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Sarah the Cat is a Pyrokinetic Cat from Mobius. She is the first born child of Josh the Cat and Blaze the Cat and is a twin Sister to Mackenzie the Cat.


Sarah is a cat born in Mobius and Raised but her parents are from Sol Dimension. She was born with her powers and has a burning transformation. She trained with her sister and parents to learn how to use her power the best she could. She was 5 when she had her powers stable. She was 7 when she learned about Eggman Nega. She fought her first battle at 9 years old.

She met her parents friend at Nine years old as well. She grew very fond of them and has a very close friendship with them.

At her present Age 11 She still spends lots of time with her family and friends and will do anything to protect someone or something she cares about.


Sarah has a lot of potential and Leadership. She is a cheerful and confident character. She is sometimes shy and anti Social but can be trusted. She hopes one day she can guard the Sol Emeralds like her Mom. Sarah can be sometimes serious but mostly laid back. (Her Sister Mackenzie Is Laid back a ton)


Here is Sarah's appearance.

Fur: Pink

Shirt and skirt: Blue

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Gold

Socks and Shoes: Red and black


Mackenzie the Cat: Twin Sister

Josh the Cat: Father

Blaze the Cat: Mother


Silver the Hedgehog: Like an Uncle

Amy Rose: Like an Aunt

Cass the Cat: Like an Aunt as well

Sonic the Hedgehog

Tango the Hedgehog

Cream the Rabbit

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

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