Physical Attacks

Saren, while preferring his jobs to be done silently and quickly, does have a few noteworthy skills in the art of combat. These mainly deal with just combat without using his Erebrokinesis.

  • Scythe Art: Extension - Saren swings his scythe Dark Intention at a foe seemingly out of reach, mid-swing he wills his scythe to rapidly extend to catch opponents off guard and possibly bisect them.
  • Scythe Art: Whirling Dervish - Saren tosses his scythe at a cluster of enemies in a spinning arc, when the sentient schthe reaches the half-way point or when Saren wills it the scythe will alter it's shape into that of a bladed disc that rapidly increases in size and velocity. Cutting down anyone not smart enough to dodge.
  • Scythe Art: Channel - Saren channels his will into the scythe, therefore having the weapon move and seemingly act on its own accord.
  • Scythe Art Recall - Saren recalls the scythe after it's been tossed, having it disperse into a cloud of shadows that quickly return to his his and reform into Dark Intent. This has the added effect of creating something akin to a smokescreen to cover Saren's actions.

==Erebrokinetic Attacks==

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