Sarah the Hedgehog is a member of the Soleannan Army, where she serves as a driver.

Sarah the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsStephan Stalvan
Physical Description
  • Fur: White w/ tanned peach skin
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Aqua midriff-bearing tank-top
  • Dark blue cargo pants
  • Black leather boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Sledgehammer
  • Super strength
  • Skilled w/ sledgehammers
  • Heightened sight range
  • Heightened reflex speed
  • Trained pyrokinetic & hydrokinetic
  • Talented driver
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Shorter than the average hedgehog and with muscles in her upper body that most echidnas would envy, Sarah is certainly an eye-catching woman. With her white fur and blonde hair, she is often jokingly referred to as a "ghost", while her tanned peach skin is more a sign that she spends a lot of time outdoors. To top it all off, she seems able to always find a smile for a friend, with her green irises dancing with every little gesture.


While on active duty, Sarah wears the traditional forest green uniform with gold trim as the rest of the Soleannan Army, although her uniform is little more than a loose-fitting jumpsuit and ablative vest.

While off-duty, Sarah wears a cut-off aqua tank top that shows off her muscular abdominal muscles and arms, as well as a pair of dark blue cargo pants, and black boots.


Early History

Sarah was born in a regional part of Soleanna in a community known more for it's farming expertise than anything else. Her mother worked as a chef in the local tavern, while her father stayed at home to raise the young girl. As she grew older, she heard the whispering and the insults directed at her dad. Some viewed him as a freak, others were afraid of him, purely because of his quirk of seeming to stare directly through people. Indeed, the young hedgehog had grown up wondering about that, but never once complained about the attention her father poured over her.

As she passed through primary school, she noted that she could see clearly over hundreds of meters, and once showed her father the ability to accurately read a message written on a piece of A3 paper at five hundred meters. However, at the same time, her vision in close was just as strong, although she admitted if things were too close, it hurt to focus on them for extended periods of time. This intrigued her father, but nothing was done about it immediately. Instead, her mother began to teach her to swim, and to manipulate water alongside that.

Shortly before her thirteenth birthday, Sarah was invited to join her father on a hunting trip into the forest. While out there, he told her stories of his old profession, back in the war against the Pyranic Empire. He was a member of a unique subspecies of hedgehog, known as a snipehog. Back during the war, he had served as a sniper, although he preferred using a bow over a firearm. As he spoke, he demonstrated his accuracy with a pinpoint display. Three arrows into a space five centimeters in diameter over seven hundred and fifty meters away. At her stunned look, he laughed and told her the true point of bringing her along - to find out whether she, too, was a snipehog, as her extended vision would suggest. He handed her a smaller recurve bow, which he had hand-made for her growing limbs, and told her to shoot into a target that he had set up seventy meters away. It was a simplistic shot, and one that should have been easily in reach for a snipehog, considering the subspecies natural grasp of ranged weaponry and skills. Unfortunately, Sarah lacked this. Try as she might, none of the arrows that she fired hit the target. While her reflex speed was good enough to move around to compensate for any changes in the environment, she simply couldn't land a hit, even after two full days of teaching in both the bow and the pyrokinetic powers she was heir to. Finally, when her accuracy issues applied to the small handful of hydrokinetic and pyrokinetic techniques she knew, her father conceded defeat, and advocated her to look into other pathways, since she seemed almost incapable of hitting anything further than ten meters away.

Driving Lessons

Flash-forward four years, and Sarah was a cadet in the Soleannan military, specializing in sledgehammers. The same genes that gave her father the strength to draw his longbow were present in her body, and with the heavy hammer, she was easily capable of crushing everything in her path. The problem that her trainers had was more in utilizing her skills. The extended sight range and impressive reflex speed that she demonstrated were both traits that could make her prodigious as a sniper or even a footsoldier... if she could hit the broad side of a barn. Even with light-weight weaponry such as laser pistols, she couldn't achieve any sort of consistent accuracy. Her teachers were resigned to assigning her as a guard/spotter for snipers, but as she showed interest in learning to drive, they noticed something.

Her extended sight let her spot problems at longer distances than most other drivers, making her a far better defensive driver with an almost precognitive sense for her surroundings. Furthermore, if anything unexpected managed to get close to her, she would maneuver the vehicle she was in to avoid the obstacle at the fastest possible speed that the car could respond at. It was like nothing they had seen before. By the time she got her driver's license for civilian vehicles at the age of nineteen, she was the top-rated trainee in light military vehicles, with a specialty for Fast Attack Vehicles. It was done - she'd found her role. Scout driver.

For eleven years, she was an active scout, often seen driving her Slammer Fast Attack Vehicle through the forest and desert ares of Soleannan territory with loads full of trainees being transferred from point to point, or patrolling the borders of the country with a carload of soldiers. In this time period, she met Stephan Stalvan, a member of the Soleannan Marines whom she asked out and began seeing regularly - he served as an APC driver in the Marines, so the two young military members resorted to online communications where possible, with physical dates only occurring when both got leave in the capital city itself.

Day of Scorched Earth

One fateful day, Sarah was assigned to a routine patrol out by the borders to the Terran League, accompanied by a three-man squad of experienced soldiers. There was nothing irregular about the assignment, and the soldiers were happy to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping drive with an experienced driver at the wheel. Without warning, they were told to rendezvous with four more loaded Slammers for an incursion into Terran lands, after a rather large Pyranic Empire push into the neutral country had been reported. Surprised at the new state of action, Sarah followed orders. What she saw shocked her to her core.

The drive was simplistic enough for the five fast attack vehicles, with each one of the jeeps easily racing through into their neighbor's land until they reached the reported path of the Pyran soldiers. It was clear that the aggressive nation had passed through the area - there was blackened land in a swathe directly through the ruins of a town. Immediately, all five vehicles pulled up. One driver reported the situation, while the remaining crews, as well as the fifteen soldiers that had been riding in the jeeps, set about search and rescue operations. One of the most gruesome finds was the body of a mother who had died trying to rescue her children from their burning house, and it appeared that the children had likewise failed to make it. As she saw more and more of the gory discoveries, Sarah put off any idea of retirement and starting a family with Stephen, at least for the forseeable future. Instead, she swore that the Pyranic Empire would pay for their actions, and planned to fight if the regional tensions led to war.


As a child, Sarah loved her father despite his quirk of staring at people, and it is the idea of acceptance and caring that forms the cornerstone of her personality. Disabilities, mental illness, physical illness and even beings viewed as repulsive by others all can expect to find her support and gentle touch. However, any time when she sees discrimination or brutality, she makes it a key point to bring down the offender, quite painfully in many cases. Due to this, she has faced a number of charges in court-martial for assaulting other military officers, although none of these charges have stuck for long. This is part of the reason why she decided not to retire in her early thirties, after seeing the brutality of the Pyranic Empire towards the neutral Terran League.


Sarah is noted for her powerful strength, sharp eyesight and fast reflexes, all of which make her a reasonably tricky foe to overcome in close-combat. Combined with her choice of a sledgehammer as her primary weapon, she can be incredibly dangerous if not properly restrained in combat, especially if allowed to gain momentum over time.

Adding to this, the woman has access to twin elements - Fire and Water, which she typically uses to augment her close combat skills. However, due to her inability to accurately strike a target over more than a short distance, the ranged techniques in her arsenal are often employed in unique ways - typically with the power usually employed for projecting over range being transferred into blunt damage potential.

Sarah is well known amongst the drivers of the Soleannan Army for her gentle control of her personal vehicle, with her skills noted as making the most of the snipehog genetics she received from her father. However, defensive driving is all she can do while alone, as she has no weaponry that she can fire while driving, and her vehicle is reliant on it's passengers to man it's turret gun.

Of course, as stated, Sarah has absolutely no accuracy at range. Any opponent who can keep themselves more than twenty meters away from her while fighting has complete control over the battle, and would be able to defeat her with ease.

Water Abilities

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities


As a military driver, Sarah was assigned to work with a Slammer Fast Attack Vehicle, built locally by Soleanna Armored Industries. Each one of these vehicles are optimized to carry teams of three trained soldiers over rough terrain at reasonably high rates of speed. Armament is operated by one of the three soldiers, and comes in the form of a small-caliber concussive laser cannon, optimized for use against infantry and other lightly-armored vehicles.







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