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Saviours of Mobius is a series of fan created content by BlazingLeopard and based around his universe and characters. Mostly containing fan-fiction and roleplays, the series shows a number of gifted Mobians tasked with saving their planet numerous times.

List of Stories

Note: All of these are listed in the order of which happen within my timeline.

Birth of the Assassin

Birth of the Assassin follows the story of how Astrid came to be an assassin. Due to the death of her uncle, Astrid was left homeless and alone. She was quite a distance from any friends she had and so she lived under a bridge near her previous home. She was later found by a mysterious man, who was willing to give Astrid food and shelter if she performed various tasks. At first she believes that these tasks are for the good of the people, but she later finds out that this was not the case.

Lone Wolf

Sergeant Jacob Lawson, a field agent for the Guardian Units of Nations' Science and Intelligence Division, tells the story of one of his most difficult missions.

The Firestorm Gem

An unknown person going by "V" is hunting an ancient artifact known as a Warrior Stone. After obtaining the location of two of the stones, "V" sets off to Soleanna in search of the first. Unluckily for "V", Astrid had overheard him talking to his contact and gained the location of the two Warrior Stones as well. From now on, it was up to her to gather a team to stop this man from using it with bad intentions.

Broker's Lair

Fifteen years ago, G.U.N lost contact with one of their agents after he was sent on a mission to take out a person going by the name of "The Broker", who was illegally taking information and selling it, as well as providing other, more violent services. The agent was presumed dead. Now, it is up to Jacob Lawson to take out the criminal with the help of an assassin and his new recruit.

The Return: Prologue

An ancient evil has returned. An evil so fierce, only the best of the best can stop it. Agent Jacob Lawson intends to create a team of experts in an attempt to stop all life on Mobius from being destroyed.

The Return

Set three weeks after the prologue, The Return follows a group of people that have brought themselves to take out Moordenaar, the entity that is destroying Mobius in an attempt to seek out revenge for his imprisonment. They are out-manned and outgunned and some aren't even trained for combat. The fate of Mobius rests on their shoulders.

Defying the Odds

A full year after the destruction on Mobius and governments are still trying to rebuild their countries and regain the trust of their people. Rebel groups have risen and G.U.N is not at all happy about it. After finding out that one of their agents had been captured and detained, they seek the help of Astrid and Charlotte. However, the two left G.U.N HQ immediately after finding out who the agent was. They set out to save the agent with a little bit of help from one of Astrid's old friends.

The Artificial Devil

After being created by one of the many rebel groups in existence after Moordenaar's conquest, this hybrid, half-Mobian, half-Dark Warrior, goes on a blind rampage after waking up, dazed and confused. G.U.N has put up a good fight, but they need the best of the best if they're going to take him down. An agent, a kinetic and a swordsman are called to action to help take down the hybrid.

The Path to Heroism

A collection of short stories all leading up to the finale.

Coup D'état


List of Characters

Italicised characters are currently deceased.

The "Saviours"



Additional Characters

  • Adrian Prowler

List of Items

Warrior Stones

  • Red - Fire (Pyrokinetics)
  • Blue - Water (Hydrokinetics)
  • Green - Earth (Geokinetics)
  • Purple - Shadow (Umbrakinetics)
  • Turquoise - Electric (Electrokinetics)
  • White - Psychic (Psychokinetics)
  • Yellow - Light (Photokinetics)

Weapons and Armour

  • Umbra (Astrid's Bow)
  • Silentus (Astrid's Dagger)
  • Type-0 'Lionhead' Power Armour (Lawson's Armour, Prototype)
  • Com-Tac .45 (Lawson's pistol)
  • T-1 Electromagnetic Projectile Launcher (Prototype weapon)

List of Factions

The Seven Saviours

A now dead group of people, The Seven Saviours of Mobius were a group dedicated to the protection of Mobius and all of it's people. Formed back in the late 900s, the group existed for over 300 years until Kappa, the last surviving member, died in 1307 and was the only Saviour not to die of natural causes. However, over 700 years later, on the first day of 2016, new Saviours are chosen.

Guardian Units of Nations

The Guardian Units of Nations, otherwise known as G.U.N or GUN, is a worldwide military organisation originally proposed to the other countries of the world by the United Federation. The organisation's primary objective is to defend the world from any threats that may arise.

There are various divisions of G.U.N. One of these is the Science and Intelligence Division, or S.I.D. Their task is to gather information for study and experiment with new technology. Their most recent project is the T-1 Electromagnetic Projectile Launcher, otherwise known as the EPL or Railgun. Other G.U.N divisions include Army, Navy, Air Force and Homeland Security, to name a few.

The Clan

The Clan were a sinister order of assassins. Established over 700 years ago, The Clan started off as a group of murderers who would kill for fun. However, as time went on, they began taking money for specific targets and also set up their own religion based upon killing. Soon after they began taking contracts, they started to become well known and went into hiding for two hundred years.

Eventually, they returned, basing themselves in the Anglian Islands. All of the members of the new group were descendants of the old one. They began looking for suitable new members and found a young girl called Astrid. She trained with them for some time before she realised that she had been tricked into thinking she was working for the government. Once she found out The Clan's true identity as murderers, she put a stop to them by taking out each and every member, thus ending the group forever.

The Convicted

The Convicted is a criminal organisation set up by terrorist and former soldier, Niall Ferdinand. It was founded after the destruction of Westopolis as a way to fight back against the government that had supposedly failed them. Being the biggest of the many criminal groups that had sprung up, it was a the top of G.U.N's wanted list.

Stormwall Collective


Theme Song (aLIEz - English cover by LeeandLie)

ENGLISH "aLIEz" Aldnoah

ENGLISH "aLIEz" Aldnoah.Zero (AmaLee)

Connection to Series

  • "I will rise resistance/Sing the oath of rebellion" - The thoughts of each main character towards the enemy.
  • "Will you let those scars define you?/Or will they adorn you as we carve our way to victory?" - Each character looking at the morals of the situations they're in.
  • "Doubt is crying out but I refuse to let it drown me" - The strong-willed nature of each character.
  • "Raise a shield to the bullets" - Each character will carry on no matter what.
  • "There's no end to this can't you see that?" - There will always be trouble for them to fix.
  • "My hand, can you reach it?/My cry, can you hear it?/Can you, can you tell me if this dream was worth it?" - The character's questioning their own past choices.


  • The names of Astrid's weapons translated into English are called 'Shadow' and 'Silence'.
  • The Aleutsk village and Aleutsk Mountains were named after the Aleutsk Valley from Mass Effect.
  • The Anglian Islands is named after England, funnily enough.
    • This location has it's name because it is comprised of two islands, similar to the British Isles which is comprised of Britain and Ireland, as well as many smaller islands.
    • Snowton, a town in the Anglian Islands, is in a mountainous location, similar to that of the Pennines that are located in Northern England and at the Scottish border.
    • The Capital's name is based off of the historical core London being commonly referred to as "The City" so as not to confuse it with the entirety of modern London.
  • Nerevar is named after the playable character in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the Nerevarine.
  • Blue Sea Island was originally used in an older fan-fiction series.
  • Sonic and his friends do exist in the universe. However, the likelihood of them appearing is low due to them being occupied whilst trying to stop a certain large scientist.
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