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Cquote1 I used to believe that knowledge was strength. I always strove for more, to learn as much as possible about the universe around me...but I know better. To know too much, to know of things that no one was ever meant to see, is to be damned! Cquote2

Savant the Goetian (pronounced "suh-VAHNT") is the last surviving member of a highly intelligent, psychokinetic race known as the Goetians, who were all destroyed, along with their home planet, by a primordial being known as Ghroth the Harbinger.

Physical Description

Savant's physical appearance, particularly his build, is somewhat based upon the goetia demon from the Newgrounds' flash Death's Curtain Ep. 2 (in fact, his species is called "Goetian"). However, he has a much more animalistic/alien face (somewhat resembling a Sergal), with two pairs of long, tufted "ears", with the lower pair much longer and hanging down, a long, thick tail and a strong yet lithe body frame, as well as clawed footpaws and Palkia-esque wings on his back. He is covered almost completely in short, silvery fur, except for the front half of his forearms, which are rounded "blades" that extend over his paws. They are in fact extensions of the bones in his wrists. He also has red eyes and long, messy hair that is grayish-blue in color.


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Savant was born on the distant planet Kynarth, accessible only through the black hole Azathoth, which is actually a wormhole. He was raised to be a scholar (the Goetians were highly intelligent and valued education). He enjoyed learning, and was known amongst his people as a "bright spark of intellect", even at such a young age.

When Savant was in his pre-teen years, a huge, dark planetoid was spotted in the skies of Kynarth. It was unnaturally close to the planet, yet the Goetians felt they had no reason to fear. Savant himself was highly interested in the mysterious planet, which seemed to slowly move closer to Kynarth every day. He took it upon himself to study this new celestial neighbor through any means necessary. Unfortunately, he learned very little.

Destruction of Kynarth

Two weeks later, Savant realized the true intentions of the mysterious planetoid when a massive red eye suddenly appeared on its surface. Pitch black tentacles, each as thick as a skyscraper and of seemingly infinite length, emerged from its dark surface, and began to engulf Kynarth. Everything the tentacles touched, be it a building, a tree, or even an unfortunate civilian, slowly began to decay, with the remnants being drawn into the tentacles; the planetoid was literally devouring Kynarth.

Fleeing from The Harbinger

Savant's parents, Tarkus and Sarjana, knowing that the end of their civilization was near, decided to send their son to another sentient planet in order to save his life. They had him go inside of a special pod that was programmed to travel through the wormhole Azathoth and head for the nearest sentient planet. Savant at first refused to go, saying that he would not leave his family behind. Sadly, there was only one pod, which could only fit one passenger. Savant's parents' eventually convinced him to flee to safety, and he left with a heavy heart.

After his pod crash-landed on Mobius, which was the nearest sentient planet to Azathoth (but still quite far), Savant, scared and confused, stumbled from the wreckage. He made it a point to avoid contact with the resident sentient race, and began his new life, alone.

Finding the Book of All

A few years after he crash-landed on Mobius, Savant came across a small cave. Curious, he decided to explore it. For only a few minutes in did everything seem normal; but the cave quickly led into something far more incredible and fantastic than the Goetian could imagine; a massive and beautiful cavern of sorts. It was comparable only to the rare crystal caves on his home planet, of which he had never gotten the chance to see.

Grand waterfalls cascaded from the ceiling and pooled into a deep, clear lake taking up most of the floor. From the ceiling grew a vast array of different kinds of crystals and minerals, each giving off their own soft, colored light, creating a tapestry of rainbows that reflected off the pools below. More of these crystals grew in clusters from of the limestone walls. But it was the limestone and natural quartz walkway, leading to a large pedestal sitting in the middle of the massive underground lake that intrigued Savant the most.

For sitting on that pedestal was a book.

Obtaining Talos

During his travels, Savant came across one of The Twelve Demon Weapons; Talos, the Metal Ball.

After Savant managed to best the Demon Weapon in combat, Talos was honor-bound to accompany the Goetian.


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkSuperior
Spcl. DefGood
Other Stats
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Savant is resistant to Soul-aligned techniques.


Savant is weak to Chaos-aligned techniques.

Friends and Foes


  • Tarkus the Goetian - Savant's now deceased father, and his biggest mentor. It was Tarkus that taught his son all he knew about their world, their philosophy and the stars above.
  • Sarjana the Goetian - Savant's now deceased mother, he got his (former) calm personality from her, as well as his great love of nature.


  • Tarkus the Goetian - Savant's now deceased father, and his biggest mentor. It was Tarkus that taught his son all he knew about their world, their philosophy and the stars above.
  • Sarjana the Goetian - Savant's now deceased mother, he got his (former) calm personality from her, as well as his great love of nature.



  • Ghroth the Harbinger - The being that destroyed his home planet and everything he cared about, Savant's hatred for The Harbinger burns terribly in his soul. He's spent most of his time researching anything he can on Ghroth, trying to find some way to kill it permanently. So far, the Goetian's been unsuccessful in his quest.


Before Ghroth destroyed his people and his home, Savant was a calm and philosophical being, always interested in learning.

After finding the Book of All, he became cold and distant, wrought with sorrow and fury over the destruction of his people and his hatred towards Ghroth. He envies other sentient races, particularly the Mobians, for the fact that they aren't the last of their kind. He is also angered by their blatant ignorance of Ghroth.

He's generally uncaring and apathetic, and prefers to be alone.


  • Intelligence
  • Being alone
  • Silence
  • Reading


  • Ghroth
  • The Mobians (this dislike is slowly disappearing)
  • Ignorance
  • Stupid people

Biggest Fears


"You wretched, mindless behemoth!! You've taken everything from me!!"


  • His name is the Romanian word for "scholar".
  • His voice actor is John Haughm, lead vocalist of the band Agalloch.


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