Sasha is a 18-year old mouse who is currently still in high school. She has the power of ice manipulation, though she can only create ice through her legs. She currently is an ice skater and dreams of becoming a pro.


Physical Appearance

Sasha is a grey-furred mouse. She has green eyes and peach-colored arms and muzzle. Her tail is also peach-colored and is longer in length than her arms. Unlike most mice, her ears are more pointed than round. Sasha has pink hair that's long on the back of her head with a shorter bang on her the right side of her face, covering some of her eye.



Sasha is cheerful as well as both easy to approach and impress. She's rather sociable and often the one to start a conversation. Sasha is impulsive and will often make decisions without much giving them much thought. However, once she is also determined and almost always sees a decision through to the end; she's never one to break a promise!


Ice Manipulation

Since she was born, Sasha has always been able to create ice. For reasons unknown, however, she is only able to make use of this power through the lower half of her body, namely her legs. She can leave behind a trail of ice as she skates to increase her speed or deliver a freezing kick to an enemy.


Sasha's body is not immune to the effects of her own ice manipulation. By using creating too much ice, she becomes susceptible to frost bite or hypothermia.


  • Sasha attends the same high school as Checkers.
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