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Sara the Tanuki is a detective. She's smart, savvy, and constantly trying to keep Maxine under control. She is a parody of Sam from Sam and Max.


Sara the Tanuki is a savvy detective. At age 12, she went off to become an official sleuth. Soon, she met Maxine the Hybrid, a crazy cross between a fluffy lamb and an adorable bunny. Together, they are now the "Reckless Super Sleuths".


Sara is savvy and calm. She is the leader of her operation. She is somewhat dorky, but she gets the job done.


Sara is a brown tanuki with maroon markings. She wears a gray suit with a blue tie. Her shoes are a pair of black Mary Janes with white socks. She has green eyes.



Sara is voiced by Ayumi Kida in Japanese and Caitlin Glass in English. Here are some things she would say.:

"Hello? Yes, this is the Reckless Super Sleuths!"

"Wait, defied logic has a SMELL?"

"C'mon Little Buddy, I think I have the perfect solution!"


  • Sara's physical appearance, personality, and role are an homage to Sam from the Sam and Max franchise.
  • Sara is often confused by some of the things Maxine says.
  • It is hinted that Sara may be slightly overweight.
  • Sara has been mistaken for a raccoon before, however there is a major difference in the shape of Sara's ears when compared to a raccoon (Marine the Raccoon, for example).