 19th March 1286 - 31st March 1286

One week after leaving Spagonia, Kappa's battalion arrives in Mazuri, slightly battle-damaged from a few skirmishes along the journey. There, they met up with a scout that the Kappa had sent off slightly before they left. From him, they knew exactly where the Mazuran General, Tuma Yuhna, was located. However, the scout had additional information. With a frightened look on his face, he told Kappa, "Their leader did not look natural. He was surrounded by a veil of darkness. I could barely catch a glimpse." While the rest of the legion seemed unaffected, some mocking the scouts statement, Kappa looked concerned. As his men laughed, Kappa turned his steed to address the entire legion.

"Do not mock him," he ordered, "What this man says is the truth. Have you not seen our invaders? Do they look healthy? Do they look like they want to do this to claim our land? No. They are ill... And they are in our land to eradicate us. If their leader is using magics to drive his people to do this, we must end him." One of his soldiers interjected. "With all due respect, sir, how should we believe a statement like that from one man?" Kappa rode Destiny to the soldier that questioned him and said, "Look at my steed. If magic as pure as this exists, so can the opposite." He then left the soldier to address the legion again. "Tomorrow, we invade their inner land and destroy this evil so we can live peacefully again in Spagonia under the rule of our Great Queen Bella!"

And so, they did. They entered Mazuran territory and headed straight for Tuma Yuhna. They lost many, many men along the way. When they'd finally arrived at the General's hideout, Kappa had just five legionnaires under his command. As they reached the door to his sanctuary, they heard the footsteps of soldiers coming closer. Loyal to Kappa and Queen Bella, the remaining legionnaires stayed behind to fend them off while Kappa fought Tuma.

Kappa entered Tuma's hall. A black smoke filled the room. He enchanted his ethereal sword with fire in an attempt to see into the room, though nothing but him lit up. It was pure darkness. Then a voice boomed through the room. "Light within the darkness. You have come to halt my actions." Kappa raised his shield and replied, "Come out! Show your face you vile beast." There was a moment of silence before Tuma replied, "As you wish." The darkness dissipated and revealed a male cheetah in near-royal robes. "Tuma Yuhna, it is time for you to die for your crimes against Queen Bella of Spagonia and her people!" The cheetah laughed, which only made Kappa more defensive. "Fool. You believe me to be Tuma Yuhna?" Suddenly, thick black clouds rose from the cheetah as he fell to the floor. It surrounded the air above him and formed a body-like shape. "Tuma Yuhna is beyond dead." The cave lion was somewhat frightened, but still battle-ready. "What are you, creature?!" The smoked traveled towards him and spoke once more. "I am Moordenaar. I am this world's end," it replied. "Not if I end you first," Kappa stated steadfastly. "You may try, mortal."

Then, the battle began. Moordenaar launched projectiles of an unknown element directly at Kappa, though the skilled soldier managed to dodge multiple times. The two traded magics for what seemed like ages, when the cave lion finally discovered something: his fire blasts were temporarily weakening Moordenaar. When he weakened him again, he used his ice magic to freeze the weakened part and it worked. Moordenaar could no longer regenerate that part of himself. Determined to kill Kappa, Moordenaar launched more frequent attacks. However, it was no match for the cave lion. He encased the dark being in a fire, weakening its entire body, before freezing it entirely. As the being froze in place, Kappa made sure it could hear one last thing: "This place, this world... It is not your home. But it is your tomb. And you will rest in it for eternity... Moordenaar."

Outside, Kappa found four of his five remaining legionnaires alive, but injured. As the cave lion left Moordenaar's tomb, they smiled with joy. The war between to nations was over. The survivors, all of them injured, went back home to Lorenza. On the way, they discovered that the Mazurans were possessed by Moordenaar. None of them intended to commit the crimes they acted out and most of them didn't remember what they did or why they were in Spagonia. However, at this point, all that mattered was that the darkness was gone and that everyone was safe once again.

Peace At Last

Date: 28th April 1286 - 10th September 1305

Almost a month after the conflict ended, clean up across multiple towns and villages were still taking place. Funerals for those that were lost were held and destroyed villages were abandoned, scarring Spagonia forever. But there was finally peace and, once they had finished their mourning, people could enjoy life again. Kappa, having now returned to Lorenza and fully recovered, was invited to join Queen Bella for dinner and he humbly accepted. When he arrived, he was unexpectedly greeted by four of the Saviours of Mobius. He was happy that they were there, but when he asked where the other two were, he was saddened to hear of the deaths. "At least they did not die at the hands of Moordenaar's thralls," he said, before the Saviours escorted him to Queen Bella. At the dinner, one of the attendees, the deputy head of the city's guard, caught his eye. She noticed him as well and later on in the evening, began talking to each other. "I am Alizée," she said, to which he replied with "Alizée? You're not Spagonian?". She shook her and stated, "No, I am. But my mother was a Armonian migrant. She came with the soldiers during the first invasion." This was very unusual to him. He never expected the daughter of an Armonian, let alone a foreigner, would be deputy head of the capital city's guard. However, the two talked long after the dinner and after a while, Kappa started to have feelings for this woman and missed her once he headed back to the barracks.

By September 1286, Kappa and Alizée had fallen in love and, since there was no imminent threat, decided to purchase a house together. The Alizée still continued to work as deputy head of Lorenza's guard, however, because there was no threat, Kappa had nothing to do but maintain his skill with his magic abilities. In between self-training sessions, he would sit and read for hours on end, but even that began to bore him. So, instead of reading books, he decided to begin writing them. The first of what he'd hope to be many books was a personal recount of the Second Invasion of Spagonia. After months of writing and proof-reading, he had finally completed it. After finishing it in early 1287, he held onto it for a while, though he didn't know why. He asked himself this question over and over. Eventually, when sitting up in bed reading a book, Alizée questioned him on it. "Why do you still hold onto that book? You said you'd give it to the librarian when you finished it," she ask. Sat on his side of the bed, he simply looked at the book, resting on his bedside table and replied, "I do not know". He got into the bed, sitting beside Alizée, and pulled the cover over himself. His love then held his hand, looked at him directly in the eyes and said, "I think I know why. You can't let go, can you?" she asked. He shook his head and replied, "The legionnaires under my command. I do not forget their faces. I lead them to their deaths." Alizée, feeling sympathetic, said, "I know how you must feel, but these men joined Her Majesty's royal army on their own accord. They fought to protect their families and succeeded through you." Kappa smiled, "Thank you, Alizée. I will give to the librarian after the ceremony next week."

The ceremony in question was an official day, approved by the Queen, for the Saviours of Mobius to grant Kappa the choice to join their group. The ceremony would be held in front of the Queen's palace and would be overseen by her. On 15th March 1287, the crowds gathered around a velvet carpet laid out from the monument of King Cortez I in front of the palace to the road leading to the palace's steps. At midday, Kappa exited the carriage onto the velvet carpet, dressed in the finest clothing that the royal tailor could make. As he walked up, the crowds cheered for him, all thanking him from saving them from the invaders. As he reached the top of the palace steps, he saw the Queen sitting in her throne in front of the monument. In front of her, were the four remaining Saviours of Mobius and to her left, the head and deputy head of the city's guard. Kappa smiled at the deputy, who smile and started tearing up. He then approached the Saviours and the cheering stopped to hear them. "Kappa, our best pupil. The one we trained to fight threats that come to claim our lands, the one who learned to manipulate the elements, the one who would fulfill a prophecy we follow daily and the one who freed our land from the darkness that was Moordenaar, will you join us?" Kappa knelt in front of them and bowing his head, he replied, "Noble Saviours of Mobius, I humbly accept your gracious offer." The cave lion then stood and Queen Bella came forward with an amulet before placing it over his head. The Saviours then spoke once more. "Kappa, I welcome you as the Seventh Saviour of Mobius!"

One month later, Kappa left for Mazuri to conduct his first order of business as a Saviour of Mobius. He was to oversee the creation of a contraption which would ensure that Moordenaar can be resealed should it manage to escape. The Mazurans, who had agreed to assist as one of their many apologies, had taken the ice that contained Moordenaar to the top of Mazuri's tallest mountain, Amita, and built a stone tomb around it. Kappa arrived on 5th May 1287 and imbued special stones in the tomb with his magic. He lit torches throughout that would burn eternally to guard what would eventually be called "The Black Ice". The tomb was quite sophisticated in it's design. Near the entrance was a wheel that would open the roof to allow sunlight to shine on mirrors that would point to one larger one at the back of the room. The sunlight would then be shone directly on Moordenaar and, in his weakened state, he'd be frozen solid by the magic that Kappa filled stones with. After this task was complete, he headed back home to his love.

Over a year later, on 12th June 1288, he proposed to Alizée and got married exactly three months later. Not soon after that, he found out he was to have a child and on 30th June 1289, Alizée gave birth to a healthy baby girl which they named Eloisa. Kappa did the same with Eloisa as the Saviours did with him as a child. She was taught to use the magics he knew and, like him, learned them very quickly.

On 19th May 1301, the Duke of Soleanna was assassinated by a member of The Clan, which was based in the Anglian Islands. The Soleannan royal family immediately blamed and condemned the King ruling the Anglian Islands, who insisted that the group of assassins do not represent the actions of their great nation. The Spagonians sided with them, along with many others, though many also sided with Soleanna, including Armonia. Tensions continued to grow between nations and eventually, Spagonia began recruiting troops for its army again, with Kappa training them in the art of war.

War of Mobius

Date: 11th September 1305 - 12th June 1307

On 11th September 1305, the Kingdom of Soleanna declared war on the Kingdom of Anglia. Allies of the kingdoms on both sides began attacking each other, with Armonia launching an aggressive attack on Spagonia in a second attempt to take their land. Kappa and his new legion were ordered to defend their homeland's borders. Before leaving, he had to give a heart-wrenching goodbye to his family. After saying a final goodbye to his wife and daughter, he departed for Montare la Giustizia.

The conflict at Montare la Giustizia lasted for months before the Spagonians had to make a difficult decision and fall back. The Armonians took most of the mountain and began stationing more troops at their new base camp. The conflict continued into late May of 1307 before there was silence for one day. The Spagonians wanted to push forward, but they didn't have enough troops or resources. It was either defense or suicide. Therefore, they stood their ground, ready for battle.

On 1st June 1307, the Armonians attack with much higher numbers than what the Spagonians had. The battle was brutal and lasted for twelve straight days, with troops on a cycle of fighting and rest on both sides. Kappa's legion was tired, injured and halved in number, but they continued on. On the twelfth day, the Armonians made one final violent attack and decimated other legions. Once Kappa saw this, he ordered his legion to retreat without him as the enemy rushed towards them. The legion refused and stood by him. All of them fought to their last breath and died one by one, with honour, until Kappa was the last one left. The cave lion fought and fought, until it was eventually too much. Suffering severe wounds, he collapsed. However, luckily for him, more of the Spagonian army arrived and pushed the Armonians back to their lands.

Troops carried Kappa back to a healer's temple in the nearest militarised village. The journey took over an hour and by that point, Kappa had lost a lot of blood. The healer did the best they could, but determined that there was nothing they could do but let him pass. As he was dying, he summoned one of the soldiers that brought him there to his side. "Soldier... Come...," he began, "I want you... to deliver a message... to my family." The soldier said nothing and listened to every word he was about to say. "Tell my dearest love, Alizée, to stay strong and that... I will always be with her... And tell my daughter, Eloisa... To keep practising... Keep striving to be th-the... Best in Lorenza's guard... And that I give her... Destiny..." The soldier, visibly saddened, stood up and said, "It will be done, sir..." Kappa caught his breath, "One more... Tell them both... That I love them...". Kappa's breathing became more irregular and his heart began to slow. The soldier saluted the cave lion and said, "It has been the greatest honour serve amongst you, sir." Kappa gave his final smile to the soldier, then closed his eyes. With that, on 12th June 1307, the last of a prestigious group, the Seventh Saviour of Mobius, had passed to the heavens, aged 43.


Date: 12th June 1317

Ten years later, in Kappa's now rebuilt birthplace, a memorial took place to those lost during the War of Mobius. Everyone that could attend did so, including an aging Queen Bella, Kappa's wife, Alizée, and his daughter, Eloisa, who was now 28. They all paid respect towards everyone who gave their lives. Kappa was praised for saving the Kingdom of Spagonia multiple times. Out of respect for her father Eloisa stated that she would leave Lorenza's guard strive to achieve the same feats as him. On that day, she vowed to serve Queen Bella, just like her father did 23 years prior. On Kappa's memorial there was a gold plaque which read: "Kappa, the Seventh Saviour of Mobius, Defender of Spagonia and a loving husband and father. 20th January 1264 - 12th June 1307."

Act 1: Birth of the Assassin

Featured Character: Astrid the Fox


Date: 20th November 2011, 21:10

Almost seven hundred years later, on a very dim and rainy evening in the streets of the Anglian Islands' capital, a young fox was alone, crying in the streets. With the only things she owned being the clothes on her, she couldn't do anything but rummage and beg for the essentials she so desperately needed. As the evening dragged on, fewer and fewer people walked past. As she sat and waited for someone to give her even the slightest bit of help, she wondered how her life would've been different if her uncle hadn't have passed away and how much happier she'd be if her sister hadn't died when she was younger. As she thought about these things and the memories that came with them, she sat and cried quietly. That was until a strange a man approached her, dressed in a black waterproof coat, and asked "What is wrong child?". The young fox looked up, somewhat shocked that someone had finally shown some concern for her. She challenged him at first, saying that she didn't believe his concern. When the man stated that he showed interest in the girl for her skill with a bow, she grew even more cautious of him. Back when she was younger, to take her mind off of the death of her sister, Amelia, she would do archery, which she found that she was good at. The two continued to talk and, eventually, this man offered her food and a place to stay in return for skills and, purely out of desperation, she accepted his offer.

The Clan

Date: 20th November 2011, 21:50

The two entered a dark forest just outside of the city's limit. As they went deeper, the light from The Capital began to fade until it was eventually pitch black. Luckily, the strange man had a torch on him, which he pointed at the ground in front of him. It lit up only fallen leaves to the girl, but to the man, it showed him exactly where he needed to go. The girl was nervous, beginning to question whether or not she should've followed this unknown and mysterious person. She was slightly afraid of him, but she stayed with him. Eventually, they reach an old, rickety wooden house. The oak wood planks had fallen out of alignment and were rotting. Some parts had small chunks missing and others seemed flaky. The door was more of the same, only with a rusted lock and hinges. The strange man took an old key from his pocket and inserted into the lock before turning it with a little bit of force, emphasising the lock mechanism's age. "Please, my child, enter," the man said creepily as he opened the door. The girl was even more afraid. "I'm not your kid," she replied in an attempt to hide her fear. With nowhere else to turn, she walked in. The house was silent. There seemed to be only one room. A wooden bed frame stood on the left of her, rotting with the rest of the house. A chair sat in front of an empty fireplace and cobwebs hung from the corners of the room. A rusted pot of old water lay under a broken window and next to it was another pot, this time filled with mouldy soup. Above the fireplace were three crookedly hung pictures, but below that, on the mantle, were nine lit candles which were the only light source in the house. To the left of the fireplace was a door, though it was incredibly out of place. It looked a lot newer than the rest of the house. The mysterious man opened. "Follow me," he said simply, before disappearing down a dim staircase behind the door. She took a deep breath, knowing the risk, and entered.

She followed the man down the staircase, still unsure of the decision she'd made. She questioned the secrecy of this place, asking if this was some sort of government scheme. The man was then very vague in his reply, simply stating that whoever she chose to associate his group with was up to her. When they reached the bottom of the staircase, she could see three individuals at the end of a darkened corridor. They stood in a room, which, unlike the rest of the house, was well lit and seemed fairly clean. The fox looked back at the man, who was now stood behind her. He simply gestured towards the three people and said, "Continue forwards, child". And so she did, moving closer and closer to these people. She was nervous and almost visibly shaking. When she was near enough to the people, the person standing in the middle greeted her. They all wore similar clothing to the man who led her there; a black cloak which covered their entire body. "Greetings, Astrid Alessia, and welcome to our home." This sentence frightened her. How does this guy know my name?! she thought to herself, before asking him herself. She was noticeably scared and upset as her voice trembled as she asked. "Do not fret, sister. You will get your answers soon. For now, I shall introduce myself. I am known as The Prophet and I lead The Clan." Astrid was confused. All of this information was being thrown at her so quickly that she didn't have enough time to process it. "What's "The Clan"?" she asked. The Prophet stated that they were a collection of assassins, working with the government, to take out highly dangerous criminals quickly and discreetly. When asked by The Prophet to join them, Astrid was very hesitant at first, but the thought of food, water and a roof over her head in return for her skills with a bow won her over in the end.

Assassin in Training

Date: 21st March 2012, 20:50

After the exchange, she was shown to her room and went to bed soon after. The next day, her training began, starting with hand-to-hand combat. At first, she was terrible. She wasn't fast or alert enough to dodge punches, she couldn't counter her opponent's attacks easily and her own attacks were sloppy, consistently missing targets on the training dummies. However, as time went along, her skills improved. She landed more counters, dodged more successfully more often and became very accurate with her punches, landing them in places that could easily incapacitate someone. After she'd completed her hand-to-hand training, she was moved onto blade training. She, like all the other members of The Clan, was given a dagger. Again like the other members, her dagger was given a name, Silentus. One skill they taught was the ability to kill without making a noise. At night, The Clan members would take her to the woods to hunt. If she was successful in catching and killing her prey, without alerting them, she would be fed for that evening. Like with her hand-to-hand skills, her blade skills improved more and more and she could eventually move quickly and swiftly without giving herself away, rather than having to move slowly to keep herself quiet. Finally, she moved onto bow training. As she was already adept at archery, she flew through the course, rarely missing targets and only hitting them in the head, the heart or the knee. Despite this, she did slightly improve her accuracy.

After months of training, Astrid was ready to face her first challenge. She stood in the training area, with her bow and arrows on her back and Silentus sheathed. She assumed she'd be facing more training dummies before a dark shadowy creature was released from a cage on the far side of the training area. It slowly stepped out, sloppily resting its front paws on the floor. "What is that?" Astrid asked, seemingly calm about the situation. Her time with The Clan had taught her to be a lot calmer about various situations. She also picked up some of their mannerisms, such as a "proper" received pronunciation, as apposed to the "lazy" southern English accent. "That, my dear, is a hell hound. It was created using the darkest of magics, made from pure shadows," The Prophet replied, obviously referring to umbrakinesis. Astrid held her bow firmly with her left hand. An arrow, clipped onto the bowstring, gently rested on the same hand, with the fingers of her right hand gripping the bowstring, above and below the arrow, ready to draw. Suddenly, the hound pounced at her. Before it could reach her, she drew her bow and loosed her arrow, nailing the beast in the jaw and through the head. As it disintegrated, another beast approached, this time running straight for her. As it charged her, she dodged and plunged her dagger into its head. Fights with these hounds continued for many minutes.

After a while, the hounds stopped coming. Panting, she looked at The Prophet and asked "Am I done, brother?". He simply and, with sinister intent, said "Not yet." That was when the trap door in the middle of the room opened. Astrid prepared for a bigger, more fearsome beast. However, what rose from the floor was not a dark beast, created from shadows. Instead, it was a merely a frightened male squirrel, tied to a wooden stake coming from the stone floor beneath him. "Your final task, sister," The Prophet stated. Astrid, now becoming angry, looked back at The Prophet. "You expect me to kill him, brother? What has he done?" The Prophet looked at her with impatience. "That is not for you to know. Kill him." The man's eyes lit up with fear. "No! Please! I've done nothing wrong! Please, help me!" he screamed. Astrid looked at the man, who was crying with fear and then looked back at The Prophet. Angrily, she stared directly at him and said, "No. I will not. It is wrong." The Prophet sighed, "A pity." He turned and walked away as another clan member walked in. They casually walked in, with a drawn blade straight towards the squirrel. Astrid, in an attempt to stop them, yelled "No! Stop!", but it was no use. They plunged the dagger straight into the victim's throat, before walking towards Astrid, who was now in shock, staring at the dying man. "It is best that you rest now, Astrid. There is more training to be done tomorrow," the clan member said, before leaving Astrid to stare at the man. She stared at him until he eventually bled out and died. Still in shock, she followed the clan member's words and went to her chambers. What she'd seen on that day would stay with her forever, and could never be undone.


Date: 22nd March 2012, 02:30

Astrid lay in bed, unable to sleep. She couldn't rid herself of the image of that dying man's face. Couldn't unhear his cries for help. Couldn't unsee that clan member violently and mercilessly plunge the dagger into the man's throat, putting his life to a very abrupt end. Eventually her mood began to change. From shock, to sadness, then anger, and then... Rage. Quietly, she got out of her bed and left her chamber. The door opened up to dimly lit corridor, due to everyone being asleep. However, at the end of the corridor, she could see The Prophet, sitting at a wooden desk. She crept up behind him. His back faced her as she eavesdropped on what he said to himself. "She shall be the one to do it," he began, "The one to kill my most hated person. The contract has come through and now... It is time. Time for you to die, Your Highness." He laughed, quietly, but maniacally. This only angered Astrid even more. She'd now realised that she'd been bred by murderers to kill innocent people. She was ready to unleash her rage. Quietly, she crept into one of the clan member's rooms. The first one just happened to be the room of the member that mercilessly murdered the man a few hours prior. Without hesitation, she drew blade and delivered the same fate to them as they did with the innocent man. She continued on to the next room, and the next, and the next, until every single member of The Clan had paid for their crimes.

Bloodied and still enraged, she entered the room of The Prophet. Hearing her enter, he turns. "You are bloodied," he said, darkly, "That can only mean one thing: You were successful in your initiation after all." Slowly, with a drawn blade, dripping with blood, she walked towards him. "I have succeeded in nothing, murderer. You manipulated me. Trained me, gave me all of these skills to kill innocent men and women, just like you do!" Unphased by her, The Prophet turns and changes his gaze towards three masked individuals tied to the wall. "Over there. One of three has committed a crime. It is your job to pick which one and kill them." Astrid kicked the chair from underneath him and tossed The Prophet onto his back. "I have my answer," she said, before brutally stabbing him in the chest. With his final breath, he said "Lord of darkness... let me into your shadow... Well done... child..."

Astrid, now both relieved and crying, stood up, ripping Silentus from The Prophet's heart. After a minute or two, she composed herself as best as she could and walked to the three prisoners. The first ran away before Astrid could say something after she was released. The other two, however, stayed and looked very similar to one another. "Thank you. I was scared I was gonna end up dead," the girl said. She seemed to be some sort of wolf hybrid, dressed in nice, but casual clothes. "Where are we? And... What happened?" she asked, looking at The Prophet's corpse. Astrid replied with, "I would rather not discuss it." The wolf hybrid, called Nicola, looked a bit shaken, but not nearly as much as Astrid. Then the two exchanged names and Nicola introduced her brother, Joseph. Soon after, Astrid advised the siblings to leave, which is exactly what they did. Before leaving however, Nicola had one last thing to say. "Astrid, one day, I hope we meet again. Just under different circumstances." Astrid agreed and bid them both goodbye. She then took a candle from the wall and walked over to The Prophet. "Burn in hell," she said as she dropped the burning candle onto the corpse. As his body set alight, Astrid slowly left the hideout, exit through where she first entered five months before. She entered the old house and looked around. She noticed the candles on the mantle again. She then left the rotting building, leaving one candle alight.

Act 2: The Hunt

Featured Character: Blake the Fox


Date: 4th October 2012, 23:00


Date: 5th October 2012, 21:00


Date: 5th October 2012, 21:30

Act 3: Lone Wolf

Featured Character: Agent Jacob Lawson








Act 4: Putting Practice Into Action

Featured Character: Dustin the Sable

Act 5: Shy Ice

Featured Character: Arin the Mink

Act 6: The Firestorm Gem

Featured Characters: Astrid the Fox, Blake the Fox, Dustin the Sable, Arin the Mink


Meet Up

The City of Water

Into the Forest



Solaris' Shrine

Act 7: Broker's Lair

Featured Characters: Catherine the Cat, Agent Jacob Lawson, Astrid the Fox



Boots on the Ground

Into the Lair



The Decision

Act 8: The Return

Featured Characters: Charlotte the Lioness, Astrid the Fox, Agent Jacob Lawson


Three Weeks Later

The Raid




The Devil Itself

Act 9: Defying the Odds

Featured Characters: Astrid the Fox, Charlotte the Lioness, Arin the Mink



To Westopolis

Brute Force

New Target




Act 10: The Artificial Devil

Featured Character: Cassius, Katherine the Cat, Dustin the Sable, Arin the Mink


Something's Different



On The Hunt



Act 11: The Path to Heroism

Featured Characters: Arin the Mink, Dustin the Sable, Blake the Fox, Catherine the Cat, Cassius, Charlotte the Lioness, Astrid the Fox, Agent Jacob Lawson

Brief Reunion

The Trials

Explosive Potential


Hero, Devil


It Lives

New Orders


Act 12: Coup D'état

Arc 2: War

Prologue: Then And Now

Act 1: Thunderstorm

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