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Savannah's fur is tan with black spots, and has red hair. She also has a long, furry tail, green eyes, pointed ears, and wears a sky-blue short-sleeved shirt and grey shorts. She wears sky-blue shoes with grey soles and a single marking.


Savannah is a very playful and friendly cheetah who loves socializing. She cares deeply for the friends she has and would never intentionally let them get hurt.


Savannah was born in July 3, 2000, in Mazuri, being the second oldest of her mother's litter of 11 cheetahs. She grew up wanting to visit the large cities of the mainland. At the age of 15, she said goodbye to her family and sailed to the mainland.

Isaac, English, and Station Square

Savannah took a tour of Station Square, but due to being Mazurian, didn't know english. She was ambushed by a pack of Espinafero, but was luckily saved by Isaac. She couldn't speak english, but she did understand it, so Isaac first taught her about simple words and phrases, then went on to explain more complicated vocabulary. Isaac quickly became Savannah's best friend.



Divine Electrokinetics

Savannah's electricity manipulation is slightly different than your normal electrokinetics. The electricity she controls used to belong to a powerful electrokinetic user in Mazurian lore. Savannah's electricity is more affective on supernatural beings like angels and demons.


Storm Sensory

Savannah's tie to thunder and lightning allows her to sense when a thunderstorm is coming and other electricity-based disasters.



Savannah is a decent chef and loves to make food for friends and family as gifts.


Savannah knows a little bit about mechanical engineering thanks to her only human friend Sarah Wright, who is much more advanced than her.


Thunder Spear

The electric equivalent of Chaos Spear, made of electricity instead of Chaos Energy. The most basic of attacks.

Thunder Scourge

A whip made of electricity. It can be compressed to be able to slice instead of grip.


Savannah calls down a bolt of lightning to strike an enemy or environment. A simple but deadly attack.


A small explosion of electric power stored inside Savannah's body. Can quickly wear out the user if not enough energy is stored.


Exactly what the title says it is. Savannah brings in a thunderstorm to strike her opponents with lightning.

Thunderous Apocalypse

A stronger version of Thunderstorm. This attack brings large storms, heavy winds, and powerful lightning. This attack can only be accessed through her super form.



Isaac the Hedgehog

Isaac was Savannah's first best friend she ever had, and such greatly respects him, despite his cocky and annoying additude.

Hecate the Hedgehog

Like Amethyst, Savannah gets along with Hecate more than she would with boys. She also takes interest in Hecate's magical properties, often asking her about what she knew about electrokinetics.

Reens the Hedgehog

She greatly respects Reen, as she likes her caring personality, even though she had only met the hedgehog recently. For the little time Savannah has know her, the young cheetah thinks she is funny and sweet.


Dr. Eggman/Robotnik

She greatly dislikes Eggman for the same reason as everyone else. Unlike Isaac, she does see the mad doctor as a threat.

Aegrine the Hedgedragon

Shadow Galaxia might be scary, but nothing scares her more than this ebony hedgedragon. He had tried to kill her and her friends several times. She won't even try to talk him out of trying to kill her and instead will run.

Diaspore the Hedgedragon

Unlike Aegrine, Diaspore doesn't scare Savannah. While the she-male does unnerved the cheetah a bit, she can still stand up to Diaspore and fight.


Thunderclap Savannah

IMG 1518

Thunderclap is Savannah's electrically-charged Super form. In this form her fur becomes a bright yellow, her eyes change from green to gold, and a white aura surrounds her. All her stats are boosted and she is very powerful. However, this form only lasts for so long. She will eventually run out of energy and revert back to normal. This form can be achieved by either using the seven Chaos Emeralds or stockpiling a ton of electrical energy in her body and using that to transform.

Ebony Savannah

IMG 1519

Ebony is Savannah's Dark form. This form is achieved like every other Dark form: from intense negative emotions or energy. Savannah's fur darkens to a brown, her eyes become a darker shade of green, and a black aura surrounds her. The only way out of this state is to wait till she wears hereself out or wait till she calms down.


Despite the fact that Savannah could be powerful, she rarely uses her gifts due to her being a pacifist, so she would rather talk then fight, and this could be used against her, catching her off guard.


Best = 10 Worst = 0

Health: 6 Attack: 3 Defense: 6 Speed: 6 Intelligence: 7 Charisma: 8

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