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Formerly an assassin in the Intergalactic Assassin’s Guild, Sasha Walker is the mother of Natalie Walker and the wife (at least legally) of Vendeta the Hedgehog. She has spent the last 15 years of her life raising her daughter and living a mundane life, but with the discovery of her daughter’s powers Sasha may need to come out of retirement.


Sasha is a white Mobian hedgehog with a slender body, long white hair and bright blue eyes. However, her beauty is generally juxtaposed by her untidiness. Her hair is usually unkempt and her fur is ruffled. She usually wears jeans and a blue ruffled shirt that is partially tucked into her jeans, as well as muddy black trainers.

When in combat, she usually wears a form-fitting black catsuit under silver plate armour and wears her hair in a ponytail. Her fur and hair are also much better kept, as she prefers to look her best when fighting. The Cryosabre is in a sheath on her back.


Sasha is permanently out of place with the world around her. She comes across as anti-social, clumsy and just plain weird to a lot of people because she still doesn’t fully grasp a life on Earth. Her dreams of a return to her adventuring days often means she feels bored in a lot of her roles, and she makes no effort to hide it. She also has a habit of focusing on completely unimportant things that she wants to believe are important to life on Earth. On the flip side of this, when Sasha was back in space she was outgoing, impulsive and occasionally flirtatious party girl with her daughter’s penchant for snark, and this still shines through occasionally, especially in combat.

Sasha is also as easy to anger as her daughter is. Hurting Natalie especially is likely to result in her throwing everything she has at you.


Early Life

While she has a birth certificate proving she was born in Iravia, Sasha only remembers being raised in space by the Intergalactic Assassin’s Guild, a mercenary company assassinating targets across the universe provided their clients pay up front. She grew up learning how to be an assassin, and despite being a terrible shot she was extremely good with a sword, and by the age of 16 was carrying out missions supporting some of the Guild’s best members. However, her impulsiveness regularly got her into trouble with the other members, and when she took her first solo mission she almost failed it due to her recklessness. Due to this, she was regularly kept under the watch of other members, much to her chagrin.

This changed when a Guild member by the name of Mortelus Mechem have her a bet to retrieve an ancient artifact on the planet of Kardanon. If she survived, she could keep the sword and the equivalent of 2000 Rings. Sasha accepted, and succeeded, although she barely survived. The artifact in question was the Cryosabre, a sword created by Kandilor with the power to produce ice, but the power was also addictive. However, Sasha didn’t know this and used the sword regularly, quickly falling under its control.


However, a year later the Cryosabre caught the eye of the Guardians of the Chronosabre, who wanted to keep the artifact locked away. They sent Vendeta the Hedgehog, another Mobian, to infiltrate the Guild and take the Cryosabre from her by any means necessary. They used contacts in the Guild to place Vendeta unde Sasha’s tutelage, and although Vendeta managed to keep up the ruse that he was a rookie with very little combat experience, Sasha started to suspect otherwise when Vendeta used his psychokinesis to defend her from a crashing spaceship while they were at the Guild’s spaceport. Overtime, Sasha and Vendeta started to bond from their time together and slowly started to fall in love.

6 months after Sasha was called in to help with an operation involving disabling a missile base that posed a threat to an intergalactic empire. Sasha insisted on taking Vendeta along, calling it “work experience”. The mission went south extremely fast, with Sasha being wounded by a sword wound and Vendeta taking a bullet to the stomach, using his psychokinesis to keep himself stable. Eventually they reached the extraction point where their dropship was attempting to land while dodging bullets from enemy troops. Not knowing if they’d survive, Vendeta admitted his love for Sasha and they kissed. Both of them blacked out afterwards, but the dropship managed to pull through and extract them both, and they were taken to hospital. Both were in a coma for a week.

After they woke up, Vendeta and Sasha started dating. 2 months in, Vendeta couldn’t take lying too her any longer and admitted he was meant to bring in her and the Cryosabre, but could no longer bring himself to do it. He also told Sasha about the Cryosabre’s addiction. Sasha had also racked up debts in the Guild due to a short term gambling addiction. Both of them decided to run away from the Guardians and the Guild. Vendeta told the Guardians that the Cryosabre was lost and Sasha had disappeared, and that he wanted to take time off due to mourn her.


The Guardians believed him, and they both lived in Vendeta’s native Iravia for a few years. Both had low paying jobs, but they managed to get by thanks to old funds from the Guild and Vendeta occasionally flying into space to help the Guardians on critical missions. He helped Sasha get over the Cryosabre’s addiction and they lived a happy life for a time, with Sasha getting the qualifications for a good job that could properly support them in the long term. Eventually, they had a child named Natalie.

However, when Natalie was born Vendeta went for a job relating to Tel-Eth and never came back. Sasha was extremely worried, thinking Vendeta might have been killed in combat, unaware of the Guardian Civil War that was raging. She got in contact with Glass, Vendeta’s brother and a Guild member who she hated but still kept in contact with due to being his sister-in-law. Glass lied to Sasha, thinking if she knew the truth about Vendeta she would do something reckless. He told her that the Guardians knew about Vendeta’s relationship with her, and they were deliberately keeping him in space to eventually find out where Sasha was, and told her that staying put would be safer so Vendeta would be able to protect her. Sasha didn’t completely buy it, but having no other option and wanting to care for her daughter she stayed put. Glass also added a room for the Cryosabre into the house in order to protect it.

However, one night near the end of the Guardian Civil War when she was driving home the fight was brought to Earth. Vendeta battled an alien called Krath and ended up in Iravia, crashing in front of Sasha’s car. Vendeta won the fight and broke Krath’s neck, but when he saw Sasha he clearly didn’t recognise her. Distraught, Sasha called Glass and asked what happened. Glass said he had no idea and would confront Vendeta himself. She didn’t hear back from him for a while and when they did meet again years later he never mentioned if he actually did confront Vendeta.

After this point, Sasha distances herself from Vendeta, removing any photos of him. While Natalie asked about her father constantly throughout her life, Sasha refused to answer and also kept her life in space a secret. Eventually, they moved from Iravia to a flat in Westopolis due to having higher paying jobs. However, Natalie started developing psychic powers, and Sasha now needs to keep her daughter safe from people who want her for them.

Powers and Abilities

Although she has no powers of her own, Sasha wields the Cryosabre: a sword capable of producing and manipulating ice. It can fire icicle projectiles, create ice walls, and once managed to incase Sasha’s entire apartment in ice. Sasha uses this in tandem with her own skills to catch the opponent off guard.

Due to being an assassin for most of her life, Sasha is a master swordswoman. She moves with unearthly grace when fighting and is capable of keeping up with most other skilled swordsmen, even though she hasn't practiced in several years. This, combined with the Cryosabre's ice powers, make her a lethal combatant.

She is also very skilled in unarmed combat, to the point where she has accidentally put people in arm bars. Naturally, she is also very stealthy and acrobatic to fit with her assassin role.


Sasha has an addiction to the power of the Cryosabre. The sword damages the user's willpower overtime as it's powers are used more and more, to the point where people are driven mad by it. Although she originally fought against it and mostly succeeded with Vendeta’s help, the need to defend her daughter has meant she’s on the brink of a complete relapse, with predictable results. In fact, addiction in general is something Sasha has a problem dealing with on her own, having struggled with gambling in her assassin days, and she can be too stubborn to get help. Her combat skills are also a little rusty due to her retirement, although she’s steadily picking up her skills and is still a formidable combatant.


Natalie Walker

Since becoming a teenager and especially since starting her relationship with Angel, Sasha has taken a hands-off approach to parenting when it comes to Natalie. However, her daughter is still the most important thing in her life and she still defends her ferociously from threats like Kable the Fox and her own past.

Vendeta the Hedgehog

Cquote1 He’s dead, Natalie. Vendeta Angel is dead. I don’t know what stands in his place, but it’s not my husband. Cquote2
Sasha on Vendeta, ADKON Chapter 22

Once in love with the hedgehog, Sasha wants to forget Vendeta as quickly as possible, believing him to have become a monster. Her lack of knowledge about the Guardian Civil War hasn’t helped in this respect. Despite this, she still hasn’t tried to divorce from him or remove her wedding ring, showing there may still be some love for him somewhere.

Glass Angel

Before becoming her brother-in-law, Sasha and Glass had a falling out that to this day they still don’t talk about. These days, Sasha’s general reaction to seeing Glass is to attack him on sight, but begrudgingly accepts his help on occasion.

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