Kyofu "Savaric" Shin-Ha
Exact birth date unknown
Hemokinesis, psychology
Hachi (cousin), Hincho (second cousin), Soren (second cousin), Unit Shinobu (second cousin), Chinokawa (cousin)
His body, his blood, Kyūketsuki (sword)
"Hmph, I will show you how in control I really am..."
"You dare doubt my power...?"

Savaric, formerly known as Kyofu Shin-Ha, is the emotionless cousin of Hachi and Chinokawa, and adept in the art of hemokinesis, a.k.a. controlling blood, though not to the extent of Sanguine. Savaric was born under the clan of Shin-Ha, like Hachi and Chinokawa, however he was not of royal blood, instead born under peasant parents who sold him to the royal family to work as a servant boy. He is known for his constant look of emotionless expression and his logical personality, often seeing emotions and friendly bonds as a nuisance, though admittedly he desires a friend for himself.

Savaric has the ability to control his own blood and will not hesitate to show this power if need be. However, his sword skills are just as impressive as this somewhat twisted ability, and he is an expert in some martial arts thanks to his time being trained by Hachi in his childhood. He has a strange affinity for sugary and sweet products, such as candy, and when he is exposed to such he tends to become a more confident and outgoing individual thanks to a sugar high, making him "hyper".


Savaric stands at 5'4ft tall, with black hair that reaches down his back. He possesses grey fur covering his body and a fluffy, black chest. He does not have a muscular appearance, and is actually weaker in terms of strength compared to his cousin Hachi, but is still able to punch cracks into your skull. His eyes are brown, with his actual irises being goldish in colour, as well as his nose.

Like Hachi, Savaric only wears a pair of dark-coloured trousers. He occasionally wears a long piece of cloth attached to his trousers, the reason for this is unknown however and is more commonly seen without it.


Early Life

Savaric, born Kyofu, was part of a peasant family of the Shin-Ha clan, where they could hardly afford food or clothing for themselves. As a means to earn money, Kyofu's parents sold him off to the Shin-Ha royalty, where he would be trained as a servant boy for the current ruler. Here, he was mistreated as soon as he was dropped off, and treated like scum.

Kyofu was forced to clean, wash up and take punishment from other members of the royalty, especially Chinokawa who has a distaste of people in general. However, it would be one day that Kyofu finds his first true friend; Hachi, who was also young at the time. The two of them would soon get to know each other better, and Savaric would be given a sword, which Hachi stole from an armoury, in order to train with him. Over the next couple of years, Savaric grew into a sociable, respectable young man alongside Hachi.

However, one fateful day, Kenpachi, the supreme authority of the clan and the father of Hachi, had his young son fight against Kyofu in order to prove himself a true heir to the throne, and if he didn't win he would die and Kyofu would become his replacement. Under these conditions, Hachi was forced to not hold back against Kyofu, who ended up in tears from this apparent betrayal. The battle ended with Hachi as the victor, though Kyofu managed to survive the ordeal and escaped the clan's territory, making his escape on board a small fishing boat.

After weeks of hunger and sailing, Kyofu ended up somewhere in Europe.


Savaric is a rather independant individual, preferring to be by himself for a lot of the time to be with his thoughts, which are often either deeply philosophical, surrounding why people do things in life and the inner workings of the sapient mind, or focussed on a situation at hand. At times, he has been shown to be without fear, or any emotions most of the time, though this does not necessarily make him violent. On the contrary, he would rather try to avoid a fight but if the time arises he will not hesitate to put up his fists or draw his sword.

Savaric has a noticeable affinity for sugar products, such as cookies or candy. The reason for this is unknown, though it may have something to do with his hemokinesis powers. He is usually seen either eating sweets or a piece of cake, and often does not like to share.

Powers and Abilities



  • Savaric was inspired by L from the Death Note franchise, both for his appearance and his love for sweet things, in which L is seen enjoying sugar products.
  • Savaric's name was based upon the word savage.
  • Savaric is one of the only members of the Shin-Ha family who does not possess the Rage Gene.
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