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Sartorius resembled a tall, pale humanoid clad in randomly colored, proportionally mismatched and elaborate clothing similar to that of a jester or a clown, complete with odd headwear. No colors or patterns seemed to match eachother, as some would be violet dots, while others would be yellow stripes on brown material. His hands were protected by large gauntlets that only exposed his fingers, with one having a red pade and the other having a black heart stitched on. His face was always hidden behind a bizarrely-decorated mask, with a blank, eerie smile and random images painted on.


Sartorius started as a shy, worrisome being, always uncertain and afraid of life and any future events that may occur, but still posessed a good heart and the will to continue. This all changed after his corruption, warping him into an insane and irrational freak. His actions seemed to rarely correspond with his words, as while sentencing people to their demise, he would make snide remarks about how the weather seemed to not be to his liking or how their clothes were not the right shade of beige. Even in combat, he would always shout random ideals and phrases that had barely any connection to what was really going on, as if detached from reality all together.


Sartorius was born to a royal family of kinetics. Each had a specific strength to them that kept them unique from one another. That is, except for Sartorius himself. Throughout his early years, Sartorius seemed to have no special powers that he could use, and as such always felt that he was lesser of a being than his siblings. He tirelessly tried to unleash whatever power he thought he may have had, but just could not do it. Aiding him was a rebellious girl who was seeking a way to distance herself from her family and went by the name "Xahlia."

One day, while Sartorius was studying kinetic powers from mountains of books, Xahlia had found a hidden book riddled with cryptic rituals and summonings, and found a passage on bestowing power unto ones self. Sartorius was ecstatic, seeing as he could now finally have a power of his own and would no longer feel left behind by his siblings. The two had then gone to build the altar from which to initiate the ritual over time, eventually finishing a year after starting.

Both Sartorius and Xahlia each ripped out a page that a ritual was written on out of the book, placed it on an eye symbol they had drawn on the floor of the altar, poured a flask of his blood on it, and the ritual commenced. The page somehow caught fire, and a massive amount of light energy was unleashed from it, immediatly flowing into Sartorius and finally giving him powers, but also seemed to send many "negative" thoughts and emotions into his soul, slowly altering it to be more twisted and malevolent than before.

After that, Sartorius had gone to show his siblings his new powers, but as soon as he first initiated them, he quickly lost control and nearly destroyed their home. Many of his siblings were killed in this event, and it seemed that their energy was absorbed into Sartorius, quickly strengthening his light energy and creating more chaos. Eventually, Sartorius was calmed by Xahlia and the two were swiftly exiled from his home, now to walk the planet in loneliness for what seemed like a long time.

Sartorius' life took a quick nosedive ever since then. He and Xahlia would constantly be harrassed by commonfolk over his freakish powers and previous actions, and whenever he would try to fight back, would only make the issue worsen due to his lack of control of his light energy. Whenever he would use his powers, even if for simple self-defense, Sartorius would slowly become more twisted and corrupt, slowly turning him into a power-hungry psychopath.

This would continue into his adulthood, where, after becoming completely soaked in madness and twisted by fear, would finally have control of his light powers, but would only use them for his gain, regardles of the scenario. Sartorius used this to quickly take control of a powerful kingdom and christened himself Emperor. He would then quickly take over the surrounding land, bringing chaos and torture everywhere he would go.

Before he could have full control, Sartorius was once again subdued, this time by a massive rebellion lead entirely by inhabitants of his lands. Sartorius was sentenced to hanging for his crimes while Xahlia had left for the sake of her own being, but stayed behind to witness the end of Sartorius' tale... for now.


Sartorius' control of light/negative energy were quite a thing to behold. He would often use these to torture/subjugate his adversaries slowly and painfully for his enjoyment, but used to quickly lose control when he first gained them, leading to many undesirable memories and events that would slowly warp Sartorius into the being he was before his execution. He can use these abilities to:

  • Force all of his opponents into a deep sleep
  • Hypnotize soldiers into fighting for his cause
  • Levitate objects and fly
  • Create illusions and distort the opponents vision.
  • Consume the souls of those he had killed to grow stronger
  • unleash powerful waves of condensed light to greatly damage those around him.
  • Generate a highly-gravitic orb of light to swallow and vaporize all that surrounds it.


Sartorius, after his corruption, had gained great agility as well as speed. When using his cleavers to attack, his swings move with such speed that it's near-impossible to see and protect from. Sartorius is capable of unleashing a storm of cleaver-swings by charging his body with corrupted energy then vanishing, when he's really moving at speeds that the naked eye cannot even register


For a time, it seemed as if Sartorius had no weaknesses, which was actually the case. He had no specific weakspot or flaw in his powers, and was subdued only by being eventually worn down by brute force. It's a good thing he's dead so nobody will have to worry about him... right?

Alternative Forms

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