Arrival in Mobius

A princess named Saturn and her twin sister Crystal leave the Sol dimension because they are sick of being stuck in the castle, and are curious of what would happen if they left their dimension.


Saturn's twin sister is Crystal, Her mother is Blaze the cat, and her father is Silver the hedgehog. Her father died before she was born. Saturn and Her twin sister Crystal argue a lot but they still love each other. Saturn is a bit overprotective for Crystal. Saturn adores her mother Blaze very much, she respects her with the most polite language she can use without force (sometimes). Saturn is pretty upset that she could never meet her father.


She loves to drive vehicles. She loves eating sweets, especially ice cream. She loves listening to music, and surfing the internet. She loves to hike and do other activities outside. And she loves when it's time to fight.


Her rival, Grape the swallow is her arch enemy. The hate each other at all costs, for many reasons, they both think herself is stronger. And they both have a crush on Shine the Chameleon.


Saturn is serious most of the time and says she never has time for silly things or jokes, although she has a few hobbies to enjoy. She sometimes messes with Crystal and usually puts them in arguments, but Saturn doesn't argue with Crystal as much as she argues with grape.


Saturn lived in the Sol dimension as one of the twin princesses of the royal family. She was bored staying in the castle all of the time. She would always annoy Crystal, her twin sister by messing with her. When she and Crystal left their dimension , they found out the world was in peril, so they try to stop Mephiles from conquering the world.


Saturn adopted the telekinetic powers from her father, Silver the hedgehog. She would sometimes use them to mess with her Crystal, and that would make her super angry. When she uses the chaos emeralds, she transforms into Super Saturn.

Special Abilities

Saturn can tell some attacks before they happen. She can also read minds, but she chooses not to use that ability most of the time.


Saturn has acrobatic abilities which most Mobians have. She is also excellent at cross bow. She is very intelligent at computers. She also knows how to use levitation.


Saturn is easily distracted. She always worries about how she looks. And since she eats a lot of sweets, she is slow.

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