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With the endless march of time, more and more objects had plunged into the Void of Memory, endlessly feeding the orb and adding onto it's shell, until one chance day, where a being of great power by the name of Sartorius had been flung into this world, and promptly assimilated with the orb, though his energy was far too great to be contained, and had formed itself into a new body, connected to the very top of the shell, and the lower half breaking down into various wire-like tendrils having rooted themselves to the void orb, allowing power to flow to the body, giving it consciousness.

the varying perspectives and viewpoints contained within the core from centuries of consuming sentient beings had become dormant in exchange for a singular mind, consistantly desiring to bring the whole universe into the same position that he is in out of jealousy. Vhan had immediatly focused his newfound power on slowly ripping through the barrier between worlds, wrathfully destroying what it's previous form had built so strongly to protect itself. All it can do now is to keep at that, until one day tearing a hole between the void and reality big enough for Vhan's whole body to cross over and plunge all into eternal Void.

Breach Into Reality and Assumed Demise

Throughout the course of it's sentient existence, Vhan had slowly been creating small holes between dimensions to send and take from reality. Eventually, enough energy had been obtained that Vhan tore an immense hole between dimensions, finally allowing him access to reality. But unlike the void-denizens' original hopes, which were to simply exist once more, Sartorius' ambitions had altered it so that it now wishes to create a hole in space wide enough to swallow the entire planet, dragging it into the Void of Memory and absorbing it to obtain immeasurable strength. Vhan had entered reality in the middle of a city, with his size quickly laying waste to the surrounding area, which had caught the attention of EQuartz Industries. Several squadrons of Stabilizer Units were sent to neutralize the threat, but all were quickly overpowered and destroyed, as they could deal very little damage to it due to it's only partial manifestation within reality.

Eventually, several thousands of EQuartz Members were dispatched to face Vhan, most of which falling (though not dying in most cases) to it. Vhan's entry into the world was nearly complete, with most of the lower-portion having crossed into reality. But then, as if by pure chance, the hole he ripped had begun to deform, quickly becoming greatly unstable and allowing it to be more heavily damaged. What ensued was a 5-hour battle between various remaining EQuartz members and Vhan, which had eventually ended in it's defeat. Before it could die, however, Vhan had somehow self-destructed himself, laying waste to an immense surrounding perimeter, severely harming and even killing hundreds, if not thousands, of EQuartz members, and sending the built-up energy from within it throughout the universe, of which a small portion was collected by EQuartz, for later use, thus ending the story of Sartorius Vhan... at least, that's what many believed at first.

Upon his death, several fragments of Sartorius had been shot out around the world amongst the energy, taking on the forms of the desires of those who find and activate them. In a weakened state, Sartorius' fragments began to converge towards a single point, where they can recombine and restore Vhan to a functional state. Along the way, many people that have come into contact with his fragments were embedded with a small portion of his soul, which slowly consumed them from the inside until they too were an unaware puppet themselves. Upon convergence, a pale, gangly abomination was created without a heart or soul of any kind, effectively becoming a living equivalent of pure chaos. The being would then go berserk and consume many lives as well as objects in an attempt to find the last piece. Nobody knows who or what this last piece of Sartorius may be, or why it is simply waiting for the beast to grow, and that has created fear and distrust amongst the masses that only grows with each passing day of it's existence. Who could it be? Who? WHO?


Sartorius' personality, for the mist part, is quite similar to his original personality. He's sadistic, quick to change the subject, childish, and just overall insane. Though along with these, a deeper hatred for all life would blossom, as his great tyrannical reign was removed from history teachings rather than being engraved as a huge moment in history. The immense desire to exist once more carries over from those who had become parts of the Void Orb unto Sartorius, which only fuels his deadset desire to return to reality, but rather than simply existing once more, Sartorius wishes to end all life on the planet as punishment for forgetting him. He has also been shown to enjoy luring people into following his orders, often by either appearing as an astral projection or possessing a nearby object to deliver messages about their grim future to them.


Sartorius has a unique ability in that he can use the abilities of all that he has consumed over the ages. Whether it be powers of light, fire, spawning objects, etc. he can use it, without any of the downsides associated with them. This also gives him access to every weapon once wielded by these people, which he can spawn and throw at will. Sartorius' strongest ability is the control of light, only made stronger by countless light-wielders that became part of him.

If any of his agents are currently in reality, Sartorius can create an astral projection of himself. This form appears to be a tall, almost humanoidal form resembling a silhouette of space with the lower half missing, as the torso of it stretches to the ground. It also cannot use any attacks, be hit by other attacks, or even physically touch objects, as anything that touches it is immediatly teleported to a random area in space.


Vhan has a humanoid upper half, with a dark-metal helmet covering his face. His skin is pale white and his arms extend to the base of his lower-half. A large flap of empty skin serves as a cape/shroud, which is the closest Vhan has to clothes. His midsection ends in long, tangled wires which connect to his lower-half, a large black orb that radiates dark energy. One can see bright violet lights slowly swirl around, along with the consciousness' of everyone that he has consumed simply flowing around inside.


  • Vhan's name is a corruption of "la vanité," the french word for emptiness.
  • Both the Humanoid and the orbal portions of Vhan's body are seperate entities, meaning that if one dies, the other could still function normally.
  • To prevent this character from being deemed "overpowered," Vhan is locked away within the Void of Memory, and is slowly forcing his way into reality. Even if he's the main villain, there needs to be at least some balance.
  • The decision to give this character a page was made during a great mass-deletion of insufficient pages, which, due to Vhan's abilities, would all be absorbed and become part of him.

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