The Interview

# 1. Regarding his new cyborg body, is Saul truly happy with being an eternal warlord, or is there some part of him that wishes he didn't end up this way?

A) He loathes the fact he cannot die, and is searching desperately for a way to make himself mortal once more. His combat skills are even worse, too, because he no longer has any sort of fight or flight reactions.

# 2. As he's had another child before Solomon that he had banished before the latter's birth, do you think he'd try to look for her now that he's a cyborg? Or would he just focus on other things?

A) He's completely forgotten about her, and is concentrating on looking for a way to die while making his name immortal. Although she hasn't forgotten about him...

# 3. Will there eventually be a point where Saul gets tired of all the war and bloodshed, and wants to settle down perhaps?

A) He expects to do this until he dies, and shows no signs of ever wanting to settle down again. It didn't really work out the last time.

# 4. If Saul had a theme song, what genre would it be (rock, EDM, etc)?

A) Orchestral rock. Something both depressing and blood-pumping.

# 5. Has Saul been involved in any non-war related events?

A) He's been hunting a few times, illegally, of course. Strangely enough, he likes to use tranquilizers and keep the big game as pets he feeds his enemies to.

# 6. If Solomon ever died before Saul does, how would the latter react?

A) He wouldn't cry, for sure. He would, though, visit his grave on occasion. And if Solomon was murdered, he would hunt for his killer to the ends of the earth and exact revenge in the most brutal way he can imagine.

# 7. Finally, if Saul were in an RPG of sorts, what role would he take (Damage, Healer, Tank)?

A) Tank. He'd be bad at it, though. He wouldn't even wait for the healer before charging in.
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