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Cquote1.png If you value your life, don't come near me, don't speak to me. Don't even look at me, because I'll be the last thing you'll ever see. Cquote2.png
Sari the Badger speaking to her half sister Sabrina

Sari Asesino is a female Mobian Badger from Dark Star Mobius and the main character of Sari's Chronicles.


Warning! Spoilers ahead, read with caution!

Early Life

Sari's life before the Veo Clan wasn't normal, but it was a life she enjoyed. While during the day it consisted of waitressing at a small diner smack in the middle of Saturnepolis and going to college, at night Sari was a vigilante- albeit inexperienced. She was able to stop the occasional small-time bank robbery with no casualties and so forth, but beyond that she hardly ever had a brush with real danger. It wasn't until she started training Sabrina- Sari's younger half-sister- to be her partner that everything went downhill.

Sari's Chronicles



Sari has a volatile temperament. While executing her job she can be extremely calm, but the rest of the time she tends to lash out a lot. Sari's constant rage stems from Sabrina's mixed heritage, and all the suffering for the entire family that resulted from it. This often concerns Sahak, as he needs all the Veo Assassins to be level-headed. As a result, she is only sent on a mission when absolutely necessary.

This only increases her frustration, so Sari has recently begun meditation in order to control her emotions. She has made progress, although she has a long way to go before she can get more missions. Sari does find some happiness at times, mostly when practicing her music. This is one of her more powerful outlets and her favourite activity (aside from beating the crap out of people). Often times her fellow Veo Clan Members will hear her in her quarters singing at the top of her voice while jamming on either her acoustic or electric guitar. She has even written a few songs, although Sari doesn't like them very much.


Physical Appearance

Sari is a female Mobian Badger with jet black fur. The fur on the tips of her ears has three white fluffy tufts at each one. The tip of her tail is also white. Her short auburn hair is cut in a very choppy manner and her somewhat thick eyebrows are also auburn, albeit a lighter shade. To compensate for her bad haircut, Sari combs it so that way the shorter parts of her hair are bangs, which tend to hang over her left eye. The rest of her hair is combed around her head and hangs just an inch or two above her shoulders. Her hair also has red and silver highlights strewn about, in addition to her natural hair color.

Sari's skin around her muzzle is a medium tan, while the skin on the insides of her ears are lighter. She has a muscular physique and is well-built, allowing her to expend as little energy as possible while accomplishing her tasks. Sari's eyes, which are separate, not conjoined, are two different colours- the left one being green, the right being yellow. When using her ice magic, both her irises glow a bright pale blue, almost white.


During her "off-hours" Sari typically wears a light grey cotton zip-up hoodie with blue jeans, black and white nylon sneakers, and a yellow headband. She also wears matching yellow eye shadow. On rare occasions, she will also wear her favourite necklace- a sterling silver knife shaped locket hanging on a chain.

When on a mission her outfit is significantly different. She wears a black sleeveless combat suit with a matching hood that has holes for her ears. The hood conceals most of the upper half of her face, and embroidered in white thread on the front of her shirt is the symbol of the Veo Clan- a pair of circles intersect like a Venn diagram and sit in the center of a small upside down trapezoid.

Sari also wears dark grey combat pants with black boots. In addition, she wears grey, elbow length gloves that have black leather bracers with holographic projectors hidden inside, which create slightly transparent yellow energy blades to help her to kill up close. Along with her gloves, she also wears a dark brown belt that's equipped with a grappling hook, which is hidden in her belt buckle.

For both outfits, she has a silver owl-shaped earring in her left ear, just a few inches below the tip of said ear.



  • Energy Blades- Sari's energy blades allow her to perform stealth kills
  •  Agility- Sari is skilled at getting around, and usually can make the most of her environment.

(More TBA)



Sari prefers close range attacks, and as such, hardly ever uses her ice magic.

  •  Cryo Blade- a blade or pair of blades of ice are formed, allowing for close range attacks.
  •  Frozen Bullet- tiny ice like shards that can be thrown at enemies at incalculable speeds​​​​

(More TBA)



  • Sari's outfit is also based off Assassin's Creed, albeit loosely.
  • As far as I can remember, Sari is the first Badger character I've created so far. And no, this guy probably doesn't count, seeing as he's half skunk.
  • So far, I have a mixed opinion about the history I've written for her. As a result, I've decided to work on the majority of it in my documents and then post later (which is something I never did before, as usually I just write things on the spot.) Sari's early life can still be read on this page, though.
  • The tufts  of fur on Sari's ears are a reference to Sticks the Badger.
  • Sari is a Hebrew name that means "princess." I had no idea that's what it meant at the time- it was just a name I thought of on the spot.
    • "Asesino" is Yucatec Mayan for assassin.