Savannah the Hedgehog
Savannah in TSI Small

Savannah the Hedgehog

Also Known As
Sis (by Miranda and Heather), Cherry Blossom (by Shadow)
Genetically altered hedgehog with Black Arms DNA
Pink, dark pink
Light peach
Black dress with red and pink hearts,

Dark pink leggings, Dark pink sneakers,

White gloves with dark pink rings
Team Chao
Miranda the Cat,

Heather the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, Shade the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Miles "Tails" Prower, Cosmo the Seedrian, Tikal the Echidna, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Cherries, Drawing, Building things,

Black Doom,

Eggman, The Black Arms, Small Spaces,

Knives, daggers, etc.
Limited speed,

Spin dash, Spin Jump, Bo Tornado, Acrobatics, Taekwondo, Viper Kung Fu, Staff Fighting, Ribbon Fighting, Extreme Gear,

Limited Chaos Powers (role-plays only)
Moves and techniques
Bo Tornado,

Bo Propeller, F4 Tornado (Requires Sonic, Shadow, and Amy), Light/Dark Absorption (Role-plays only), Light/Dark Tornado (Role-plays only), Light/Dark Transfer (Role-plays only),

Chaos Light (Role-Plays only)
Ability Type


Pink, chin-length quills that turn up at the ends, and are tipped in a darker shade of pink. Brown eyes and light skin. Long legs, short torso, nice figure. Wears a black dress with red-and-pink heart pattern, dark pink leggings with a wave design, pink sneakers with diagonal stripes, and pink rings on her wrists. Has braces.


Personality: Savannah is extremely modest when it comes to her clothes. She never shows any cleavage on purpose, and if her skirt doesn't reach her knees, she always has a pair of leggings or tights underneath. She also believes very firmly in abstinence until marriage. In fact, even though she's dating Shadow, if he ever attempted to kiss her (on the lips), she'd slap him. Savannah has a certain amount of street smarts that come from having grown up in Westopolis and has a black belt in both Taekwondo and Kung Fu. She rarely allows herself to cry in public, and has a tendency to bottle up her emotions. You can usually tell if something is on Savannah's mind, because she'll be very quiet and self-absorbed; either that, or she'll be rather irritable, but irritability could be blamed on number of things (lack of sleep, not feeling well, etc). Though most consider her to be confident and outgoing, she is actually somewhat of an introvert. Although Savannah can be temperamental and a little violent at times, she never picks fights, and for the most part tries to avoid unnecessary violence. She also believes that two wrongs don't make a right, so even if someone has wronged her, she'd still come to their aid if they were hurt or in
trouble (even if that person could be considered her enemy). She has a great deal of maternal instinct, and will gladly give advice to anyone who asks (and sometimes even to those who don't ask if she feels it should be given, or if she's trying to make them feel better), and protect to the best of her ability anybody who is at least a year younger than her. Her maternal instincts also lead her to parent her siblings (as she is the oldest) and sometimes even her friends, occasionally telling them that they should do their homework (in the case of Miranda and Heather), or that they ought to go to bed (she'll do that to anyone if she feels they haven't gotten enough sleep lately).

Savannah, for the most part, doesn't care what other people think of her. She never pays attention to fashion trends and just wears what she likes (which is usually something with noticeable contrast, like black and fuchsia, or black and red). She very rarely wears make-up. Normally she doesn't even wear any to school (occasionally she will wear lip gloss to keep her lips from becoming chapped). Savannah is also rather popular with the boys at her school (much to her annoyance), and especially the jocks. Savannah likes boys, but there are very few whom she'd trust enough to go out with (thus far, Shadow is the only one.) She can't stand flirts, and so, despite what the guys may think, they actually turn her off when they try. She'd much rather experience genuine friendliness from a guy. She also prefers that a boy be polite and respectful towards her. So far, only the guys (outside of Shadow) that she's just friends with have managed this. Savannah partially blames her ability to attract boys she doesn't like on her pink fur, believing that there must be a certain stereotype that comes with having pink fur (the same kind of stereotype that goes with having blond hair for human girls). She's developed this theory from the fact that most of the boys who hit on her, seem to be interested the "ditsy cheerleader type" and that they assume that's what she is. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, despite her ability to attract boys (albeit, boys she isn't attracted to), Savannah is actually incredibly shy about her crushes. In fact, if not for Rouge, Shadow might've never known she liked him, because while Savannah is perfectly capable of being friendly and being herself around a guy (even one that she likes), she finds it very hard to actually tell a guy that she likes him.

Savannah is a balanced mix between a tomboy (as is expressed in her hobbies and the things she likes to do) and a girly-girl (as is expressed in her style of dress and the way she decorates her bedroom). She is also a straight-A student. She plans on attending college after high school and pursuing a degree in journalism. She hopes to pay for college through academic scholarships. One of her secret passions (that is, something she loves doing, but nobody knows it unless they're her good friend) is building things. She has no experience with building advanced machinery like her teammate Tails, but is quite skilled at building almost anything out of Legos, Lincoln Logs, and K-Nex (sorry, I'm too lazy to come up with names for the Mobian versions of those at the moment). She also enjoys drawing, singing (for fun, but she normally suffers from stage fright when she isn't just messing around with her friends.), and writing. She also enjoys spending time with her chao, Coral, though Coral often seems to be
getting into quarrels with Miranda's chao, Turq (Maybe because Coral is a hero chao and Turq is a dark chao?).


Back Story

Savannah was born to a young Mobian GUN soldier and his wife, and was their only known child (as far as anyone knows). She lived a happy life with her parents in Westopolis until, one night, when she was a four years old, a city bus that she was riding on with her parents was stopped and attacked by Nocturnus soldiers. The Nocturnus attacked an echidna woman (who happened to be Knuckles the Echidna's mother), and Savannah watched with horror as her parents were killed while trying to help the woman. When the assassins approached her, the daughter of the woman (Knuckles' twin sister), and the daughter of another GUN soldier and his wife, Savannah created a way out for the three of them by spin-dashing through the back window of the bus. The other two girls escaped through the hole she made, and by the time the Nocturnus made it out of the bus, the three little girls were long gone.

It was while she was fleeing from the Nocturnus that Savannah was targeted by Black Doom. Thirteen years before their scheduled invasion, Black Doom had been looking for a hedgehog that he could change to become Shadow's female counterpart, and assign to assist Shadow with collecting and delivering the Chaos Emeralds to him when the time came. Seeing Savannah, a young girl who was recently orphaned, as the perfect candidate, Black Doom fired a beam of energy at Savannah to transform her DNA. As fate would have it however, a spare tire that a human was trying to place on their car barreled down the nearby hill and knocked Savannah from the path of the beam. Black Doom was unable to fire it again as the two other girls with her and the human got in the way. While this accident prevented Savannah from becoming a full Black Arms hedgehog, it did leave her permanently changed. The most obvious sign of this was change of her quills in style and coloration.

The human took Savannah to a hospital, and when she was released, she and the other two girls--who by now, Savannah had learned were named Miranda the Cat and Heather the Echidna--were taken to an orphanage. As the years passed, Savannah, Miranda, and Heather stayed close to one another, clinging to each other for their shared experience. Disliking life in the orphanage, the three girls obtained jobs delivering newspapers at the ages of 7 and 6 (Savannah is a year older than Miranda and Heather). At this point in time, they also each enrolled in community martial arts classes, since Savannah was convinced they had not seen the last of their parents' killers and would need to know how to defend themselves. Savannah, determined to protect both herself and her "sisters", chose to study both Taekwondo and Viper Kung Fu. A year after they began delivering newspapers, the three girls had earned enough money to rent a tiny apartment, thus allowing them to leave the orphanage. So for the next several years, they went to school and lived off of their combined salaries.

When Savannah became fourteen, she obtained a higher-paying job at a local newsstand. A year later, Miranda found work as a nurse's aid at a hospital, and Heather began babysitting. With hers and Miranda's new salaries, the three girls were able to build a small house for themselves. The three girls were content with this new life, but nothing ever lasts forever. When Savannah heard that aliens had begun to attack major cities a few years later, she knew Westopolis was a likely target, so she and her sisters packed up their most essential and most valuable belongings.

When the attack did come, the three girls were prepared to not only flee, but to use their Mobian abilities to help a GUN evacuation convoy out of the city. However, Black Doom had not yet given up on using Savannah as an agent, and sent his soldiers to capture her so he could finish altering her DNA. Realizing that she was a target, Savannah ordered her sisters to go on without her to help the convoy, then stayed behind to defend herself. Unfortunately, Savannah was unused to fighting so many opponents at once, and the Black Arms soldiers quickly overwhelmed her. She was convinced it was her end, until Shadow the Hedgehog suddenly arrived and protected her. Shadow, not actually having much interest in the girl he had saved at the time, left quickly, and Savannah took the opportunity to flee from Westopolis.

Savannah fled from the Black Arms alone for a couple of days before passing out from hunger and exhaustion. She was found by GUN soldiers and taken to the refugee camp where her sisters were staying. Upon returning to Westopolis after Shadow defeated Black Doom, the three girls found that their house had been destroyed, and resolved to find a way to rebuild their lives.

Meeting Sonic and Friends

Opportunity came the following summer when a ladybug named Lola offered the girls a spot in her reality TV show, Sonic Drama Island. Though not overly trusting of Lola, nor thrilled with the contract, Savannah and her sisters accepted, seeing the prize money as their best hope for rebuilding their house. While on the show, Savannah gradually became closer to Shadow, until, following a bizarre challenge from Lola, the black hedgehog asked her out. Their relationship continued on after the show.

New Life

Following the events of Sonic Drama Island, Savannah, Miranda, and Heather moved to Angel Island to live with Heather's twin brother Knuckles,joining him as guardians of the Master Emerald. Savannah, Miranda, and Heather also attended Emerald High School in Emerald Town, and Savannah continued to date Shadow. She also formed a band with Miranda, Heather, Knuckles and Shade called the Angel Island Angels.

On their first Christmas with Sonic and the others, Savannah, Miranda, and Heather attempted to host a Christmas party. However, while retrieving some cranberry danishes that Amy had accidentally forgotten, Savannah was kidnapped by Metal Sonic, who mistook her for Amy. Eggman, upon realizing that he had accidentally captured Shadow's girlfriend instead of Sonic's, decided to take advantage of Metal Sonic's mistake by attemping to use Savannah as a hostage to force Shadow and Knuckles to do his bidding. However, while Shadow and Knuckles were pretending to negotiate with Eggman, Sonic and the others managed to free the eldest guardian.

The following Valentine's Day, Savannah attended a prestigious Valentine's ball with Shadow, who was stuck working security. During the ball, a group of anarchists attempted to assassinate the President of the United Federation, but Savannah helped Shadow and Rouge to defeat them. A little bit later, Savannah caught sight of a news report stating that Sonic the Hedgehog and Jet the Hawk's dates (Amy and Miranda) at a couples extreme gear event had been kidnapped by Eggman. Extremely ticked off at Eggman for going anywhere near her sister, Savannah infiltrated Eggman's base along with Shadow, rescued the two younger girls, and then violently attacked Eggman.

The next Christmas, Knuckles, Shade, Shadow, Rouge, and the Babylon Rogues all agreed to help Savannah, Miranda, and Heather bring an assortment of donated toys to the children of Westopolis who had lost everything in the Black Arms attacks. However, their trip was interrupted when the Babylon Rogues blimp was forced to land because of a blizzard. When the seven Mobians investigated conditions the next day, they found that the
zephelin was unable to fly. Realizing they had no way to get to Westopolis, Savannah contacted Tails, who immediately agreed to perform another toy drive with Amy and Sonic and take the toys to Westopolis. With that matter settled, the cheer bringers explored the nearby town, and soon learned that they had landed in a town built by refugees of the invasion, and that the town featured a large orphanage, which cared for children who had been orphaned in the attacks. Deciding they might as well make use of the donations they received, the group made plans to pass out the toys to the children of the orphanage. Savannah, Miranda, Heather, Knuckles, and Shade also performed a free concert for the town.

Adult Life

As an adult, Savannah became a television news reporter and became quite famous for her exploits fighting crime while reporting on it. She also became the adopted mother of a hummingbird named Serena. At the age of 37, she learned of her identity as a partial Black Arms hedgehog.


Savannah has all of the basic hedgehog abilities such as spin-dash, spin jump, limited speed, and agility.Savannah is trained in Taekwondo, Viper Kung Fu, and the use of a staff and ribbon wand. Savannah's only known power is a limited ability to generate wind attacks, a power which seems to be inherent to the hedgehog species. Aside from that, she has never been mentioned to have powers in Chaosisters147's fan fictions. However, a fan fiction currently being written in collaboration with Sparkychan12 will feature her having powers. In addition, in role-plays, she is often shown to have an ability to absorb Chaos Energy, similar to Sonic and Shadow, but unlike said hedgehogs, she cannot release the energy once she has absorbed it without a special weapon. This limited ability comes from the small amount of Black Arms DNA that she shares with Shadow. However, while it may be considered to be "incomplete," it offers her a different range of abilities. Savannah is able to absorb energy not only from an Emerald, but also from Chaos Attacks that hit her. When she absorbs energy, it creates a protective aura around her which changes color, depending if she absorbed Light (positive) or Dark (negative) Chaos Energy. An energy that hits her afterward is either absorbed into her aura, or neutralized by it, depending if it is the same or opposite type of energy. In addition, if somebody who can use the type of energy she has absorbed touches her, the energy will transfer to them, but if they can't use it, it will shock them. These abilities can make it very hard for an opponent to hurt Savannah, on the other hand, if she has absorbed a type of Chaos Energy that they can use, they can take advantage of it. Savannah is also able to absorb the energy of the Master Emerald and use it to manipulate the Chaos Emeralds, usually to cause them to emit only Light Energy.


Savannah may also be considered to suffer mildly from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (which is less severe than Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) that may have developed as a result of her witnessing her parents' death (as well as the deaths of Miranda's parents and Heather and Knuckles' mom) as a small child. This is most frequently shown in the form of occasional nightmares that revolve around the event. It is also shown in rare flashbacks. Savannah can't stand the sight of blood unless it is her own. She won't faint, but the sight of someone else's blood will make her nauseated. The same can be said for dead things (unless it's meat that's already been prepared for cooking). A psychologist might link these dislikes to her parents' death, but it may just be natural. She also dislikes the use of knives as weapons (as kitchen utensils doesn't bother her), but that really is linked to her parents' death (the Nocturnus soldiers who killed her parents had used a leach blade when they did so). She is also claustrophobic and allergic to mint.

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