Savage's current sprite

Rage is a 20 year old hedgehog, not much is known on this mysterious hedgehog but it known at one point in his life he was "killed" and no one is quite sure how or why he is alive. Shade is the one who "killed" him and Savage want's his revenge on Shade and all who where there that day.


Savage's fur is green, he one light black bang and one light green one. Some of his hair spikes are also light black. He has light blue pupils and the rest of his eyes are dark blue. He has black scars over both of his eyes. He wears a pair of white and fingerless gloves, light black pants, and dark blue shoes.


Savage is a rambunctious and destructive entity, he loves to turn on his allies and it has actually become somewhat of a hobby for him. Whenever Savage grows stronger and wishes to test out his power he finds the closet Mobian city and destroy it. Savage doesn't get angry unless he looses a fight, has been tricked, or has missed out on something. Other than that he is always grinning evilly and laughing manically. He likes to toy with his opponents, letting them attack him with all they have and making them think they've won before he begins to beat them mercilessly.


Nothing is known except that at one point in his past he was "killed" by Shade but somehow survived and now seeks revenge on him and all others who where there that day.

Powers and Strength's

Soon to come...


Savage has no known weakness' but he does well against powerhouse enemies and beats all of them for the most part but does not do very well against a strategic enemy. His way of fighting relies more on brute force instead of planning out an attack. Although Savage does have a superior level intellect but doesn't like to waist time thinking out his attacks until the tables turn on him and he begins to loose.

He also appears to have a high sensitivity to lightening. But with enough rage, he could probably overpower and kill a lightening elemental.

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