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Sasha is a white-furred cat, with a black spot on the end of her tail. Her eyes are different colors as a result of her heterochromia, her left being a copper color and her right a sky blue. Her fur is very fluffy, all across her body aside from her muzzle, stomach, palms and soles. Her attire consists of a black off-shoulder tank top with a white gaming controller design in the center over a dark blue bra, torn dark blue jeans and black boots.


Sasha is a nice, yet really protective, woman. She's ready to kick some ass at a moments notice. She tends to be happy and upbeat, but if she's steaming you should probably let her be for a good hour.



Powers and Skills


Sasha is very skilled with her energy manipulation ability, able to use it like ki from Dragon Ball, capable of making energy blasts, beams, blades and the like. She can surround her fists and feet in spheres of energy to greatly increase her punching and kicking power.

Along with her energy manipulation, Sasha was born with the powerful ability of telekinesis. She isn't nearly as good with it as she is her energy manipulation, but she is able to grab and throw things, produce powerful telekinetic winds, and hold people in place for a few minutes if she gets a good grip.

Besides those two, her other two abilities are much more unorthodox, one of those being Vitrikinesis, or mirror manipulation. She can generate magical mirrors and use them to reflect certain attacks, form a big dome of mirrors as a shield around herself, and shatter summoned mirrors to fire the shards off like daggers.

Her penultimate ability is just as rare as her last one, that being Nucleokinesis - the ability to control nuclear/atomic energy. She is able to generate energy hot bursts of atomic energy, focus atomic energy into an extremely powerful laser which can break through walls, and coat her fists/feet in it like she does with her energy manipulation.

Lastly, she has the ability to summon energy from her own soul, and fire it off as an incredible powerful beam known as a Soul Blast. She is incredibly inexperienced with this, as she only uses it as a last resort and can't use it more than twice, or for very long. The only other thing she can do with this ability, is to create an immensely powerful shield to save herself from attacks. When she creates the shield, she tends to immediately absorb it back into herself and fire off a Soul Blast in one smooth attack.






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