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Sarsaparilla the Tortoise is a six-year-old who just so happened to be born with a Heart power and a Sugar Rush form. Right now he's attending a week-long summer camp at the Balloon Park, part of Angel Island's famous Grand Carnival. He is, suffice to say, extremely excited about the entire experience, even though he's just a bit homesick for his parents and his sister Padparadscha.


Sarsaparilla is an anthropomorphic tortoise. Like his namesake, the soft drink, Sarsaparilla's shell is a dark red color. His belly and limbs are a lighter shade of red. He typically wears sneakers which started out white, but are now an interesting and ever-growing assortment of grass-colored, paint-colored, food-colored, ink-colored... and so on.


Although he has a short attention span, when Sarsaparilla notices someone who needs help, he'll be the first to volunteer; he will often go out of his way to pick up a toy someone has dropped and bring it back to them, for example. He is very generous about losing when playing a game, and is genuinely happy for whoever won. No one has ever seen Sarsaparilla angry or sad, and that's because he simply isn't. Few could be found who are more happy-go-lucky than this little tortoise.


Sarsaparilla is supernaturally perceptive, and the degree to which he can perceive things which most people cannot -- anything from what another person is feeling to where an object came from to what the weather will be the next day -- is directly correlated to the amount of will power he is exercising. Since he is only six years old, Sarsaparilla generally only has to exercise his will power when there are confections within his reach he's not supposed to eat. The longer he resists or the more he wants the sweets in question, the more powerful his abilities become.

If and when he finally yields to the temptation and eats all the candy in the vicinity, Sarsaparilla loses his Heart powers and transforms into Sugar Rush Sarsi. In this form, he moves at twice the speed of a normal Mobian, talks too quickly for anyone to understand, and absolutely cannot sit still. Also, in part as a side effect of his decrease in perception, Sugar Rush Sarsi is prone to colliding with anything in his path. His family sometimes jokingly refers to this form as Dark Sarsi. The transformation lasts until Sarsaparilla falls asleep in sheer exhaustion.

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