Sasha Stuart (formerly Cat) is a Mobian cat whose parents died in the First Robotnik War and was subsequently raised by Rosie and [[ |Julayla]] in [[ |Knothole Village]]. She later moved to Blue Coast, Elsway for her own safety and was raised by Joy Stuart, who gave her last name to her. Sasha attended Blue Coast Primary and made it to Blue Coast High after a powerful essay on her past, and graduated with exceptional finishing grades; an A in Media Studies, Technology, Internet and Computing Technology, English Literature and English Language, and Bs in Mathematics, Science, Geography and History. After graduation, Sasha created Stuart Media, a small company that would later grow into a huge corporation. Her first action as a company owner and leader was creating Channel 14 after Unaffiliated Mobian Television withdrew UM-TV 5, leaving Sasha a short opportunity to request to fill the gap with her own channel. At 11 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 9 o'clock, a news program (News 11, News 2, News 5 or News 9) would interrupt. Sasha herself originally acted as the news anchor of News 11 for a while, before the headquarters of Gemton Broadcasting was bombed by an unknown individual or organization, killing all inside and leaving the Mobian Media Network effectively ownerless.


Birth and Becoming an Orphan

Early Childhood

In Blue Coast

Working at News 11

Creating Stuart Media

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