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"People ask me 'Why wage war?' Well, I'll tell ya. I'm searching for Hell. Because when I find it, I'll gut the devil and sit on the throne of the damned. Then and only then will my thirst of blood be quenched: by swimming in the lake of fire."

-Saul the Bobcat


He is a purple bobcat with a white muzzle. His eyes are deceivingly nice looking, colored like a sea of green. He shaved the "bobcat" hair on the sides of his head, making him look more rough. Saul instead has the hair on the back of his head put into a warrior's ponytail. He sharpened his fangs and claws to make him look fearsome in the eyes of his foes, and a walking machine of war to his allies.

He wears no top, showing some grey chest hair. His pants are like the ones in use by soldiers, but instead of army green, it is a mix of navy blue, grey, and black camo. He has his pants tucked in to large black combat boots with multipurpose blades extending from the toes.

After his return, he decided to take on a more... timeless approach. He now wears a wolf pelt as a cape, with the head as a hood. He is covered from chest to toe with high tech plated armor that appeared as shining bronze most of the time. There are also some tubes that pump adrenaline into him whenever he engages in combat, making him a fiercer foe than ever before

During his time as a hunter, he kept the hood and decided once again to go shirtless. His pants are made of animal leather. what sticks out in this outfit are his combat boot, which he keep for both his warlord outfit and his hunting garb.


Outside of war, he is indifferent about any subject. He cares not for peacetime. Although, when he is on the battlefield, he is the happiest mobian alive, although he doesn't smile, just shows his sharpened fangs. He lives for battle. Blood is his water. His body count is his bread. He shows nothing less than cruelty to his enemies, and utter loyalty to his allies. He regards them as comrades. He couldn't care less about civilians, but his allies are his brothers. Ironically, even though he is cruel to his enemies, he respects their bravery and gives each one a soldier's death. He has often been called a sadist, treating his scars like medals of honor and a lesson.

When it comes to his son, Saul wants nothing more than to see him become the greatest warrior to ever live. He has done this through incredibly brutal training techniques which has given his son several scars. He also wants his son to die a soldier's death on a battlefield, any battlefield. Overall, he loves his son in a warped kind of way. He would die for his son if it meant that the kid would carry on his father's violent ways.


He was born and raised in a small village on the plains of Saari. He was a bred warrior, like his father, his father's father, and so on. He fought in many tribal conflicts and random skirmishes against a number of opponents. His brutality and precision has gotten much praise from his tribe. Despite this praise, fear followed close behind. His bloodlust became him, but it wasn't just the kill he lived for. He loved war in general, massive conflict and death. Whenever he went away from the tribe, people would hear whispers of wars beginning in distant lands. When he came back, he realized he needed a legacy to pass on when he left, so he married a woman who was his polar opposite and had a daughter they named Miriam. Saul was outraged by the fact he had a daughter instead of a son, but attempted to train her nonetheless. After she failed in her training one too many times, Saul banished her when she was only six. Saul and his wife had another child a year later, a son he had named Solomon.

His son, like him, was a bred warrior, but he lacked the brutality Saul expected in his son. He always stopped fights without killing the opponent, and this greatly angered Saul. He banished his son in anger. In this fit of rage, Saul's wife tried to calm him down. Her attempts were met with violence as Saul beat his wife to death. Now both angry and regretful, he couldn't think straight. This wave of emotions pushed him over the edge and he began to massacre his neighbors and started a fire to burn his tribe to the ground. Solomon, now twelve, returned and they dueled among the ashes and fire. Saul was defeated by his son, who showed unrivaled brutality that almost made Saul proud.

Saul survived the encounter. He had heard of a war between mobians and humans. Craving war once more, he signed up to join the mobian ranks. During the war's only battle, he saw his son. He could not help but feel proud for the boy who became a soldier. Unknown to his son, Saul is responsible for saving his life. Saul saw his son go into a cave. He originally wanted his son to rot into the cave and die so he may die on the battlefield, so used a grenade to seal the cave, blocking anyone from coming in or out. Saul later decided to snipe near the outskirts of the battlefield. When the missiles came, he was spared because of his distant location from any ground zeroes.

When the bombs dropped, Saul searched for the one responsible, and found the broken Doctor Tangent. Saul Congratulated the madman's work and requested that he make Saul into something entirely new. After some adjustments to his body, Saul was no longer just a warrior, but a self-proclaimed warlord, who vowed to split houses and nations into two wherever he went. After that, Saul made one more request. He wanted his son to be mentally conditioned to only engage his father when they were the only two combatants left on the field. Tangent agreed to do so, but on one condition. Tangent requested to experiment on Saul's corpse, should the thinkable happened. He agreed without a thought

After the war, he came into contact with a weapons manufacturer known as Barry The Badbleep, who sold him state of the art weaponry at high, yet reasonable prices. These weapons are now part of his main arsenal.

Father and Son

Three years after the fall of Saari, Saul tracked his son, Solomon, down to a ranch outside of Central City. He saw that his son had finally given up fighting of any sort, and was married. He hated the sight of a peaceful feline of his lineage giving up combat, so he took matters into his own hands and assaulted the ranch. Despite watching the ranch for months in advance, he was shot several times by Solomon's brother in law, who was perched on the roof of the main house, forcing him to fight the sharpshooter in close quarters, where he had the upper hand. Solomon, not able to do anything, sat and watched. Just before Saul was able to deliver the killing blow, Solomon's wife shot through the ranch window and killed Saul with a headshot. He was deprived of any chance to turn his son into a killer. His story did not end here, though. a robot scientist disguised as an ambulance driver stole the body and fled to his underground base.

What Lies Ahead

Because of the debt he owed Tangent was not paid off yet, Saul was brought back as a cyborg of sorts, after cloning failed to produce an identical replacement. Unfortunately for Saul, his mind was encased in an indestructible skull which also preserved the brain. This made Saul's consciousness immortal, but his body was never made immune to death. Before Tangent could put the brain in a robot body, he escaped, relocated his lost gear, and set back to his dream job, creating war. Despite his anger towards the fact he cannot die in battle, he enjoys the idea of become an eternal warlord.


He has none.

Special abilities

  • Cat eyes (can see in the dark)
  • Cat claws and sharpened fangs (shaped to make quick and fatal blows to living flesh)
  • Enhanced reflexes and agility (can jump 20 meters high, run 50 km/h)
  • Cyborg enhancements have increased his reflexes and perception to even greater levels.


  • nearly unmatched combat skills
  • adept in the use of most firearms
  • can create fatal traps on the battlefield


Before his return as the warlord, he used simple military weapons. Anything from automatic rifles to pistols to miniguns, he was trained to use them all and use them effectively. After he made a deal with Barry, he was given a custom made weapon. What made this weapon unique was it's multipurpose design. It could be transformed into different sorts of weapons with the turn of a small knob, which had several settings to suit any scenario. His hand cannon setting turned the weapon into just that, a high caliber weapon capable of stopping a rhino in it's tracks. The weapon also has a rifle setting, a sniper setting, and an explosive shotgun setting, which has proved to be somewhat faulty, with constant jamming and the looming threat of premature explosions. Other than this single weapon, Saul also carries a knife in each boot and a shining tungsten falchion blade if anyone wanted to challenge him in that sort of thing.

During his breaks as a warlord during hunting season, he elected to use a tranquilizer rifle and pistol, along with a kukri if the need arises.


His bloodlust has made him both deadly yet sloppy. He relies on full frontal assaults and trap-making. He has no knowledge beyond that of a warrior, making technology his greatest weakness.


  • Although unintentional, his personality and relationship with his son incredibly resemble the relationship between Haytham Kenway and his son, Connor, from Assassin's Creed 3.
  • He is the oldest fan character created by Awkwarddingo chronologically. He has had many redesigns ranging over the years, from a character much like his son to a ruthless western outlaw named Westy, who might still become a reality. His physical appearance, despite all these changes, has remained almost unchanged.

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