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Sarah Alia Corliss
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31 (upon death)
October 18th
Children, cooking, the country-side, taking walks, spending time with her family.
Being a burden, due to her poor health
Favorite Food
Blueberry Muffins, Pizza. Anything with coconut was an immediate "Yes please."

Sarah was a woman who lived in Green Flower Zone, and is the mother of Smash and Pearl The Echidnas. She and her husband, David, lived a happy life raising their children outside of the city. While David would go off to the Blitz Pit, She would stay home and watch the kids. She was physically weak, and her health was generally poor, but she would always do her best and keep a smile on her face.

Her death is still a mystery...

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Sarah Sprite

Sarah was a white echidna with long hair, reaching her waist, and deep blue eyes. She had a noticable cowlick at the top of her head. She was most often seen wearing a lavender or dark purple jacket, and a deep, dark blue shirt, worn over a long sky blue dress that stops just above her heels. She also wore white socks and pink slippers.

She would almost always have her eyelids half open. Smiling like that was her regular expression..


She was a very kind and generous person, who always spoke in a very soft, but comforting voice. She always took things in a calm manner, even if she was excited or angered. Though she was physically weak, and had poor health, she was strong spirited. She had a way with words that would almost always keep David, and her children for that matter, in high spirits. Even at times when she was sick, she would always smile for them, and assure them that there was nothing to worry about.

Strengths and Powers

Sarah was never a strong person. In fact, she was relatively weak. Nor did she have any powers. However, she was surprisingly able to give birth to two children and survive, despite her physical weakness.
She may have been weak physically, but she had a strong heart.

She was also good house-wife and an excellent cook.

General Info

During her life, she would always stay home with the kids whenever David left to the Blitz Pit. She kept up with
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Sarah by Lady Arciela

all the chores while Smash and Pearl would play. She would occasionally watch them play together, or even partake in their games.
One of her favored activies was baking. She was an excellent baker, and created her own special recipe for Ice Cream Cake. In present times, Pearl is trying to master it. She also made fairly good homemade pizzas.

Due to her poor immune system, she very often fell ill. So much that everyone else had gotten accustomed to taking care of her. She would usually recover within a few days of rest. However, there were few times when she became seriously ill. One of, if not the worst times was months before her death. Smash and Pearl remember it well, as it's one of their most painful memories. She had been bedridden for well over a week, and David desperately tried to work up enough money to pay for the medicine. He managed to save her after entering the Cosmic Championship. But before then, Smash was made into the man of the house at the age of 14.

She met David when she was very young, and the two had been friends ever since. Even then, she was still prone to sickness. David would always come to visit, bringing her flowers and "Get Well" cards whenever she was ill.


Like David, She was dead upon creation. David, however, took up most of the attention, with the subtle backstory of him being a fighter at the Blitz Pit. Sarah existed in name only. And it had been like that for years. It wasn't until very recently when she had finally gotten some more substance and personality added to her, and even more recently had she gotten her design down,

With the new development of the two characters, it makes me regret killing them off in the first place. At least before the series began.





Memories of David The Echidna: As the name implies, it stars her husband. She plays an important role in this, of course. Meanwhile, it also stars Smash in present times as the story reveals the story of his parents' passing.

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Sarah and Pearl 2

Sarah and Baby Pearl, by Kagome+Inuyasha16!

David The Echidna

David was her husband; A dark blue echidna, and a fighter at the Blitz Pit. The two started off as childhood friends, growing up near eachother since they were 7 years old. She loved him dearly.

Smash The Echidna

Smash was her first child. He took after David in many ways. But with her generally cheerful personality, he grew up into a more positive and friendly person than his father. He also has her eyes and skin color.

Pearl The Echidna

Pearl came a little bit later. When they began to raise her along with Smash in Green Flower Zone, she felt like her life was perfect.


Helen The Echidna

Another childhood friend. The two used to go to the same school together. They ended up going their separate ways around the time she met David, but they still kept in touch, and occasionally visited eachother. It wasn't until after they both had married and had kids when David was introduced to her.
Unfortunately, both Helen and her husband passed away around the time she did.

Fun Facts

  • As early as she was created, she took the longest out of everyone in Smash's family to get even a basic idea for a design down.
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