Savannah by Kaoru

A picture of Savannah by kaorukurayami! ^^


  • Light Brown Hair (Long quills down to lower back, and to quills in the front covering her eyes a bit)
  • Dark Brown Eyes

Outfit (usually)

  • Blue shirt
  • Blue skirt, with black pants underneath
  • Red shoes


Thanks for the outfit by sprintthehedgehog-d7771m5

Savannah in her new outfit (Drawn by her)

Savannah's personality is sweet, carefree, perky, nice, creative, funny, and wonderful. (says some friends) One friend says, "Savannah, you're overly nice, and happy. You seem to care about people's feelings, but at the same time, not really care what they think. You are kind of shy and very independent." Another friend says, "You are very outgoing and sweet to everyone you meet wait that rhymed. You are really friendly, and don't care about what people think and your smile lights up the room, not literally because we would be blind because you smile so much." 


Savannah's past/childhood all in all is very happy, and lively. But in 2009, something tragic happened. Her dad passed away from lung cancer. It was heart-breaking. But instead of letting that bring her down and make her do worse in school, she is in advanced classes and gets A's, and her head is barely down. She still does miss him. Even more each passing day.


Some friends say Super Speed, but her speed is NOTHING compared to Sonic's. Or so she thinks at least. She can hear really well. Like, super hearing. Also, she can sense things. Not like smell, but... hm, let's just say like spiderman. Spidey-senses are tingling.


Running, and flexibility. Also is able to play piano, and drums/percussion instruments.


  • Friends
  • Internet
  • Drawing/Sketching
  • Playing Video Games
  • Going Out For A Run
  • Music


  • Friends Getting Hurt/Bullied
  • Being Interrupted
  • Being Pushed Around/Made Fun Of
  • Losing
  • Being Called A "Geek/Nerd"


Savannah usually doesn't like admitting who she likes, unless she can trust people. Savannah likes Sonic and Shadow the hedgehog. There's many reasons why she likes both. Maybe too many to type.


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Nikki the Hedgehog


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(when walking into an awkward conversation or something) "Oh... Hey. ^^"

"Just making my way through.. here." (while getting past, or going through people)

"Hey! I may be a girl but I'm not weak!" (talking to Eggman)

"Trust me, I know I'm like, a goody-two-shoes, but I can be mean sometimes." (talking to Eggman)

"I may be happy and all, but, I am sad and really depressed at times. I love being happy because I am happy. But I also like being happy because, it makes other people happy. Like my friends. I'm the one who tries to be strong for them, and make them feel better."

"You don't know how I really am..." (says to Shadow after a small fight they had)

"PERFECT!!!" *jumps in the air* (getting an 'S' rank)

"Oh yeah! We nailed it!" (getting an 'A' rank)

"Great job!" *thumbs up* (getting a 'B' rank)

shrugs* "Oh well, close enough!" (getting a 'C' rank)

scratches back of head* "Uhhh.... Redo? (getting a 'D' rank)

"How is this possible?!?" *facepalms* (getting a 'E' rank)

"No offence Amy but.... You seriously need glasses.."

"No way Jose! You'll have to go through me first!"

"W-What are you doing?"

"NO NOT THE COMPUTER!!!!" *dives after it* (when Nikki throws computer across the room)

"No, it's Pikachu...." *sarcasm* (RARELY says when someone points at Eggman and says, "EGGMAN!!!" or "IT'S DR. EGGMAN!!!" etc...)

Photos of Savannah

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